Audi Q8 E-Tron: More range and refreshed design

Fully electric and modernized: on the left the top model SQ8 Sportback E-Tron with a modified front, on the right the normal Q8 E-Tron as a classic SUV. Photo: Audi Photo: Audi

Four years ago, Audi presented its first electric car, the large SUV E-Tron. Since then, the car has found around 150,000 buyers worldwide, making it the market leader in its segment and, they say at Audi, “paved the way for electromobility.” The car manufacturer with the four rings has now comprehensively revised the 4.92 meter long, 1.94 meter wide and 1.63 meter high Stromer. The Autostimme team was able to start the first test drive.

The top of the electric SUVs

First, there’s the new name: Q8 E-Tron. “As with the A8, the eight stands for the top model in its respective segment,” says product marketing. “The Q8 E-Tron marks the pinnacle of our all-electric SUV models.”

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Charge with up to 170 kW

Buyers of the Q8 E-Tron should benefit most from the technical innovations. “We have again been able to significantly increase both the battery capacity and the charging capacity,” says Audi’s CTO, Oliver Hoffmann. A charging capacity of 150 kW is still standard for entry-level models, and up to 170 kW will be possible in the future for the most powerful variants.

From 20 to 80 percent battery level in 26 minutes

“However, the customer should not only be interested in the maximum value of the charging power, but rather how this happens during the charging process and may have to be throttled because the batteries – for physical reasons – get hotter,” explains Silvia Gramlich. developer within charging time and charging -Efficiency at Audi. “The crucial question for the customer is: How many kWh can I recharge in which period?” The electric SUV has always been able to charge well, which is why it is so popular with customers. A charge from 20 to 80 percent battery level takes approximately 26 minutes on average, from 10 to 80 percent, the driver spends a little more than half an hour at the charging station.

Up to 600 kilometer range

The Q8 E-Tron is available as a “normal” SUV or as a Sportback SUV coupe. There are three variants on the drive side. The Q8 50 E-Tron has two electric motors with an output of 250 kW. The more powerful Q8 55 E-Tron produces 300 kW of power. Three electric motors drive the top model SQ8 E-Tron, which has an output of 370 kW. Audi has discarded the smallest battery to date with a capacity of 71 kWh. The basis is now a 95 kWh battery in the base model. The two most powerful variants will in the future have a battery of 114 kWh. In conjunction with further improved aerodynamics and further optimized recreation, the range is increased by around 30 to 40 percent, depending on the model. This should enable ranges of up to 600 kilometers.

Prices start from 74,400 euros

Visually, the designers have also refreshed the car significantly. The most important innovation is the three-dimensional radiator grille, which is also available in an aluminum look. This makes the Q8 E-Tron look wider than before. The four rings are located in the middle, which are now white and can also be illuminated if desired. It looks more classic than the previous model. The base price for the Q8 50 E-Tron in Germany is 74,400 euros, the Q8 55 E-Tron costs from 85,300 euros. At least 95,800 euros are needed for the top model SQ8 E-Tron. In the first test with the Q8 55 E-Tron, we achieved a range of almost 400 kilometers without local emissions.

Get energy when you go downhill

The driver gets more range if he uses the option of energy recovery. For example when driving downhill: If the manual mode is set here, the resistance can be adjusted using paddles on the steering wheel. At the highest level, more energy is returned – and the classic brake has a break as far as possible.

More direct control

Basically, the Q8 E-Tron is a typical Audi SUV with high quality. The digital camera mirrors in our test car, which can be fitted at extra cost, are not for everyone, replacing the classic wing mirrors and showing what is happening outside on screens in the side doors. In any case, the more direct control compared to the previous model deserves praise.

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