This is the biggest new NFT drop in 2022, experts predict the next Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have a few investors remarkable returns within a very short time brought in. The non-fungible tokens were generally used as the most important art movement of the year classified. However, there are still other variants formed which much greater potential can offer. Because they have one practical use and therefore could for one greater demand to care. Find out which NFT drop to watch out for in 2022 in the following article!

What is tamadog


Has already some companies specialize in different areas of the metaverse have as e.g Construction, rental and sale of digital propertyTamadoge has now made it his mission to Enrich metaverses with pets.

You want to be there Recreate dogs as realistically as possible and therefore one excellent replacement for a real four-legged friend Offer. But also for one first training and warm-up with a real dog Tamadoge could be an excellent solution.

Tamas can even give the players Earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they do no real dirt and is thus a little easier to fit. Furthermore, they are digital dogs and therefore must no grief from a death stay a little.

How does Tamadoge work?

Tamadog can handle it own VR app can be experienced anywhere and anytime. Tamas must compared to Pokemon Go always accompany you. In this context, you need your NFT dog looks like a Tamagotchi maintain, train and send to competitions. In addition, there are still many more features in other metaverses and games planned, where the four-legged friends too additional benefits must bring.

New and long awaited NFT drop from 2022


By October 6 should now be the long-awaited one NFT collection published by Tamadoge will. She is totally fine 21,100 pcs limited and wants to enter three different categories subdivided into: very rare (100 pieces), rare (1,000 pieces) and common (20,000 pieces). Moreover, Tamas differ in their unique habits and skills. These then help players climb the leaderboards.

The NFT dogs will required for the game and start as puppies. Through the play-to-earn crypto game, they can upgraded through play will. Investors will receive their Tamas once Tamaverse has launched the game. It is expected publication of first beta game in the following weeks.

The first to be introduced are the ultra-rare NFTs. They are primarily characterized by one greater agility, speed and alertness the end. In addition, they also offer statistical advantagesso it is with them it will be much easier to climb the leaderboard and earn more rewards. The probability with them below Coming top 3 is said to be 90% higher.

After the a little later they released rare and common NFTs. Her Characteristics and values ​​decrease in each case than at the higher levels. They should be available through the well-known NFT trading venue

Previous development of Tamadoge

Earlier development of Tamadoge TAMA

Already Tamadoge had caused a remarkable rush in pre-sales. Because this was done in stages, with Prices rose continuously became. Thus, the first investors alone already multiplied their money through ICO. Therefore was all lots sold out within days or just hours. Overall, the project could 19 million USDT in just 8 weeks accumulate.

After that, Tamadoge was so on September 27, its first listing on the OKX crypto exchange. Subsequently already on September 30 additional releases on Uniswap and Bitmart. The coin comes with a An increase of over 1,650% gone through the roof. Since then, the project has been revived more caused a stir and took the crypto community by storm. In this context, the new memecoin has become a true one hype formed.

For August 5 stand right now two other listings on the well-known trading venues LBank and MEXC on the plan. Possibly the Tamadoge coin even taken to the most irrational level. should still long-term potential does there exist with each transaction 5% of the coins burned will. This thus creates a Lack of supply, which has the effect of increasing prices.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Difference

Compared to Bored Ape Yacht Club, however, Tamas offers one practical use. Because they want to required to participate in the play-to-earn crypto game and even be eligible to win.

While Bored Apes is intended to provide access to a member’s area, they already are met all points on the roadmap. So it makes sense less potentialwhereas Tamadoge still has the most to do.

So you could Tama NFT a much better chance activate as Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. In addition Monkeys are also relatively expensivesince cheapest currently at 79.75 ETH traded.

If tamas offers anything remotely similar in price, this would be one a huge return possible. Because Bored Apes was initially sold for 0.16 ETH and have had one ever since Increase in value of more 49.743% Experienced.

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