FightOut pre-sale goes into next round

The pre-sale of the new cryptocurrency FightOut continues. A new milestone has now been reached: $3 million worth of tokens have been sold and the first round of sales has ended. The founders are thus approaching their first funding goal. In this article you will learn all about the new project and how to buy the promising coin in the presale.

Demand for FGHT tokens continues to rise. The news of new stock market listings causes more and more investors to invest in the project. The positive development that the entire crypto market experienced this week should also make FightOut sales good.

So far, $3 million worth of tokens have been sold. So now the project is only $2 million away from the initial funding goal. With this sum, the founders want to launch the app and open one of the 20 planned fitness studios.

FGHT Presale: Token Bonus Program is complete

Until a few days ago, early investors received the FGHT token at a price of $0.0166. But not only the reduced price attracted the dealers. In the first phase of the presale, buyers received a coin bonus. Depending on the investment amount, early investors get up to 50% extra coins. However, these will be blocked from trading for up to six months.

With the completion of the first phase, this special campaign was also completed. In the second phase, the price of the coins should rise steadily. At the end of the presale, this should then be $0.0333.

The development team is celebrating the pre-sale with a giveaway where holders can win $250,000 worth of tokens. With this marketing campaign, the project could continue to benefit from increased attention on social media.

Start Trading: FightOut has two confirmed listings

The pre-sale is scheduled to end on March 31. The first quotations were then to take place on 5 April. For this, the developers worked on the important CEX lists.

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Until now LBank and BitForex confirmed a list of the FGHT tokens. According to the developers, the cryptocurrency will initially start trading at LBank on April 5. On April 6, it should also be available on the BitForex platform.

With these two well-known platforms, the founders secure important partners who will significantly increase the audience for FightOut. Since the team still has some time before trading begins, it is conceivable that they would like to win two or three more crypto exchanges. Because the more trading platforms the token can convince, the more traders will find it there in the future.

But the developers have so far been able to look forward to a stable demand. Not much happened during the holidays and the turn of the year, but now the project seems to be able to benefit from some New Year’s resolutions. After that Fightout would like to offer a particularly important and healthy use case in the near future.

Sports Rewards – This is what FGHT users can expect

The developers of FightOut focused on the Move to Earn principle. However, compared to other cryptocurrencies, they extended this procedure. Here, users should not only be rewarded for running.

Investors should access to numerous video and live training via the FGHT app having. These are instructed, among other things, by former MMA boxers. On the one hand, the project gets a lot of attention and drives a smart marketing strategy. On the other hand, it offers its users a professional use case, as users are instructed by experienced athletes.

For each workout, users should be rewarded in the form of FGHT tokens. Among other things, they will be able to use these on the NFT market to customize their Metaverse avatar. Those who prefer to use the coins in “real life” should be able to redeem them in the FGHT gym to pay for snacks, drinks or subscription fees.

A redemption in your own wallet or FIAT currency should not be possible. Users will not be able to earn real money through the sports offer. Due to the use case and the integration of the “non-crypto world”, the FightOut project has great potential. The health and fitness industry is considered to be very profitable.

More and more people are using an app to support a healthy lifestyle. If pre-sales continue at the current rate, there is a good chance that the first funding target of DKK 5 million will be met. will be reached already in February.

Investors who still want the reduced price and the Secure token bonus wishes must be fast. This campaign ends in 3 days. In the following section, merchants will receive a simple step-by-step guide to get started with the FightOut project.

Step 1: Connect crypto wallet

Visit first Fight Out website. In the first step, you need to connect your crypto wallet to the website. Use the button for this “Connect Wallet”. Now you can see which means of payment are available to you.

Step 2: Select payment method

If you already have cryptocurrency, you can choose USDT or ETH token as payment method.

If you are new to the crypto market, you can pay with your credit card. Now select a payment method and use the corresponding button.

Step 3: Complete the purchase

A trading window will now open where you can complete the purchase. Enter here how many tokens you would like to buy. The charges incurred will be shown to you. Check and confirm the process with the button “Buy now”.

If you have chosen the payment method by credit card, you must also confirm the purchase in your wallet.

Tokens are not immediately shown to you in your digital wallet. Only after the pre-sale will you receive instructions on how to claim them. Traders who want to take advantage of the coin bonus must be aware of the lock time when the coins will be locked for trading.

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