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PreSale Coins are hugely popular with investors, just like Metaverse and Play2Earn, which is impressively proven not least by last year’s record-breaking Tamadoge PreSale. Meta Masters Guild is a new Play2Earn platform whose native token MEMAG is currently available for purchase in PreSale. Meta Masters Guild focuses mainly on mobile games. The huge success of Diablo: Immortal has shown how successful such games can be. This game managed to earn more than $100 million in eight weeks and had more than 20 million installs by July 2022.

MEMAG hits one milestone after another

The presale of the MEMAG token only started about two weeks ago, and the presale is already hitting one milestone after another. The development team managed to collect about 1 million US dollars to raise capital in this short period. Quite an impressive achievement for such a young project. The second phase of the presale is about to end, one MEMAG token currently costs 0.01 US dollars and there are still 3,999,029 tokens in the pool. Once these are all sold, the third phase begins and one token then increases in price to $0.013. By the way, MEMAG is deflationary and there will be a maximum of 1 billion tokens.



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Meta Masters Guild – Play and earn fun

Many traditional players stay away from Blockchain or Play2Earn Games. In most cases, the reason is insufficient game mechanics, graphics that still have a lot of room for improvement, and a lack of game fun. For most Play2Earn games mainly focus on earning while in most cases the game falls by the wayside. There are good reasons why projects like Axie Infinity or The Sandbox struggle with declining player numbers.

The Meta Masters Guild wants to bring change and above all fun back to the fore. The rewards are just a “good accessory”, so to speak.

The game’s currency Gems, which are distributed as a reward, should be convertible to MEMAG tokens, which are then sent to your own wallet. Afterwards you have two options, either you can exchange MEMAG for ETH or reinvest the tokens back into the game. Incidentally, the tokens should also be able to bet. Community is the focus of the Meta Masters Guild because a game is only as good as the players who play it. Moreover, particularly active players should be rewarded at the Meta Masters Guild, either with extra tokens or with exclusive NFTs. A major update will also be launched in the near future. Then you can get a first glimpse of NFT and staking.

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Meta Masters Guild Games

Meta Masters Guild is committed to revolutionizing mobile gaming. The producers want to bring high-quality mobile blockchain games to the market and above all to the gamer. The games on the platform should then form their own ecosystem. There are currently three games in development.

Meta Kart Racers is a racing game that the platform develops together with the indie studio Gamearound. The game’s racing tracks are extremely entertaining and offer polished gameplay. All you have to do is choose your favorite driver and kart and you’re good to go. The game can either be played alone in arcade mode or in PvP against other players. An arcade mode where you can win rare NFTs is also planned. Two more games are currently in the concept stage. Meta Masters World is a mobile sandbox game and raid NFT where fantasy MMORPG fans get their money’s worth. The release of the alpha version of Meta Kart Racers is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

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By the way, Studio Gamearound is no newcomer to the gaming world. The team has already developed a fashion game for the fashion group Boohoo. The indie studio is now entering Web3 with Meta Kart Racers and Meta Masters World, which are also being developed by Gamearound. By the way, all three games must be free to play. However, the items in the game must be purchased with MEMAG.

Analysts are excited

The creators of the platform want to raise 4.97 million US dollars to raise capital with the pre-sale. At first glance, it seems quite low for the gaming market. However, one must keep in mind that Meta Masters Guild wants to offer high-quality mobile games that keep production costs low. AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 cost around 263 million euros – including marketing costs. The potential of the platform is enormous, because the developers take care of something that often falls by the wayside in Play2Earn games, namely the fun of the game. Cryptogaming is here to stay in the crypto universe regardless of the bull or bear market. In the racing game segment alone, mobile gaming sales were $2.68 billion. Total mobile gaming revenue in 2020 was $77.2 billion.

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Last updated on January 23, 2023

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