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Three weeks into the new year are already history. Looking back, it can be stated that the digital currency market probably fared much better than expected. Bitcoin price continued to pump in the last week. At the same time, the US judiciary announced the ban on Bitzlato – to the ridicule of the crypto community – and fears of a recession are slowly returning to the stock market. While elsewhere we summarize the most important news from the past week in retrospect, we would like to take a look into the future here. What will be important for crypto investors next week?

1. The Meta Masters Guild Presale enters the third phase

Crypto pre-sale will remain a lucrative market segment for all yield-oriented investors in 2023. With less than $200,000 of capital missing to complete pre-sale phase 2, it should end in the next two days, based on current velocity and demand calculations. If you want to invest before the 30% price increase, you need to hurry.

meta map

Meta Masters Guild’s first P2E game is well advanced. Those in charge may have more news ready for all interested investors once the third pre-sale phase is reached. With a hard target of less than $5 million, the realistic targets should drive demand over the next few weeks. The pricing in the pre-sale is extremely lucrative for early investors.

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2. Profit Taking or Further Recovery: Bitcoin Price at a Crossroads

Bitcoin downtrend

With a small profit, the Bitcoin price is likely to end the current week below $23,000. The breakout above the price mark has not yet been sustained. At the same time, the Bitcoin price is on the long-term downtrend. The coming week should offer an exciting battle between bears and bulls. Who has the upper hand here? Investors may be gathering further evidence that the bear market will soon end sustainably.

3rd quarter season on the stock market: Microsoft, Tesla and Co. open their books

After Netflix was able to surprise positively with Q4 2022 numbers and significantly exceeded analysts’ expectations for user growth and profit outlook, the current quarter season is on its way. Numerous companies with weight to the stock market report on the last three months of the past year. If Microsoft, Tesla and Co. reports good numbers, it can also result in further capital gains on the digital currency market.

4. FGHT token price increases linearly until the end of March: Move-2-Earn-Coin Fight Out with next milestone

On Tuesday morning, the first pre-sale phase of the new move-2-earn coin Fight Out ends, where investors were able to buy the native ERC-20 token for $0.0166. The price increases then take place linearly until the end of March. The final presale price, which also applies to initial public offerings, will be $0.0333. Early investors thus receive a supplement of 100% – plus any bonuses, of which 50% can be received in advance with a corresponding investment sum and lock-in period.

Fightout app

With capital raising now at $3.2 million, the new M2E coin is very popular in the community. It does not seem surprising, because those responsible have further developed Move2Earn and established a more comprehensive concept than STEPN & Co. If you want to interact with a virtual avatar in the fitness metaverse, track all physical activity and receive individual training plans, Fight Out is the right place for you. The high-growth market environment offers significant opportunities for early stage investors.

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5. Economic growth & job market in the USA

How is the most important economy in the world developing? Investors will be informed of this when figures for GDP in the fourth quarter of 2022 are published in the US on Thursday. Are recessionary trends already emerging, or is a soft landing for the US economy still a likely possibility? At the same time, figures on the current labor market are published. The initial unemployment claims and wage developments are likely to be important parameters in relation to the Fed’s interest rate policy.

6. FTX, Genesis & Co.: What’s new from the ailing crypto companies?

There was various news about insolvent crypto service providers in the last week. The FTX crypto exchange found around $5 billion in liquid assets, making a (partial) refund of customer deposits much more likely. The interim CEO of FTX is investigating the possibility of reactivating the crypto exchange – deliberately wanting to keep all options open. Then there will be the expected bankruptcy of Genesis after Chapter 11. The digital currency market should not rest in this regard in the coming week either. It is questionable to what extent innovations influence pricing in the market.

7. Will Calvaria sell out in advance next week?

Calvary Presale

The pre-sale for the NFT trading card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity lasts about nine days. However, with over 94% progress and less than $170K of capital missing, there is a real possibility that the pre-sale will end next week. So the following week there is already the IEO for the native RIA token. The innovative NFT game, which relies on free access through a smartphone app, polygon blockchain and story mode, could bring significant profits to early investors in the near future.

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