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Our report gives you valuable insight into The progress of the fitness market into the metaverse and showcase applications that could revolutionize the market. We also list the key features that athletes and coaches need in the Metaverse for a holistic concept.

Which Fitness Coin is better: STEPN or Fight Out? We contrast the two metaverses and show important features.

The global market for fitness in the Metaverse is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years. The first signs can already be seen in the intense power struggle between two fitness coins, namely STEPN and Fight Out. The major global players in fitness in the Metaverse include infrastructure providers, hardware and software manufacturers, and VR and AR equipment suppliers.

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Avatars transfer power to the Metaverse

Whether fitness fairs, play-to-earn games like Calvaria, or futuristic racetracks in multiplayer mode like Meta Masters Guild: The Metaverse opens up several new real-life use cases, leading to Growth of the virtual space of the future. Sports and fitness are important factors. Avatars become ambassadors and influencers as users engage in physical activity in the real world and broadcast their achievements to the Metaverse.

Virtual fitness boxing, dance fitness or pure high-tech fitness studio in Metaverse: Fight Out clearly sets new standards here and thus puts the former market leader STEPN under great pressure. That too The fact that it will bring fitness junkies to the crypto and NFT marketFight Out helps reach a completely new target group of private investors.

With the transfer of all key figures to the metaverse, brands also build an important group of buyers. It could also be thought of in the future Using the Fight Out platform for exclusive partnerships with fitness brandswho want to strengthen and present their brands. In addition, high-quality fitness clothing and equipment is available via a merchandise store, which means further added value at Fight Out.

Gamifying Fitness rewards athletes in the Metaverse

While Fight Out is not the world’s first Metaverse platform to earn rewards for training, STEPN shows pre-sales in the new crypto significant added valuewhich allows Fight Out to stand out from the competition.

Fight Out’s USPs are

  • Bring fitness junkies to Metaverse
  • Introduce beginners to crypto
  • Rewards the user based on training
  • The rewards can improve the stats
  • Easier to complete difficult training sessions
  • Personal training sessions with MMA fighters
  • Investment in one of the new platforms in the sector

Gaming has proven to be a big seller in recent months, and devices like the Oculus have been under many people’s Christmas trees. The fastest growing area of ​​youth targeting is the gamification fitness market, according to a Fortune Business Insights report. This also includes Fight Out with the innovative approach Move2Earn!

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global VR gaming market is expected to grow from USD 7.92 billion in 2021 to USD 53.44 billion in 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.4% growth. source

Fitness gamification is a new generation of immersive training that brings together different devices and elements to do the moves are automatically transferred to the metaverse via the personal avatar. Participants get an exciting fitness experience and easy access to the world of crypto, metaverse and NFT.

Fight Out creates a presence in the metaverse

By creating a presence in the metaverse, Fight Out, unlike STEPN, is able to do so A wide range of forms of training, forms of exercise, forms of movement and coaching to offer. Either alone or in partnerships, the clubs have the opportunity to expand their appeal and target group.

Athletes and supporters of fitness boxing get a broader basis for their training, after all, more MMA fighters could be excited about the project as ambassadors. What is particularly interesting about the Fight Out pre-order is the great interest shown by the fitness community Dozens of Youtubers and Instagram influencers who have rated Fight Out’s fitness app on their channels.

Fitness uses entertainment, this is how fitness gamification can be described. Above all, Gen-Z and a younger audience are relevant to the developers, who only want to target a select group of private investors with the pre-sale. The Welltodo 2022 Consumer Wellness Trends Report states that 86% of Gen Z feel their The passion for sports and fitness has been increased by the pandemic.

Our mission is to raise awareness of exercise and fitness, and with the launch of Fight Out we hope to reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise.

fight out

Experiences within the community are enabled by VR/AR technologies in Metaverse. It means, In the future, fitness will go beyond the physical experience and expands the boundaries of physical activity into the virtual space. High-resolution holograms, personal avatars such as NFT as in Fight Out and exciting competitions characterize the everyday sports life of fitness junkies.

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Fitness on-demand becomes a reality with Fight Out

Fight Out brings the fitness-on-demand market to the Metaverse, making it possible to work out anywhere, anytime without having to visit an indoor gym. Across space, time and language, Fight Out Platform users connect to the Metaverse through the Avatar and receive all the training, instructions and personal coaching from the best MMA fighters on the scene at the touch of a button.

Missing a unit or a special course is no longer a problem because Athletes all over the world can virtually visit the Fight Out metaverse and join the Metaverse. With inspiring training videos that combine visual elements with audio elements, immersive environments are created where users are faced with a new form of fitness.

In the future, additional features will be added to the Fight Out platform, including live instructors who guide users’ training in real time and valuable tips for improved muscle building can give. Consumers generally have even more training options to choose from with solutions such as those from STEPN or Fight Out. In light of the enormous market potential, competition will intensify further.

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The technological possibilities are in constant development. From a health perspective additional applications desirable which pulls us out of the temporary phases of physical inactivity during the pandemic. To get us going again, Fight Out rewards its users via crypto-assets and NFT.

Instead of sedentary work, it’s about movement, strength and fitness. Effective exercise should ensure that people feel motivated to do something about their health.

fight out

Fight Out is a new step in the future of fitness and a revolution in the Metaverse. By keeping the focus on crypto rewards and NFT at the center of it, users get extra value if you own Fight Out’s tokens, $FGHT. These are currently being distributed in pre-sale to selected private and small investors at very low prices.

Visit Fight Out and convince yourself of the innovative fitness concept!

Conclusion: Many industries are experiencing upheaval, and the sports and fitness scene must also change. With new technology like Metaverse and NFT, users of platforms and services can now virtually train and experience cryptocurrencies for the first time. Fight Out is redefining the fitness industry with a focus on fitness junkies and fitness boxing enthusiasts.

But also all other users who want to do more for their physical fitness, there are numerous videos Training units, training and coaching available. All you have to do for it is utility token $FGHT in their wallet to load. He is the door opener for the future metaverse of ecosystems and fitness.

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