These web 3.0 games can do much more than you can imagine and attack Axies and Sandbox! | 21/01/23

Web 3.0 games can generate sales on a scale that other industries can only dream of. At its core, Web 3.0 Games is about the logical further development of the gaming sector and the P2E concepts. Central themes in the Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem are mostly cryptocurrencies and utility tokens as well as NFT.

Players join gaming platforms via utility tokens. These act as a link between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. In the game, motivation is guaranteed through contests and rewards from the crypto sector. To Web 3.0 will remove control over the Internet and encourage decentralizationwhich eliminates the need for central servers.

Why gamers can look forward to Web 3.0 gaming

The technology is finally ready and also in the gaming sector users can look forward to features they already know from DeFi, NFT and blockchain games

However, the focus in the industry has shifted from play-to-earn to play-and-earn

Under this motto, blockchain-based games have been created that combine fun and entertainment with economic aspects.

The Web 2.0 incentive has already drawn the attention of several well-known investors to the industry. The better financial resources now available to businesses have enabled innovative advances and the gaming industry will be a key technology for Web 3.0.

These are the new web 3.0 games

Meta Masters Guild

Getting started on racing adventures on the Meta Masters Guild platform is easy. You simply choose the kart and the driver and go to the track. Whether via browser or mobile phone, The Meta Masters Guild, sets new benchmarks for the entire industry and offers players numerous features and benefits.

Rewards, contests, prizes and fast lanes in various metaverses can await players of the Meta Masters Guild. The app is ideal for gamers who want entertainment on the go. Take advantage of this opportunity, because before the official listing on trading platforms is utility token $MEMAG in pre-sales a lot cheaply available. Join the Web 3.0 racing adventure now!

fight out

Athletes and fitness junkies look here, because Fight Out is aimed at the target group who are tired of fitness studios and finally want to train motivated again. The app and the strong community as well as the individual avatar take you directly to the Metaverse. There, for the right user, the avatar gets the prices that are just right to be highly motivated and move more.

But Fight Out is also made for athletes interested in fitness boxing. Because some of the project’s founders and well-known consultants themselves come from the boxing or MMA sector. Bitforex and LBank have already committed to listing the utility token after the presale ends. This is great news for the community!

Hurry because the FGHT token is available cheaply before the listing!


With a high entertainment value and a fantastically designed metaverse, the web 3.0 game Calvaria offers the most modern approaches of the latest technologies. Players notice this after only a few seconds into the game when new decks of cards enter the game as NFTs. There, the dark characters from Spanish mythology are already waiting in the virtual space for the players to make strategic moves.

The utility token $RIA is attached to Stablecoin bound by Tether. This makes it much easier to buy the token in pre-sales, minimizing the barriers to entry for beginners. But if you’re still unsure, you can quickly learn in-game how cryptocurrencies work, how coins and tokens can be used, and how NFTs are used.

Calvaria is one of the most advanced web 3.0 games with the participation of renowned graphic artists and designers. Do not miss it.


This Web 3.0 game was also conceived by well-known game developers and realized by a highly experienced team of designers. This time it will not enter the underworld, but high up in the galaxies around the planet Taro. This is broken, but he should be quickly brought back to life. In the web 3.0 game RobotEra, robots are responsible for restoring the planet to its former glory.

But there are still a few humanoid robot groups that want to prevent just that. And therefore, players can use NFT to gain new followers for their robot army and thus become stronger than their opponents. With crypto-tokens or NFTs, players are rewarded for their activities. The received NFTs can not only be collected but also traded.

Join the battle and help the bots with help symbols $RIA.

The new Web 3.0 games can do that

Users of the newly developed Web 3.0 games no longer need a third party to perform transactions and transfer assets. But there are more features available in the Metaverse of Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out and Calvaria and RobotEra that can ensure continued growth for the industry.


Games can be hosted entirely on-chain. This means that no central authority will be able to turn off or delete game history. Everything that happens in Web 3.0 games is saved permanently and transparently to everyone.


Players can trade in-game assets, win tournaments and earn cryptos through other reward mechanisms.

Participation in Krypto games pre-sales is the first step into a new era of Web 3 Gaming.


All assets in the game are actually owned by the players. As an NFT, they can be traded through secondary marketplaces or traded through the native platforms. This gives players a real asset for participating in the game.


Through the development of decentralized autonomous organizations’ DAOs, it is possible for the players in Web 3.0 games not only to receive rewards, but also to vote on further developments of the protocol. Typical voting topics often include the question of how the company should reinvest profits.

Web 2.0’s follow-on technology focuses on ownership and transparency. With blockchain, transactions can be done securely and assets can be shared with each other.


A centralized intermediary or third party always represents a weak point in a network Web 3.0 games no longer have a centralized weak point. Players can store their personal data and information as well as their NFT and tokens in a wallet that does not need to be tied to the game.


They represent transferable grades and assets. NFTs allow each player to have their own avatarwhich is transferable across multiple games and metaverses.

Conclusion: Web 2.0 is coming and Web 3.0 is coming, it’s not just a trend, it’s the growth of a new market. Web 3.0 games offer different features and aspects on one platform. In connection with recent developments, the crypto market has also changed. The current crypto presales prove the changes because they no longer use ICOs today, but official presale phases with utility tokens.

Utility tokens are based on the Ethereum token standard and tied to the Tether stablecoin. In many cases, the smart contract code is verified by third parties by default, providing additional security. Web 3.0 games like Calvaria offer a wide range of entertainment scenarios. Everything is possible, starting with fighting games, racing adventures like Meta Masters Guild and strategic card games.

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