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In January, most cryptocurrencies are extremely bullish again. Everywhere you look, prices are rising. Bitcoin hits the $23,000 mark, Ethereum trades above the $1,600 mark, and the total market cap of all coins exceeds $1 trillion again. Everything points to growth. Among the major coins, Solana has proven to be the best performer so far. Here, an increase of more than 200% was achieved this year. This means Solana is once again a top 10 cryptocurrency. Even significantly higher increases are possible for the following 3 cryptocurrencies, which are currently still available in pre-sale and may soon increase many times.

fight out

Fight Out created hype in the crypto scene from the start. While previous Move 2 Earn coins like Stepn (GMT) have been huge successes, Fight Out’s FGHT token may soon eclipse that. Here you get an avatar NFT at the start with which you can master challenges in the metaverse and compete against other users. This Avatar NFT can also be developed to increase its chances of success. To achieve this, users must first develop themselves – or their physical fitness – in the real world. The character in the Metaverse is related to the achievements of the real person.

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This concept will motivate countless people to exercise more and brings enormous growth potential for the FGHT token. Investors have long since recognized this, piling up well over $3 million worth of coins. It doesn’t come as a surprise either. The concept is promising and currently FGHT is still available for 0.0166 USDT. FGHT will be listed in April at 0.0333 USDT. This means that investors entering the pre-sale already have a book profit of around 100%, and post-IPO much more is possible here. Currently you get a bonus of up to 50 percent on your deposit. The bonus amount depends on the size of the investment and how long the token is locked after receipt. In this way, the developers also counteract strong sales after the IPO.

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Calvary-Duels of Eternity

Calvaria – Duels of Eternity builds on the hype around the Play 2 Earn theme. In the NFT trading card game, players can earn the RIA token. Unlike Gamese, which has so far been extremely successful in this area, Calvaria’s gameplay is also real. Dark creatures belonging to 3 different armies, players can choose here, evolve, use in duels against other players or trade in the NFT market. With both a mobile and a PC version, Calvaria has the potential to be extremely successful.

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In addition, a free variant is also aimed at players who have not yet had contact with cryptocurrencies. Calvaria – Duels of Eternity thus appeals to a huge target group and with increasing attention, the RIA token will continue to rise in price. If you still want to enter the pre-sale here, you have to hurry. The countdown on the website shows 10 days left. However, only 6% of the 150 million RIA tokens are still available. This means that the advance sale should end much earlier.

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The C+Charge team is focused on a market that will continue to grow strongly for many years to come. E-mobility is one of the biggest problems when it comes to reaching the climate goals, and the expansion of the charging infrastructure is lagging behind. This is where C+Charge comes in and will not only promote the expansion of charging stations, but also standardize payment. In addition, the emission credits, which previously ended up with the car manufacturer or charging station operators, must be issued directly to the drivers of the electric cars. This would mean that drivers could get money back for every toll at the pillars.

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It is obvious that this is a concept with enormous potential. The CCHG token is currently in presale to fund the project. Almost $350,000 was traded in a very short time, and the coin is scheduled to be listed on the first exchanges as early as March 2023. You can currently get a CCHG for 0.013 USDT. The next step is to increase the price to 0.0165 USDT. With the progress in e-mobility and the expansion of the infrastructure, CCHG can increase many times after the listing on the crypto exchanges.

Invest now in the electromobility mega market and make sure to secure the CCHG at a favorable pre-sale price.

About the author: Manuel Lippitz has been an entrepreneur and investor for several years. After founding a number of successful companies, investing in a wide range of assets became increasingly important to him. On his real estate blog he writes about life as a landlord and with the commissioning of his first mining stations in 2020 he increasingly focused on cryptocurrencies & NFTs and the opportunities that come with them.

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