Learn to understand your energy with Human Design

Like the expression already reveals that human design is about how a person is designed. But it doesn’t show what a person looks like, whether they have a big or small nose, a round face, or what clothes they’re wearing. Human design focuses on another level, namely the energetic one. Our guest author Stephanie Löber gives you an introduction to the complex system of differentiation.

Text & photos: Stephanie Löber

Human design is a synthesis of the four ancient schools of wisdom – namely Western astrology, the Chinese I’Ging, the Jewish teachings of Kabbalah and the chakra teachings, which is also known from yoga. To do this, it combines knowledge from the most modern sciences such as Quantum physics and epigenetics. This has resulted in one of the most complex systems for understanding the flow of human energies.

It is a kind of innovative and new personality assessment tool and a way that increases self-insight, better understanding and awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings. On the one hand it can be used incredibly spiritually and show our soul level, on the other hand it contains practical and real tips to get into your own strength. Are you curious now?

Podcast Episode on Human Design: How to Live Your Cosmic Potential

Stephanie Löber explains how to unfold your cosmic potential. As Holistic Human Design Coach Stephanie Löber, she provides a modern, easy-to-understand introduction to Human Design in this episode of the YogaWorld Podcast.

The Life Chart – a map of your energy

The Human Design System was channeled into this world by Robert Alan Krakower, who later renamed himself Ra Uru Hu in 1987. From the combinations of the above wisdom emerged a Life chart, a kind of body graphic that shows the complex energies within us in a clear and simplified form. This life chart enables us to make visible the invisible energies, strengths and potentials that lie dormant in all of us.

To create your life chart, you need your Date of birthyour exact time of birth and yours Place of birth.

Here is an example diagram for the “Manifesting Generator” type.

There are various elements in the life chart such as nine centers (derived from the seven chakras), the 64 goals (from the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching) and 36 channelswhich shows the flow of energy between the levels and is determined by the status of the 13 conscious and unconscious planets (points). The centers include root, sacral, spleen, emotional solar plexus, ego/heart, self, mind and crown. All these centers are energy hubs with a physical connection and energetic interaction, similar to the chakra teaching, which also has a significant influence in yoga.

In Human Design, these centers can either be defined (that is, shown in color in your life chart) or undefined (and therefore have no color in them). This information already gives us the first clues about the strength and energy you have inside. In interaction with other people, she also gives us an understanding of trigger points and similarities.

For example, the sacred in human design stands for joy of life, creative power, creation and persistence. Once your sacred is defined, you have continuous access to these energies, provided you use them in the highest and best sense, creating and creating for joy. If the sacred is not defined, you may constantly have the feeling that you should actually be doing more and have no stamina. This is only released in interaction with others, but is not a constant force in your life.

All of this is neither good nor bad, but simply shows us how energetically we are made to shape our lives. In addition, we can read certain information from the Human Design Chart, as it is also called, what ours Potentials and strengths, needs in partnership and togetherness are what our seat of power and subject of incarnation is, how other people see us and which personality parts we recognize in ourselves. In addition, the chart can give us information about our diet, our inner motivation and much more.

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