This coin could soon be worth a hundred times – Meta Masters Guild raises 500 US dollars to raise capital –

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Play2Earn is the big thing in Metaverse and the coins that come with it are hugely popular among investors. Tamadoge’s presale last year was record-breaking, and the Tamadoge tokens reserved for the presale sold out long before the presale was supposed to end. A similar picture emerges with the new P2E gaming platform Meta Masters Guild. DThe creators of the platform managed to collect 750,000 US dollars to raise capital within a week. This successfully completes the first phase of the pre-sale.

First PreSale milestone reached

Now the second phase of the presale has started and the price of the MEMAG token has increased to $0.01000.



There are currently 36,822,050 tokens left in the pool. Once these are sold, the third phase of the PreSale begins and a token then rises to $0.013. In the seventh and final phase, a token then rises to $0.02300. If you are still in doubt, you should act quickly. Due to the tokens reserved for the second phase, more than half have already been sold.

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The Meta Masters Guild project aims to become the number one Play2Earn mobile game. The Web2 game Diablo: Immortal showed how successful mobile games can be.

Even the CEO of the Meta Masters Guild is impressed by the overwhelming success

CEO of the Meta Masters Guild, Gabriel Hristov, commented on the great success of the PreSale: “We are very proud of the great interest that the community shows in our project. We are committed to creating fun and playable web3 mobile games to earn games with a viable in-game economy. Community recognition is paramount to my team. This means that we want to make games that everyone enjoys and wants to play again and again. We will launch a major update soon. Then the community gets a first look at the platform and especially at NFT and staking. We have an extremely exciting time with the Memag ecosystem and we look forward to the journey with our ever-growing community.โ€

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Fun is the priority

Terrible graphics, jerky game mechanics and lack of gaming fun are the main reasons why “normal” players are quite suspicious of Play2Earn Games to say the least. Unfortunately, most games from this genre clearly show that earning rather than playing is in the foreground. The Meta Masters Guild wants to change that. The developers consciously put their focus on play and earning, where the fun of the game is in the foreground.

Another advantage of the decentralized platform is that the players really own the purchased in-game items, and these can be sold on the marketplace, for example. The fun of the game comes first, the rewards are just “nice accessories”. Meta Masters Guild, for example, takes a much more sustainable approach than Axie Infinity.

Another push point: the low hard cap on the Meta Masters Guild

There are analysts who believe that Meta Masters Guild could be the fastest growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency with 10x potential in 2023. YouTuber Crypto Boy even predicts a 1,000-fold growth for the platform.

The project’s hard cap is just $4.97 million. With this capital raising, the developers can implement their roadmap goals immediately.

The games developed for Meta Masters Guild are intended as mobile games and not for consoles. This also eliminates the high cost of AAA titles.

Since the games the platform plans to bring to market will be developed for mobile phones rather than consoles, it avoids the high costs typically associated with AAA titles. For example, the production costs of Cyberpunk 2077, including marketing costs, amounted to about 263 million euros. The Meta Masters Guild also works with indie development studios. For example, the team is in the process of producing Meta Kart Racers together with Gameround.

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Gamearound got its name after the studio developed a game for the fashion retailer Boohoo, a publicly traded company with a turnover of over 1 billion.

Patrick Hegarty, one of the Meta Masters Guild brand ambassadors, gives a brief overview of the project in the following YouTube video:

Meta Masters Guild game

The Meta Masters Guild is currently developing three games for the platform. One of them is the already mentioned Meta Kart Racers. All you have to do here is choose your favorite driver and kart and then you can go to one of the many extremely entertaining racetracks. You can either compete alone in arcade mode or test your skills in PVP competition. Meta Kart Racers is free to play. Players can use either Gems or MEMAG tokens to shop in the store, such as special upgrades for the driver. There will also be an arcade mode where you can win rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFT are playable characters when purchased and rendered in 3D.

Two more games are in the concept stage.

Meta Masters World is a classic mobile sandbox game where you can build, explore and conquer. The game is developed by Gamearound. Players can either win or buy land and playable characters from the NFT Store. Meta Masters World will also be free to play. However, the game will also include a number of play-to-features that are primarily focused on skills. Players can explore the Meta Masters World to their heart’s content and complete various in-game quests to earn. You can also buy land to improve your NFTs. Here you can choose between different buildings.

The third game, which is also still in the planning stages, is Raid NFT. The team will announce more details at a later date.

MEMAG vs Gems

The MEMAG token, which is used in all games on the platform, can be easily exchanged for the in-game currency Gems. Gems are off-chain assets, meaning they are not on a blockchain and as such are not true cryptocurrency tokens. However, this off-chain feature means that Meta Masters Guild is an app store compatible product, accepted by Apple and Google app stores. However, there will also be a browser-based version of the games. Regardless of whether it is a bull or bear market, MEMAG is an exciting investment in both scenarios. According to Newzoo Research, the mobile gaming sector managed to achieve a revenue of 77.2 billion US dollars in 2020. According to Statista, the total revenue of the racing game segment alone was 2.68 billion dollars last year.

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Due to the decentralization in Web3, the focus is primarily on gamers, which is not the case in the “normal” gaming industry. Cryptogaming is here to stay, whether it’s a bull or a bear market. Anyone who invests in the MEMAG token now could achieve an above average return because Play2Earn is becoming more and more popular.

Last updated on January 20, 2023

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