These are the lighting trends for 2023

Because light is essential, light will always be an elementary part of a facility. If you want to be up to date here, the best thing you can do is find out about lighting trends for 2023. This year, it’s shapes that set the tone.

As a rule, light not only gives a living room a visually appealing appearance, but also has an extremely practical use. Year after year, manufacturers bring more and more innovative models to the market. Therefore, the light trends will continue to inspire in 2023 across the board. Striking: this year color prioritizes form. Designs are increasingly becoming more geometric and at the same time more purist. Interior designer and myHOMEBOOK author Odett Schumann explains which lighting trends will be popular in 2023.

Lighting trend 1: origami and folding lights made of paper

For some time now, fans have been tricking their way back into the interior. Whether small or large, to lean against or to hang, the popular accessory from the 90s is now returning as a lighting trend for 2023. Paper lampshades tastefully folded are an eye-catcher, especially as a pendant above the dining table.

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Some models are even reminiscent of the traditional Japanese art of folding, origami, and thus to some extent also of creative handicrafts from childhood. Paper as the basic material in a lamp casts light extremely softly into the room, creating a pleasant light atmosphere.

Lighting trend 2: Functional wall lamps with arms

That the lighting trends for 2023 are also characterized by pragmatism is shown above all by the new wall lamp models. With its simple design, strikingly often in black and a swiveling or articulated arm reminiscent of a desk lamp, new standards are set here on the wall.

The new lights have clearly gained in functionality and, thanks to a far-reaching arm, can even replace some floor lamps. Depending on where light is desired in the room, the practical lamp is there. Basic lighting can be provided, but accented lighting can also be provided.

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Lighting trend 3: Iconic mushroom lights

Mushroom as inspiration: Current lighting models inspire thanks to an iconic shapePhoto: Getty Images

It will be a while before the mushroom season starts again. Interior fans, on the other hand, do not have to wait that long, because mushroom lights are considered to be one of the lighting trends for 2023. In the form of a birch or porcini mushroom, especially pendant and table lamps bring nature into the living room in a charming way .

The trend is admittedly not entirely new: already in 1968, the Danish designer Verner Panton designed the iconic “Flowerpot” lighting series, which is still available today under the “&tradition” brand. Later in 1980, Panton took it a step further and launched the “Pantop” model. Thanks to its bell shape, this lamp is also reminiscent of small mushrooms sprouting from the ground. Today there are mushroom candles in several bright and pastel colors.

Lighting trend 4: Black lamps

For a while now, it has been notable that the concerns of decorating your own home with black have crumbled more and more. The achromatic color is currently gradually conquering the living space and is extremely tasteful. Because what walls and kitchen fronts can do, light can do even better now.

Most of the current models, whether as wall, table or pendant lamps, come in a decidedly minimalist design. In addition, it is a matte black metal that, in its filigree form, fits into almost any living space and (almost) any interior design style. So don’t be afraid of black in 2023!

Lighting trend 5: oversized mobile on the ceiling

It is quite clear that in 2023 some lights will mutate more and more into some kind of art installation. Ceiling lamps in particular are currently causing a sensation in the living room thanks to their unusual design, even when switched off. Similar to an oversized mobile, its individual fragments simply hang from steel ropes and appear to float in space.

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As if this aspect could hardly be surpassed in terms of fascination, the extraordinary play of light also knows how to enchant. Sculptural lighting objects on the ceiling are definitely one of the most notable lighting trends of 2023.

Lighting trend 6: Simple floor lamps

New trends in terms of design are also emerging within floor lamps. In 2023, these are strikingly plain and simple. No extra turning arm that works as a reading light. No protruding bottom. And no other eye-catching details. It is precisely a slim, filigree and, above all, straight-lined shape that makes a concise appearance here.

However, similar to the ceiling lamps, this does not seem boring and sad. However, the current models focus more on the original lampshades. Whether in spherical, conical or mushroom shape, in this case the best comes clearly at the (top) end.

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