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NFT Signals is a provider of NFT trading signals. This has already generated a profit of almost 1 billion US dollars for its users and has now revised its website.

In just 5 months, NFT Signals has grown to be the leading full-service provider of trading signals for profitable, non-fungible token flipping. The project is said to have already generated a total profit of 952,537,747 US dollars, so they have chosen their new slogan – The Ultimate NFT Alpha Group – appropriately.

While the trading volume for NFTs has dropped noticeably since the peak, this has not stopped the group of professional traders at NFT Signals from serving their users with the free and VIP packages. So far, NFT Signals is said to have achieved a 42% ROI with a high 93% success rate for its community.

In this context, collaborations have also been established with leading industry sites such as With its help, brands, developers and artists can now create lists for their favorite projects.

VIP packages start from $56 and there are free trading signals on Telegram

There are many welcome innovations on the site. This is now available not only in English but also in 6 other languages. These include German, French, Dutch, Arabic, French and Chinese.

In addition, the new site has 3 levels of paid membership: monthly ($56), quarterly ($83) and yearly ($277).

The quarterly subscription is currently the most popular choice. There is a guaranteed minimum of 5 curated NFT trading signals per week in each package. In addition, users must benefit from the professional NFT traders and their know-how.

Results for each trading signal are now publicly available

A particularly useful feature of the new website is the detailed listing of the monthly performance of their trading signals going back to last August.

During this time there were e.g. completed 47 trades in December. These yielded a return of 34%, which equates to a total profit of 8.72 ETH or EUR 12,603.99 at the time of writing.

Within the past few months, the best results in terms of trading signals were achieved in August and September. Both have brought investors a return of 72%, with profits calculated assuming 1 NFT per trade. The transactions can also be checked by anyone themselves via the website.

For example, in November there were 37 offers listed after each NFT collection. For this, buy and sell signals and the corresponding profit in ETH and USD are also displayed.

New regular newsletter from NFT Signals and redesigned section

The regular newsletter from NFT Signals has also been added. Users can easily sign up for this via the website. On top of this, the latest news section has been added, where users are kept up to date with all the important events in the NFT field.

The logo has also been revised and now appears on the website in an attractive, animated, live version. Also added is clip art of the NFT images at the top of the site, which provides an artistic attraction for casual visitors who find NFT signals through web browsing.

NFT Signals has other exciting features planned in the future

NFT Signals Director of Marketing Darnell McWilliamscommented on the site’s rebrand: “We are thrilled to have brought nearly $1 billion in profit to our members in five months.”

He also added: “We’ll soon be offering other new and exciting features on our platform that we’d like to inform our community about. The new features are currently in development, but we’ll have more to say about them when we’re ready.” .”

Finally, he added: “Thank you all for supporting NFT signals – and for those of you who have not yet joined the VIP group or used one of our free signals, we welcome and help you on your trading journey. and educational tour.”

Learn more about NFT signals

NFT signal packages are divided into three different categories. They are categorized into monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions and cost $56, $83 or $277. The packages include:

  • At least 5 trading signals per week
  • Information on obtaining whitelists for projects
  • Free Mint Alert
  • QAs

The number of trading signals depends on the respective market conditions. In that context, the team also emphasizes that they do not want to encourage overtrading. In addition, users can also use the service flexibly, so that they can decide for themselves whether they want to implement the trading signals and how much they invest. In this regard, the team also issues a recommendation that no more than 5% of trading capital should be invested in a single trade.

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