Move-2-Earn Crypto Fight Out Raises Over $3,000,000 In Pre-Sale: Next Price Increase In Less Than Three Days | news

Innovative Web3 fitness platform raises over $3,096,000 in pre-sales. There are now less than three days left of the Fight Out pre-sale before the price of the original FGHT token increases linearly every 12 hours. The presale will then end on March 31 at a price of $0.0333.

FGHT is the utility token of the new Move-2-Earn crypto project that wants to connect web3 to health and blockchain to fitness. Investors need to act now if they still want to buy Fight Out Token at $0.0166 to earn 100% book profit by the end of the presale. At the initial listings, the ICO price will be $0.0333.

Analysts see a bullish future for the Fight Out coin. Consequently, FGHT can become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the current year and give early investors a 10x performance.

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Two CEX listings confirmed: Other crypto exchanges to follow in the near future

Bullish news for all investors in Fight Out. Because the team behind the new Move2Earn project was able to win over the first leading crypto exchanges at an early stage of development, where the native ERC-20 token will be listed in pre-sale after sold out.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the largest exchange LBank currently has a daily trading volume of $1.3 billion, making it the 15th largest CEX in the world by trading volume. FGHT will be listed with LBank on 5 April 2023.

The other crypto exchange is BitForex. FGHT will be listed here one day later on April 6, 2023. The daily trading volume is $970 million.

Additional CEX listings will be announced in the coming weeks. The FGHT team is apparently working intensively on the foundation of the new cryptocurrency.

Fight Out’s Move2Earn Goes to Innovation: Mass Market Web3 Application

The new cryptocurrency Fight Out relies on the Web3 trend and wants to transfer the metaverse to the world of Move2Earn. Simply tracking the steps taken during a daily walk is not enough for many people; the complete monitoring of the training units provides more incentive to use Move2Earn. The Web3 app and the struggling gyms will have a thoughtful coexistence – the virtual avatar represents the users in the fitness metaverse.

FightOut avatar

With a virtual avatar, users can digitally reflect their individual health and receive additional incentives for even better performance. Fight Out is the first M2E project that builds on the fitness metaverse and wants to push Web3 adoption. With a companion app, training sessions and daily sports routines can be easily monitored to achieve your training goals and earn better values ​​for the digital avatar.

While Fight Out wants to build a global network of physical fitness studios in the medium term, the Web3 application is also highly relevant. With a purposeful combination of the real world and Web3, various points of contact will be created for the passionate fitness community.

To fight out

Brand ambassadors from professional sports: Holistic support for all athletes

Increased awareness of Fight Out has so far been a success. Around 90,000 fans already follow the official Twitter account. At the same time, well-known professional athletes from the martial arts scene could be won over to Fight Out. The brand ambassadors must create inspiration in the future and increase users’ motivation to optimize their fitness and health.

FightOut Ambassador

In a first round of introductions, the collaboration with four professional athletes was announced. Including the well-known British boxer Savannah Marshall (122,000 Instagram followers) and the two MMA stars Amanda Ribas (2.1 million Instagram followers) and Talia Santos (179,000 Instagram followers). In addition, you could also win American TV star and personal trainer Tremayne Dortch for Fight Out.

In collaboration with the brand ambassadors, Fight Out wants to establish Move-2-Earn and successfully implement the metaverse in the fitness industry. The physical gym chain, which is to buy the gym this quarter, acts as a hedge for investors who do not (enough) believe in the profitability of a digital M2E concept. With a real cash flow, the capital commitment in the Move2Earn project can be guaranteed.

In the future, each fight-out gym will have a co-working area, a health bar and a studio. In the latter, professional athletes can film entertaining video training, which users can then access via the Web3 app. There will also be personal arrangements. The launch of the first training programs is planned for the second quarter of 2023.

Fightout app

Earn rewards with hard training and a focus on better health

In the current presale, early investors can purchase the original ERC-20 token FGHT. At the same time, there will be a so-called off-chain currency, REPS, which will be responsible for the distribution of rewards. REPS can be exchanged for FGHT tokens. At the same time, you can buy REPS with FGHT if you need more currency credits in the app.

Since Fight Out’s Move-2-Earn concept is subscription-based, there are different payment methods. Athletes can purchase the subscription with FGHT, REPS and fiat currencies. It is preferable to use the ERC-20 token FGHT for payment, as you then receive a bonus of 25%. On the other hand, REPS can preferably be used to buy items in the app.

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50% bonus for early investors in pre-sale: Last chance for 100% book profit before ICO

It’s not just the early entry that makes Fight Out Presales very attractive. In addition, the Fight Out presale was designed with an attractive bonus program that rewards early investors with a bonus of up to 50%. The bonus depends on the size of the investment and the lock-in period, which investors are free to choose. A cumulative bonus of up to 50% is possible – 25% for investments over $50,000, 25% for a lock-up period of 24% months.

In addition, there are various bonus levels that offer FGHT token holders attractive rewards for a certain block period. A three-month vesting period applies to all FGHT tokens. Those who extend the blocking period can receive various bonuses, such as video coaching or a 24-month subscription to Fight Out.

The FGHT team was able to win known partners early on. Transak, LBank Labs, or Block Labs stand next to the disruptive move-2-earn coin Fight Out.

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