Exhibition of works from the departments of architecture and design at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences


20/01/2023 07:31

Exhibition of works from the departments of architecture and design at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

Around 200 graduates exhibit their theses in building 6 at the Peter Behrens School of Arts at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

On January 27 and 28, 2023, the exhibition of the two departments of interior design/architecture and design will take place together at PBSA at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Around 200 graduates from the three architecture courses architecture, interior design and civil design as well as the four design courses communication design, retail design, new craft object design and exhibition design present their final theses – visitors can learn about new approaches and ideas on both exhibition days and be inspired.

The exhibited works are presented on three floors throughout Building 6 and offer a view of artistic forms of representation with a wide range of themes.

In the design department, it ranges from unusual jewelry to illustrations and realization of printed media, objects, planning store concepts and exhibitions to user experience design and much more.

All scales of small or large (interior as well as urban) approaches to current social issues can be found in the architecture department – whether modular furniture, kindergartens or utility concepts through collective life, work and optimization of existing conversions as well as monument protection for sustainable urban strategies and concepts .

All results can also be admired digitally again. On the Werkschau website https://hsd-werkschau.de, each candidate has a personal sub-page where pictures, videos, background information about the idea and personal data are recorded.

Workshow design winter semester 2022/2023
What good advice do you have to give young designers and (interior) architects on their journey through life? Beyond the ubiquitous cultural pessimism, all potential wisdom can be found somewhere in the symbolic junk of our civilization. Semiotic fragments and constellations that can be combined and assembled again and again. Happiness can also be found. But where do you start? Where to look

The inspiration for the design of the work show in the winter 22/23 is Marjorie, the ‘all-knowing garbage dump’ from the 80s children’s series ‘The Fraggles’. Marjorie—a living compost pile with magical powers and changing gender—serves as an oracle for the Fraggles. There are also two rat-like sidekicks: Gunge and Philo, who act as representatives and interpreters of statements from the Knowing Garbage Dump and occasionally decorate Marjorie with jewelry made from garbage. If the two rats say “The dump has spoken!”, the speaking time for the petitioner is over.

Under the direction of Prof. Holger Jacobs, students Lorena Beste, Mats Dübbers, Anna Gangluff, Lynn Ruberg, Joelle Schonhoff and Chiara Toteda implemented the exhibition design.

At the Peter Behrens School of Arts at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, around 2,300 students are currently being educated in both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Here is an overview of the most important dates:
Design exhibition (in building 6)
27 January 2023, at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m
28 January 2023, at 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Peter Behrens School of Arts
Building 6, Münsterstrasse 156, 40476 Düsseldorf

Start of the digital exhibition from 27 January 2023

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