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Next milestone for the Meta Masters Guild Presale. Because the new game token, whose presale started a little over a week ago, is benefiting from continued high demand. Since reaching Phase 2, over $250,000 has already been raised. In the current presale phase, a MEMAG token, based on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain, costs $0.01. Pre-sale phase 2 should end in approx. 9 days at the latest – but the current dynamics make sold out probably at the beginning of next week. With the price then increased to $0.013, early investors currently have their last chance to book book-entry gains of over 120% ahead of the public start of trading.

Meta Masters Guild Presale

While a lot of capital is currently flowing from the community to the new game presale, the developers are working on the first P2E games. According to reports, the racing game Meta Kart is already well advanced and was initially supposed to be the flagship of the new ecosystem of the online gaming guild.

With a focus on mobile gaming, the Meta Masters Guild would like to address the casual gamer market in the future. You don’t have to compete with capital-intensive console games, but can launch high-quality, mobile-optimized P2E games that, thanks to the decentralized structure, give players opportunities to earn money and give them more responsibility, including acquiring ownership of in-game assets thanks to the NFT Structure.

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Massive demand in the Meta Masters Guild Presale: $123,000 in 24 hours

After just one week, the Meta Masters Guild raised over $500,000. At this milestone, those in charge were already looking back with satisfaction at the progress made in pre-sales.

“It is a really exciting time in the MEMAG ecosystem. We are very pleased with the great interest our community has in the project.”

But even after the first price increase, demand developed dynamically, so investors invested more than USD 123,000 in MEMAG in just one day – a record. At the end of the current pre-sale phase, the buying pressure is likely to increase further. From experience, FOMO occurs at the end of a phase before the price increase, as the possible book profits gradually disappear.

Mobile-first, versatile P2E games, stakes and high entertainment factor

As an online gaming guild, Meta Masters Guild aims to become the premier offering in mobile Web3 gaming. The focus is on mobile devices, as this is a particularly fast-growing market segment. After all, the smartphone is people’s ubiquitous companion. Short periods of free time can now be passed with mobile games.

You can move freely throughout the ecosystem with the native token, all games are based on the native cryptocurrency MEMAG. Three games are already planned and Meta Kart is well advanced in development.

MEMAG staking is also possible to give holders an attractive additional return.

“We will soon release updates to the community to introduce new features to the platform, such as NFTs and staking.”

But the most important is probably the following building block for sustainable success. Because you rely on a high entertainment factor to bind players to the Meta Masters Guild for the long term and to win new players. Because small rewards cannot compensate for the lack of fun – this is shown by competing P2E games such as Axie Infinity par excellence, which is struggling with a massive loss of players.

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Buy MEMAG token in presale now – last chance to double before ICO!

With a token price of $0.01 in the second pre-sale phase, early investors benefit especially. A doubling of the initial investment is possible before the start of public trading, more specifically over 120%. Buying ERC-20 tokens, which are the basis of all P2E games in the ecosystem, is easy via the official website – primarily with ETH/USDT after connecting the crypto wallet or alternatively with a credit card. In the social networks, investors can get the latest news and join the community behind the innovative gaming ecosystem.

Buy MEMAG tokens now cheaply in the pre-sale

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