Calvaria Play 2 Earn cryptocurrency funded with almost $3 million

The pre-sale of the promising Play to Earn Game Calvaria has already been in high demand for the past few weeks. Now he is close to an important milestone: the 3 million USD mark. Early investors do not have much time left to invest in the RIA token.

Crypto traders can only fund about $200,000 for Project Calvaria. The pre-sale is then carried out. If this does not happen, it will automatically be terminated in 15 days. The countdown on Calvaria’s website began a few days ago.

Calvaria website new 1

After the presale, trading of RIA tokens will begin. This means that the founders currently have to take care of additional partnerships with crypto exchanges.

So far, listings on Changelly, LBank and BKEX have been confirmed. A few days after Christmas, the developers announced that KuCoin would also like to list the RIA token after the presale. Thanks to the collaboration with KuCoin, it is already possible to buy the coins via a KuCoin wallet.

When Trading RIA tokens will start not yet known. With four confirmed listings on strong platforms, nothing should stand in the way of a successful start to trading and solid liquidity. The development team could already look forward to a very stable demand during the pre-sale. Despite the bear market and crypto winter, traders seem to see potential in the cryptocurrency.

Calvaria: How much potential does the project have?

To answer the question of why traders see potential in the crypto game, consider a few applications. On the one hand, the developers rely on the play to earn principle. This is used over and over again in crypto games to bind users to the platform. Because the regular rewards quickly create an addiction factor.

In the Calvaria ecosystem, players should be able to win eRIA tokens by winning the card game. They should then either be able to use them on the NFT market to buy more cards or exchange them for classic RIA coins and turn them into FIAT money.

Calvaria Miaquilia

This should give players real added value from Calvaria. Furthermore, your own ecosystem will be strengthened if users issue tokens on the NFT market.

Another important factor that suggests that there is potential in the project is the integration of the Web2 world. Because the founders of Calvaria aimed to create a connection between Web2 and Web3 with their game. Single player mode will also be available for players who are not connected to cryptocurrencies. This should be completely free, users don’t need to own any coins or even a crypto wallet to play it.

Calvary white paper

As a result, the game may gain significantly more audience than other crypto games in the future, who only want to address the crypto world with their application. If the Web2 users are convinced about the single player mode and want to test the game to earn and multiplayer mode, they need to invest in RIA tokens.

So the developers of Calvaria combined several factors at once, gives the game a lot of potential. But if you not only have an eye on the returns, but also appreciate the benefits of a cryptocurrency, you may have discovered a new card game with Calvaria: Duels of the Eternity.

According to what the developers have said so far, it will be a 3D card game where players will have a balanced deck of cards. They will be able to choose between three factions. Characters from “The Void”, “Of Miaquilia” and “Arcilla Divina” are available to them. Players will be able to choose whether to fight other Calvarian warriors with the power of evil or the sustenance of nature.

Calvary Vivina

Traders looking to secure RIA tokens at the reduced price of USD 0.0325 should be quick. If the current demand continues, it is very possible that the sale will end as early as this week. But since the pre-sale ends on January 31 at the latest, it is conceivable that the start of trading will take place in mid or late February. If the published game lives up to the expectations of investors and players, this could have a lasting effect on the RIA process.

$100,000 in RIA Tokens: Calvaria Giveaway Promotion

In line with the end of the pre-sale, the development team reminds about the ongoing giveaway campaign. Here, token holders can win $100,000 worth of RIA coins. If you want to enter the draw, can do this through various social media activities.

At the time of the draw, participants must already have RIA tokens worth at least $100 in their wallet own.

Giveaway lotteries are popular marketing campaigns that can give a cryptocurrency a lot of exposure. For example, participants are tasked with liking the post, sharing it or linking a friend to it.

How to secure the pre-sale price: Buy RIA Token

Step 1: Connect crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is required to trade cryptocurrencies. If you don’t already have a digital wallet, install it in your browser. Setup is usually completed within a few minutes.

Connect Calvaria wallet

Visit now Calvary website and connect your crypto wallet to the site. To do this, use the “Connect Wallet” tab. Confirm the connection in your wallet.

Step 2: Select payment method

You can choose between two payment methods for your purchase. If you have no experience with cryptocurrencies, you can make a purchase with your credit card.

Buy Calvaria RIA

If you prefer payment via cryptocurrencies, you need to buy ETH tokens in advance. To do this, put the desired amount of coins in your wallet.

Step 3: Buy RIA tokens

Now that you have chosen a payment method, a trading window will open. Here you have the option to indicate how many tokens you would like to buy. Check and confirm your information by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

If you pay for the RIA tokens with existing ETH coins, you must also confirm the purchase in your wallet.

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