Thursday: Thousands of layoffs at Microsoft, arrests in the crypto industry

Microsoft is once again rolling out a wave of layoffs. Despite 10,000 fewer employees, the remaining workforce must move closer together because savings are also being made on office space. In addition, the selection of hardware becomes narrower. Meanwhile, authorities on both sides of the Atlantic report a series of arrests, including the operator of Bitzlato. The arrested man is said to have laundered drugs and ransoms via his crypto exchange. The W3C and developers of other browsers, on the other hand, only issue warnings in light of Google’s Topics API and its new ad tracking. Data protection and privacy are also not a given with the cookie replacement – the most important messages in a brief overview.

Building again Microsoft thousands of jobs. CEO Satya Nadella confirmed a similar rumor on Wednesday. The first terminations took place on the same day; at the end of the quarter 10,000 Microsofts are leaving must. That’s not quite five percent of the total workforce. After a rapid increase in staff in 2021, Nadella already had two in the previous year waves of layoffs asked for. Nadella promises those affected a humane approach and notice periods as well as severance pay above market level: Microsoft confirms 10,000 fewer jobs.

years Money laundering with cryptocurrencies ought to Crypto exchange Bitzlato have activated what special for ransom for ransom as well as illegal Drug trafficking on the dark web should have been used. US authorities are making this charge against the boss and majority owner Bitzlatos. The Russian was in Miami on Wednesday arrested and will appear in court in New York. BKA shut down the illegal Darknet marketplace in April. Also on Wednesday, the authorities in Europe struck, too Confiscations and arrests in France and Spain: Laundering Crypto Money to the Dark Web – Arrests in Europe and the US.

To World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as well as developers of other browsers Google’s new approach to targeted online advertising criticized. Google topics be like Successors of advertising cookies unsuitable for preventing unwanted tracking and profiling. The W3C explains, for example, that the “inappropriate surveillance on the Internet” will be retained. Google has so far ignored the criticism and is sticking to its plans from early 2022, Items as a cookie substitute and introduce new model of online advertising: Google and regulators ignore criticism of subjects to replace cookies.

On the other hand, it is positively received Google’s translation app. Google Translate dominated since last year 131 languages plus the traditional as well as the simplified variant of the Chinese written language. Recently you can almost all these languages ​​offline use, i.e. without transferring the content to a server. Only 26 languages ​​require connection to Google. The prerequisite is that the user first downloads the corresponding translation package in the Google Translate app. The beginning of 2023 is there 33 languages ​​added: Speak Loudly – ​​Google Translate translates 33 more languages ​​offline.

After the hype about AI image generators take care now automatic text generator for even more attention: ChatGPT not only writes texts as needed, but also programs quite adequately. The plausible-sounding answers from Chatbots by OpenAI has been tested in a wide variety of locations and for a wide variety of purposes since the tool was released. They often take care of it amazebut again and again for Shaking his head. But what exactly does ChatGPT do, what sets the tool apart from previous chatbots? Where text generation already works pretty well, where is it still lacking? To we discuss live today from 12.00 in a new episode of #heiseshow: AI writer ChatGPT – will we all soon stop writing?

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