Investments back from Conoit ( Crypto Scam?

Talking to the police has repeatedly confirmed to me that commercial fraud is a multifaceted phenomenon. Online brokers fraudulently pay for advertisements on the Internet, use celebrity quotes without the knowledge of the named celebrities, and lure with promises of high profits.

If you have invested money with the company Conoit (, you must act quickly. Chances are you are dealing with untrustworthy providers and your money should be secured quickly. Important for you to know:

If the broker is based in “Vincent and the Grenadines” or “Commonwealth of Dominica” (Dominican Republic), I advise against investing.

Start with 250.00 euros

Inexperienced investors keep falling for online scammers. The scams are well executed and initially the financial investment is manageable. A deposit of 250.00 euros is made with the respective broker and the perpetrators then invest the money. High profit can be experienced on the trading account.

Blacklist Crypto Scams – updated daily

In a criminal case in Munich, an online fraudster is currently being prosecuted. The claim is a fraudulent fraud in more than 300 cases with a loss of 8.7 million euros for those affected. As described above, lots of investors were initially persuaded to deposit the rather small investment amount of EUR 250.00. After successful initial investments, further remittances gradually followed. According to the findings of the investigating authorities, these are front companies to which the payments were made. The platforms trade with names like “Safe Markets” or “Cryptopoint”.

Another criminal case is also pending at the Münster Regional Court. Although the inventor of an alleged cryptocurrency is on the run, the middlemen face long prison terms. There were sensitive damages with a purported “Bitcoin success story”. Tens of thousands of victims fell for the fraud scandal.

According to the police commissioners’ research, many server infrastructures are set up in the US or the Netherlands. The call centers are often located in the eastern part of the EU. Some criminal online brokers are credibly registered in Cyprus. Such corporate structures then transfer the “earned” funds to offshore accounts or exchange the earnings for cryptos.

Prosecutors have considerable difficulty tracing the flow of the money. However, IT forensics know more and more how the cases of fraud were actually carried out.

The broker’s place of business must be determined

Not all websites of questionable online brokers contain explicit information about the place of business. In many cases, the information can be found at the bottom of the website, mostly in small, illegible writing. Users should only note the information with prior “annoying” effort.

Special lawyer for IT law helps with crypto fraud

Many users and investors are surprised to discover that the broker is not based in Germany, but often on the other side of the world. If you see such information about address data, a critical examination is necessary. A lawsuit or law enforcement in the Caribbean or in some other countries is difficult. Then you, as the person affected, must develop other strategies to get the money back.

How can I defend myself against the daily calls from the broker Conoit (

Clients tell me that after a refusal to make further payments, the broker calls me with different content almost every day. Please note that the account with the broker Conoit ( can be blocked or penalty interest must be paid. All narratives and stories are always aimed at scaring the affected and persuading them to make further payments.

It is also popular to point out that before a “naturally unproblematic” payment can be made, tax must be paid to the financial provider. You should never obey such requests. There is no legal regulation and no other reason not to transfer a tax to the tax office, but directly to the broker.

You can only try to block the respective phone numbers of the broker’s contacts. Although the broker will then try to establish contact with new phone numbers, the only option you have left is probably not to accept any more calls whose phone number you cannot classify.

Are payout confirmations worthless?

Businesses with dubious providers often develop slowly over months. Payment requests from customers are only reflected after some time. The broker then describes various reasons why funds cannot be returned. The argument that tax must be paid to the brokers before the payment is made often comes up. Then, in any case, a payment would be made immediately.

If this additional payment is then made, the customer rightly expects a subsequent payment. If this does not happen within a reasonable time, the customer will ask. To ward them off, fraudsters often send “payment confirmations”.

Such payment confirmations are fake. Bank receipts or official confirmations, which are supposed to represent corresponding payment transactions, also turn out to be forgeries.

Money does not reach the customers. With ever new representations and alleged technical problems, it explains why payments are not made.

Where are my winnings?

The high profit fascinates many of those affected. In discussions then comes the threat that winnings will not be paid out. However, this could be prevented with a further transfer.

Under no circumstances should you take these threats or actions seriously. This assumes that your funds have actually been invested in some form of financial product.

In case of fraud, your invested funds were not invested in financial products, so there are no real profits. Again, it’s about getting more money from you.

Lawyer helps you against Conoit (

With me, you can take action against the financial service provider Conoit ( It is possible to contact us at any time by e-mail at You can also contact me by phone: 0511/4739060.

I will send you a free initial assessment with possible suggestions for action at short notice. You then decide how you want to proceed. Get your money back from Conoit (!

You get a free initial assessment. Then you can decide whether you want to leave it to me to assert your claims.

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