These are the best metaverse strategies for more business growth in 2023 | 18/01/23


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On GamesPad’s Telegram channel, 66% of followers believe that Metaverse will forever change our world as we know it. On the other hand, about ¼ believe that Metaverse is just a passing trend.

For Praful Krishna, Chief Product Officer of Jio Haptik, a company that offers chatbots and other communication systems for interaction, this Metaverse a fully immersive, parallel space where voice, video, AR and/or VR being used. However, Krishna sees the development taking at least 5 to 10 years before it is available in the first mass market applications.

Metaverse is part of a trillion dollar market

According to analysts, more than 1.3 trillion USD will flow into the digital transformation worldwide. The metaverse is part of digitization and the next few years will be decisive for the extent to which we let virtual spaces follow us through our own lives. Although some leading brands are already developing their own applications and ideas in the metaverse started, it will take some time before the full technology is mainstreamed.

Metaverse enhances virtual experiences and gives businesses new, creative ways to connect with customers. Since only a few people have access to the metaverse, brands can use this opportunity to innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors in traditional marketing. Mitesh Kothari, co-founder and CCO of White Rivers Media, source.

Ease of use must be at the heart of the development

The key to success is ease of use in Metaverse. The target group is bothered by long loading times and obstacles when they enter the new world and make correspondingly high demands. First studies have shown that users use the access to the metaverse and there Stay longer than average, up to 7x longer interaction times compared to traditional Instagram videos.

The term metaverse is derived from the words “meta” for the afterlife and “verse” for the universe. Metaverse: Beyond the Universe!

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the global AR/VR device trade market will be over USD 76.7 million by 2024. According to statistics portal, there will be more than 1.4 billion mobile AR users worldwide by 2024. The Metaverse of the future will be powered by ubiquitous blockchain-based networks and NFT. With improved technology, augmented reality is emerging in the Metaverse, which Intel says requires more than 1,000 times the computing power currently available.

In economic terms, Metaverse will certainly have a significant global impact on industries, sectors and companies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a virtual space where goods, machines, information and people are represented by digital twins and interact with each other.

Industry 4.0 and Metaverse are connected through a common ecosystem, namely the Internet of Things.

The 3 best strategies for companies in the Metaverse

Besides the notion that there is only one metaverse, consumers have to get used to it Metaverse is not a free virtual space will be.

Already today will be thanks NFT and tokenization sold virtual concert tickets, limited edition clothing or shoes and luxury watches in the Metaverse. Acquiring a digital good is just one of the exciting ways to make money in the new economy.

A unified metaverse is no doubt a long way off, but perhaps inevitable. So the users are fully in interact in a virtual environment can, must Develop blockchain technology and example more scalable will.

But it also needs a nationwide supply of internet, without dead spots or constant failures. And 5G shows which countries are pushing forward with the expansion and which are having problems with it. Unfortunately, Germany tends to be one of the slower countries, which hinders development.

Organizations can use these strategies for the metaverse

Cloud computing and VR technology are both the key and the guarantee for a successful integration of the virtual metaverse and an entertaining digital future. Entertainment plays a big role in the Metaverse, for example Newzoo in its November 2022 Global Games Market Report sees the VR games market could triple by 2024 and then reach $3.2 billion.

Strategy #1: Use VR and AR technologies

Without applications with VR and/or AR, Metaverse will not be able to exist. A separate app using these technologies can be implemented for almost any industry and any business.

Companies should keep entertaining VR content in mind when considering an appropriate marketing strategy for Metaverse. Increased VR content will attract more and more players and users, resulting in more revenue.

Strategy #2: Use influencer marketing

In light of the expected growth, this is Metaverse represents an opportunity to increase brand awareness and capitalize on consumer trends. Influencer marketing also works in the metaverse, allowing brands to access target audiences within the metaverse.

Forbes currently estimates the influencer market at USD 13.8 billion and sees a potential for up to $15 billion, the influencer marketing companies in the Metaverse will use.

The relationship between market, influencer and target group will deepen significantly in the metaverse through immersive experiences. Companies need suitable influencers who are already active in the virtual space.

Strategy #3: Investing in startups

Investing in your own business models is a popular form of sustainable business growth. But there are also strategies for participating in new technologies that lie outside one’s own company.

It’s about Crypto pre-sales, which, unlike before, mainly uses Metaverse as a platform. With high security standards, the young cryptocurrencies have made a good name for themselves in the market.

Investors can now invest in companies from the crypto sector with significantly lower risk than is common, e.g. have the code of the underlying smart contract audited by external companies to permit.

Tom low market values ​​are a sign of realistic growth forecasts. Even during the pandemic, it seemed that only crypto projects with outsized market caps would stand a chance in the market.

These startups use Metaverse

Within Metaverse, companies and brands can collaborate with their audience and create completely immersive 3D experiences. For example, it could be the release of a Fight Out training video.

Fight Out uses Metaverse as a fitness training platform

The fitness app teaches boxing and other training sessions to token holders and users. The personal avatar reflects the user and their sports activities in the metaverse and receives rewards to motivate them. Apart from new coins of the native token $FGHT, these are mainly NFT, available from Fight Out.

NFT is among the most effective marketing tools that Metaverse currently offers. Influencers will quickly form to guide and support the participants in videos and coaching. The $FGHT utility token is linked to the Tether stablecoin and thus 1:1 to the USD exchange rate. In the presale, each FGHT token currently costs only $0.0166.

Become an investor in fitness and sports experiences in the Metaverse with Fight Out.

C+Charge lets electric drivers participate in CO2 emission credits

Many owners and drivers of e-vehicles do not know that every time they charge at a charging station or a Charging points in public spaces protect the environment, but on the other hand help the provider or manufacturer to receive a valuable bonus from the federal government.

More precisely, it is about emission credits, which are CO₂ certificates that can be traded on special exchanges and issued as an incentive for the development and operation of charging stations.

C+Charge provides a uniform payment system based on blockchain, which allows users and token holders to participate in the certificates. There are points for each charge, which can then be exchanged for emission credits. As investors from the very beginning, entrepreneurs can currently still benefit from the extremely low price, which is only $0.013 in the current pre-sale phase.

Also this one Coin is an auxiliary sign and to Stablecoin bound by Tether. Like Fight Out, the minimum standards have been met to give investors the highest possible security.

Drive with green electricity and get CO2 credits with C+Charge.

Conclusion: Companies that are already thinking about the future and the growth of their business must have an appropriate metaverse strategy ready. In one form or another, the virtual space will certainly shape the image of brands and companies among the target groups. Companies can already deal with the topic today using different strategies and gain initial experience with the applications.

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