New Presale Raises Over $300,000: Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is a new mobile gaming platform specializing in Ethereum based Web3 and Play-to-Earn games. The platform launched its pre-sale on January 11 and has already raised over $300,000 in just a few days. We have looked at what the project has to offer


MEMAG takes $300,000 in pre-sales

Another promising concept in the play-to-earn gaming sector is launched with the Meta Masters Guild. The project aims to become the world’s first blockchain-based gaming platform. To do this, the developers want to build their own metaverse, which will be powered by the ecosystem’s native token, MEMAG. The launch of the project is planned for this year.

MEMAG home page

The sale will take place in a total of seven phases, with MEMAG being offered at $0.007 per share. token in the first phase. This price of the ERC20 token will eventually gradually increase to $0.023, which means that the early adopters will see a 228.5% increase before the token is listed.

Supply is limited to a total of 1 billion tokens. 350,000 of them must be sold in advance. Of the total offering, 15% is earmarked for liquidity and stock market listings. The rest is shared between ecosystem development, the team, the marketplace and the reserve.

Play and earn instead of playing to earn

Meta Masters Guild will focus on fun, repeatable and sustainable mobile games that take less time and are more cost effective to produce. Development focuses on Ethereum-based Web3 and play-to-earn games.

As a Web3 application, users of the platform gain competencies based on their performance. In addition, the project must also contain playable NFTs. These should be tradable completely owned by the users on the games’ marketplaces. On the platform itself, the token can also be used to trade the built-in NFTs.

MEMAG roadmap 2nd quarter 2023

In the official white paper, the developers of the platform explain that play-to-earn games allow users to earn real rewards by playing. To do this, the Meta Masters Guild uses the Ethereum blockchain, which allows purchased items and currencies to be used or even sold on other platforms.

The name “guild” is intended to describe the association of blockchain games under one roof, which aims to put the gaming experience of the user at the forefront. The Meta Masters Guild uses the slogan “Play and Earn” to attract investors and emphasizes that the idea of ​​earning should come second. The quality and multiple playability should be placed above rewards and tokenization so that players can enjoy the platform for a long time. A high goal for a young network.

$100,000 Giveaway

It is also known that the platform is planning a lottery with $100,000 to be won. This is to encourage players to register early on the platform and participate in the pre-sale for a chance to win some of the prize money. The developers of the project state that multiple participation in the competition is possible. By purchasing tokens in the presale, users should be able to qualify for participation.

game development

The platform has announced that it will offer a range of games in the future, including RPGs, strategy games and trading card games. Some of these games will also offer tournaments and contests where players can win real money. This is a strategy meant to attract a wide gaming audience to the platform. Earned items should even be exchangeable on a marketplace. For the official launch, the team plans to collaborate with other Web3 game developers to guarantee new games for the platform.

According to the developers, three games that should be playable on MetaMask are already in development. Meta Kart Racer is a PvP racing game scheduled for release in late 2023. With in-game NFTs that can be purchased with MEMAG tokens, the playable characters should be able to be designed and improved over time. Another game is a fantasy fighting game called Raid NFT where each player must choose a warrior class and complete various challenges in story mode. In addition, the project’s metaverse must become its own open-world game. The world will be available for players to explore freely.

How to buy MEMAG in advance

MEMAG can currently be purchased in the pre-sale phase via the network’s official website. The main steps required to purchase the token are briefly explained below.

Step 1: Go to the website and connect the wallet

Via the Meta Masters Guild platform, you will be taken to the MEMAG ICO page by clicking on the “Buy Private Sale Tokens Now” tab. Here you can participate in the advance sale of the piece. In the next step, a wallet must be connected. Here either “Trust Wallet” or “MetaMask” can be selected. Both providers lead to the MEMAG purchase options via the login process.

Connect MEMAG Wallet

Step 2: Find wallet account

The token can currently be purchased with ETH or USDT. It is also possible to buy the token with tether, but ETH has to pay the fees again. If there is no credit in the wallet, it must be topped up first. ETH or USDT can be sent from another wallet or purchased directly from the MetaMask application. By clicking on the “Convert USDT/ETH” tab, the information and fees owed can be re-checked before the purchase.

Step 3: Buy the MEMAG token

In the window that appears, the desired amount in ETH or USDT must now be entered. The number of MEMAG tokens paid out for this is calculated automatically.

Especially since the gaming market has grown steadily over the past few years, with annual sales of several million dollars, the Meta Masters Guild is an interesting concept that allows you to earn real rewards by playing. Nevertheless, the project is still relatively young, and further developments cannot be clearly predicted. It remains to be seen how successful the platform will be in the future in the competitive market. With a lottery and the $300,000 in pre-sales already raised in just a few days, it’s certainly an evolution in gaming to see.

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