How to pay with crypto in the real world

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity and blockchain is gradually revolutionizing the most important industries in the world. In addition to the entertainment industry, supply chains or retail, it also finds its way into the payment industry. So in this article we will explore how you can use your cryptocurrencies as a means of payment worldwide through Globiance.

Because companies and users worldwide are trying to use cryptocurrencies as an advanced means of payment. But while they offer important benefits, the new technology faces some real challenges before it can be accepted as a global means of payment.

In reality, it often turns out to be very difficult to exchange cryptocurrencies for goods or services. This is why Globiance’s crypto gateway exists. With this payment gateway, merchants, businesses and customers can accept worldwide payments in any cryptocurrency and convert them to fiat instantly.

Globiance’s gateway acts as a bridge between the real world and the world of cryptocurrencies, enabling exchange between goods, services, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. As a borderless and secure payment method with unique features, Globiance is revolutionizing how people use their cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrencies are suitable as means of payment for this

E-sports and the gaming industry

Along with the crypto market, the gaming sector is one of the strongest growth markets of our time, and the merger of these two giants holds enormous potential. Instant and digital payment processing using cryptocurrencies can help take gaming to a new level and open up many new uses for video games.

In this way, the term GameFi, which stands for gaming and finance, was invented in recent years. Already today, there are several websites in the online gaming industry that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This way, you can use your crypto assets to buy game credits or instantly convert them to fiat currencies through Globiance’s gateway.

A better education system

Not everyone has access to education. That is why Globiance strives to revolutionize education systems worldwide through blockchain technology. The goal is to offer students in developing countries the opportunity to access quality education through crypto payments.

Online shopping made easy

Online stores all over the world are working on accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Although this use case is one of the most popular for cryptocurrencies, not many websites accept it yet.

Globiance believes that will change very quickly. Because of how advanced and simple cryptocurrencies work, it can only be a matter of time before they become the virtual payment method of choice.

gift card

Gift cards can also be purchased using cryptocurrencies these days. These gift cards can be used at any store that accepts them. This has a number of advantages, such as anonymity and the absence of unwanted spam emails.

The benefits of Globiance’s crypto gateway

Globiance’s crypto gateway enables some important benefits for users. These include:

  • Low transaction fees and instant transaction processing
  • Complete transparency through blockchain technology
  • Reduced risk for users, traders and companies
  • Convenient payment processing using blockchain technology
  • Seller protection – no risk of chargebacks
  • A global payment option that improves sales opportunities and increases sales
  • All your financial needs are covered by one platform

For traders

So soon a business has received a credit memo from a customer, he can:

  • Automatically convert received payments to any supported fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Keep the balance in the Globiance wallet
  • Transfer the credit to a Globiance IBAN. This can be ordered optionally
  • Withdraw the credit to an external IBAN

For customers

The customer has the following payment options:

  • QR code that can be used by the Globiance app or an external wallet
  • The customer can copy the specified wallet address to pay with their own wallet
  • Connect to a browser wallet like XinPay or MetaMask and make the payment

About Globiance

Globiance is a complete banking and exchange platform. The platform has payment interfaces, banking services, stablecoins and a centralized and decentralized marketplace. Globiance offers services to corporate and private clients on five continents and has offices in 13 countries – with more in the pipeline.

Globiance is based on the XDC network (XinFin) and is therefore one of the fourth generation blockchains. The software is secure and military grade with lightning fast and cheap transactions. Globiance offers ISO20022 compliance and even forensic tools.

Network users have access to many different currencies through crypto and fiat wallets. The deflationary GBEX token powers the blockchain. This is the banking or trading token of the Globiance platform and thus forms the basis of the network. The token has a strong utility value and has been developed with the aim of providing holders with numerous benefits.

Holders can use Globiance debit cards or GBEX tokens to shop, pay bills, trade on the various exchanges, make transactions or withdraw fiat. For all these activities, they earn additional rewards in the form of GBEX tokens.

Find out more on Globiance’s official website

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