Fight Out’s Move-2-Earn Crypto Presale Reaches $3M Milestone: FGHT Token Price Increases in 6 Days | news

Fight Out’s new crypto presale targets an attractive thematic area of ​​Web3, Health and Gyms. Now you could collect over $3 million in pre-sales. In the first presale phase, the original ERC-20 token FGHT will be sold at $0.0166. As soon as a capital raising of $5 million is reached, the sale price of the M2E coins increases. The linear price increase will end in a final token price of $0.0333 on March 31, allowing early investors to double their stakes in the presale. Alternatively, the first pre-sale phase ends in six days – whichever comes first.

Fight Out $3 million

With an ICO price of $0.0333, the further course is already certain. Those who invest in Fight Out now in the first pre-sale phase can thus achieve the maximum return.

The first analysts are already assuming a 10x potential for Fight Out.

After reaching the $3 million milestone, CEO Carl Jones expressed his delight at how the first few weeks had gone:

“It’s amazing that we’ve raised $3 million in our pre-sales so far. Fight Out will completely change the fitness industry. Our move-to-earn model and validated performance approach to building a strong training community – whether it’s at your gym , our gym or at home – is unique. We’re very excited about what’s to come.”

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First CEX listings fixed: LBank and BitForex will list FGHT in April

Those responsible for Fight Out have already won crypto exchanges as supporters during the pre-sale, which will immediately list the FGHT token after the end of the pre-sale. Two leading CEX have signed related agreements: LBank & BitForex.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, LBank currently has a daily trading volume of over $1 billion and is therefore a top 20 CEX. The listing on LBank’s crypto exchange will take place on April 5, 2023.

Just one day later, FGHT is listed on BitForex. This crypto exchange currently has a trading volume of $960 million per day.

Both crypto exchanges are based in Hong Kong. The Asian location creates access to the digital currency market, especially for Chinese investors, who could thus participate in the Fight Out trend sell-off.

Attractive bonus in the Fight Out presale: Receive a bonus of 50% on the initial investment

In addition to a visionary concept and real use cases, Fight Out has an attractive bonus offer that can increase demand in pre-sales. Depending on the blocking period and investments, there are bonus tokens of up to 50%.

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Investors receive a 25% bonus for a sum over $50,000 and also for a blocking period of 24 months – a total bonus of 50% FGHT token is possible

Four different bonus levels are available upfront: Contender, Champion, World Champion and Undisputed Champion. If FGHT tokens are purchased for over $500 and a 24-month lock-up period is selected, investors will qualify for a bonus. Rewards include a 24-month subscription to Fight Out, a 2-day training camp with an ex-pro boxer, in-app REPS tokens, avatar cosmetics or meetings with Fight Out ambassadors.

All tokens are subject to a 3-month lock-up period. Investors can then decide on their own responsibility whether a bonus with an extension of the accrual period should be required.

Real Use Cases for Move-2-Earn Crypto Fight Out

Real use cases are the focus of the metaverse-oriented design of Move-2-Earn. With a virtual avatar that evolves according to real training successes, users can move in the fitness metaverse. At the same time, fitness goals can be set here, and the athletes are then supported in reaching them.

Finally, you can use the Web3 app to monitor and track the training. At the same time, a large network of fitness studios is planned in all major cities worldwide.

Famous professional athletes endorse Fight Out: Massive target market

The FGHT team has already been able to inspire well-known top athletes to the crypto project, which will motivate the community, develop training plans and improve reputation in the future. The first line of ambassadors is already known. Including professional boxer Savannah Marshal (122,000 followers on Instagram), UFC stars Amanda Ribas (2.1 million followers on Instagram) & Talia Santos (179,000 followers on Instagram) as well as personal trainer Tremayne Dortch, who through the American Ninja Warrior TV- show.

FightOut Ambassador

According to Statista data, the global fitness market will be worth $96.7 billion in 2022. By 2028, the volume is expected to increase to $131.9 billion. With a gigantic target market and a physical training chain, Fight Out also wants to generate real cash flow. Investors who find it difficult to gauge the value of digital assets may find Fight Out even more appealing thanks to gym hedging.

At the same time, Fight Out depends on further development of Move-2-Earn and integrates Metaverse. There is no such concept with competing M2E coins, Fight Out pursues an ambitious vision.

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Fight Out focuses on fitness and health: Global fitness chain is planned

As a move-2-earn concept, Fight Out focuses primarily on the subject of martial arts. “Fighting Fit” is the motto. As a Web3 crypto, a physical gym chain is also being created, which in addition to modern sports equipment also includes a health bar and a co-working area. This gives the vibrant fighting community a central point of contact. Overall, Fight Out wants to open its own gyms in every major city around the world. The purchase of the first gym is planned for the first quarter.

Fight Out Gyms

At the same time, the brand ambassadors will host regular in-person events that will include contests for Fight Out users. The first training programs are to be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

The use of REPS and FGHT tokens

Two tokens will be anchored in the Fight Out ecosystem. Rewards in the Move-2-Earn project are paid out with REPS tokens. REPS is the off-chain currency in Fight Out. If you decide to subscribe to Fight Out, you can use both tokens to make the payment. However, there is a 25% discount when paying with FGHT tokens.

In-app items such as cosmetics for the virtual avatars, merchandise items or online coaching with professional trainers are paid with REPS. Those who need REPS can pay for them with FGHT tokens, which support the value.

The Fight Out beta will start in the first quarter of 2023

Fightout app

At the heart of Fight Out is the Web3 application, which will be released as a beta test this quarter. The Fight Out app gives users access to the fitness metaverse where they can interact with their own avatar. With five different attributes – strength, technique, wellness, cardio and muscular endurance – users can optimize their avatar. Real training progress is thus transferred to the metaverse. Since all efforts (not just steps) in Fight Out are measured in the Metaverse, it’s a revolutionary approach to Move2Earn.

Users can receive customized workout plans within the Fight Out app. Following the release of the beta version this quarter, the full version should follow in Q2 2023.

In the current presale, there is a giveaway of $250,000 worth of FGHT tokens. Anyone who completes nine tasks can receive different tickets to theoretically win a quarter of a million US dollars.

Recognized partners such as Transak, LBank Labs, and Block Labs support Fight Out. At the same time, a KYC verification was successfully completed at Coinsniper, while Certik audited FGHT’s contract code.

Just in time for the Fight Out Presale

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