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Web3 Starter Bundle: Latest Samsung Galaxy devices and Ledger hardware wallets for secure trading of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Two innovative brands, two worlds – one vision: easy and secure buying, selling and trading on Web3, the Internet of the future. This is made possible by the latest smartphone generation from Samsung in combination with hardware wallets from Ledger. As early movers, Samsung and Ledger thus open a new gateway to the blockchain-based, decentralized Web3 and metaverse. A first result of the new partnership is the joint Web3 Starter Kit, available exclusively on Amazon1 is available. It consists of a device from Samsung’s next generation of smartphones and a Ledger Nano X NFT plus a 100 euro voucher. The pack also contains NFTs from internationally recognized talents from the NFT scene, which are mined for free2 can be.

Web3 offers many opportunities to buy, sell and exchange crypto coins, NFTs and other digital goods. With the starter pack, Samsung and Ledger want to make it easier and safer to enter the world of digital artwork and other digital collectibles.

“There is an incredible fascination with Web3. Our Starter Bundle with Ledger is aimed at anyone who is open-minded and curious to dive into the inspiring world of NFTs and digital art, or simply wants to trade cryptocurrencies,” says Mario Winter, Vice President Marketing at Samsung Electronics GmbH.

According to the Web3Foundation, Web3 is intended to create a public internet where all data and content, such as cryptocurrencies, can be recorded on blockchains, tokenized, or managed and accessed via distributed peer-to-peer networks. To make trading in cryptocurrencies and NFTs more secure, Samsung and Ledger are now joining forces: the latest Galaxy smartphones used with a Ledger will offer updated protection mechanisms and a range of options that will enable easy and attractive access.

“In 2023, good customer service includes providing the best possible security. Security and ease of use are just as important to Samsung as they are to Ledger. Ledger is a great fit for Samsung smartphones because the Ledger Live app makes it easy and secure to connect to Web3, NFTs and cryptocurrencies,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger.

With over six million hardware wallets sold, Ledger is one of the market leaders when it comes to secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies. Up to 1,800 different cryptocurrencies can be traded via Ledger. Ledger Nano X is an ideal hardware wallet to effectively protect cryptos and NFTs on the go. It connects directly to the compatible smartphone via Bluetooth.

In a first step, the partners are providing a Web3 starter kit with a Ledger hardware wallet exclusively in Germany on Amazon3. These include various NFTs designed by internationally recognized talents from the NFT scene such as Jaiden Stipp, Plastic Pen, Specter and Thomas Fleck. Buyers of the bundle or one of the upcoming latest Samsung devices will also receive a 100 euro Amazon voucher and can use it to purchase digital artworks by world-renowned 3D artists such as “NFT-OG” Antoni Tudisco, Charlotte Taylor, Anthony Authié and the prodigy of NFT photography, 18-year-old Bruno Urli, minted free.

In the future, Samsung and Ledger also want to make Ledger Quest available to users of Samsung smartphones. Ledger Quest is Ledger’s information platform where users can find out the dos and don’ts of Web3 and receive “Proof of Knowledge” – NFTs to prove their knowledge. Samsung users can thus benefit from the extensive material from Ledger, one of the leading knowledge providers for Web3.

“Information and security go hand in hand, so Samsung users should be able to access Ledger Quest. This should enable them to verify the authenticity of NFTs from leading digital artists, gain certainty about the contents of their wallet and gain knowledge about Web3,” said Ariel Wengroff, VP Communications at Ledger.

From January 16, 2023, interested parties from Germany can sign up for the Samsung x Ledger Bundle on Amazon. As an incentive for pre-registration, the first NFT is already available for free (only from January 16 to February 1, 2023 at 18:59).

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1 Promotion terms and conditions published here apply
2 The mint basically means something like embossing. A digital file is converted into a crypto collectible. A conversion or deletion of the digital object is no longer possible after it has been stored on the blockchain.
3 Ledger Nano X can be connected to the existing Samsung Crypto Wallet and used in combination.

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