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It looks like it will be another successful day for the crypto market. As the day progresses, the total digital currency market cap continues to rise and is currently just under $1 trillion (998 billion). There is a good chance that Bitcoin will close in positive territory again today. This means that the year only has 3 red candles on the daily chart, none of which really matter. So far, 2023 has only brought highs without strong setbacks for the BTC price. Whether this trend can be continued will be seen in the middle of the week.

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EMA200 seems to hold and may soon become support here. Meanwhile, Bitcoin dominance is also increasing. It is currently 41.2%. This means that 41.2% of the market capitalization of the entire crypto market comes from Bitcoin alone. It is currently around $411 billion. Bitcoin is thus guaranteed its place at the top for an even longer time. Ethereum in second place currently claims around 19.5%. A look at the EMA lines from the last 50, 100 and 200 days makes it quickly clear that something happened in January that everyone was waiting for. Meanwhile, it soon doesn’t matter which indicators are used to identify trends, they all come to the same conclusion. The bear market appears to be history.

This breakout would be confirmed at the latest when the $21,500 mark was breached. Bitcoin is currently trading at $21,360. So a gain of 0.66% would be enough to reach that level. The euphoria surrounding cryptocurrencies is also increasing day by day on social media. As usual in the stock market, something that everyone is talking about will also come true. Self-fulfilling prophecies are the only logical step here, as the hype in the media means more and more people are buying and the price has been driven up further. Several other coins are also benefiting from bitcoin’s strength. Solana has already gained more than 130% this year, and Fight Out (FGHT) and Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) are also hitting new milestones in pre-sales almost every day.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out brings Web3 to the gym. Take advantage of the hype and get FGHT on sale.

Fight Out is a project that could have a significant impact on the fitness industry in the future. This is where Gym meets Web3 and gives users a completely new approach to motivation. Avatar NFT that used to travel in the Metaverse benefits from the progress the owner makes in training. So if you want to have a stronger character in the Metaverse, you need to become stronger in real life as well. This approach could bring not only sports fans but also gamers to the studios, and with the Move 2 Earn concept, which rewards users for mastering various tasks, many people could be encouraged to exercise who have not yet seriously thought about it.

The realization is to be financed through the presale of the FGHT token, and several investors have already recognized the potential of this coin. The $3 million in pre-sales should be cracked at any moment. Investors who will soon take advantage of this hype can still get involved in the pre-sale before the coin is listed on the first crypto exchanges.

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The Next Big Crypto Game Presale Meta Masters Guild Raises $230k - Business News

Be there when the Meta Masters Guild changes the way you play. Secure MEMAG in the pre-sale now and benefit from the next possible price rally.

Even if you observe the pre-sale of the MEMAG token, there seems to be no sign of the crypto winter. Here, the $500,000 mark was reached within a very short time. With Meta Masters Guild, the developers want to create the first mobile gaming platform based on Web3. It should no longer be played just to earn coins (Play 2 Earn). Instead, the team aims to bring the fun of the game back to the fore and make it a smaller affair (Play & Earn). The idea has been well received by investors and has raised more than $500,000 in pre-sales in a short time. Currently, you can still get a MEMAG token for 0.007 USDT. Soon the price will be raised to 0.01 USDT. So, if you enter before the price increase, you already secure yourself a book profit of more than 40%. As a result, the coin has the potential to rise significantly higher after launch.

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