Android Auto: Many users are still waiting for the new Coolwalk design – still not available (update)


Right at the beginning of the year, Google had big announcements for Android Auto in the bag: New features, big steps for Android Automotive and finally the wide availability of the new “Coolwalk” interface. But apparently the product manager hasn’t been told anything about it, because the new design, despite repeated announcements, is waiting a long time and brings back bad memories.

android car coolwalk design description

The article has been supplemented with new figures and another study.

Sometimes it takes a little longer with Google and in the case of Android Auto, “a little longer” can sometimes result in a wait of a year or more. A few days ago, based on various reports and my own experiences, I asked our readers how the rollout of Android Auto Coolwalk went – and the answers were actually not surprising. Only three readers had Coolwalk few periods 31 more have not seen it yet, not even in the beta. This roughly corresponds to the new numbers from 9 to 5, where only 10 percent of readers have gotten the new interface.

Of course, tech blogs are only a very small filter bubble and do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the global rollout. But in several other forums, communities or comment columns (also internationally) the feedback is similar. So you can say that it is no better in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the new Coolwalk surface than in the rest of the world. Please continue to report in the comments to this article so that the picture becomes even clearer.

Good things take time, but then you can’t call it quits. The blog post published by Google on January 5, 2023 begins with “The new Android is here!” – including an exclamation mark. You don’t write, “The new Android Auto is coming” or “coming soon”, but clearly say that now there and actually just a smartphone reboot away. But that is clearly not the case.

Why is it taking so long?
It’s really hard to figure out how the Android Auto team works. On the one hand, users have to be patient for many months or even years (hello Assistant Driving Mode) and even Google’s announcements are just empty words. On the other hand, there are always problems with simple functions from the assistant to Bluetooth to the speaker, which could be fixed in advance with simple test series. It doesn’t connect and it seems like two completely different teams are working on the same product with different strategies.

To put that into perspective, the new interface was first discovered in the fall of 2021 as part of the teardown and hasn’t changed significantly since then. It appeared more frequently in early 2022, and in May 2022 it was announced for “this summer”. Later it was called autumn, then only “this year” (2022). On January 5, 2023 it was announced again and again nothing happened.

An interesting detail from the 9to5 survey is that it is still primarily beta users who have the new design. 3 percent said they got the new design in the barn. 6.6 percent have it as beta users and a whopping 90 percent have not seen anything from Coolwalk. 1671 users participated in the survey.

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