Crypto News: Meta Masters Guild Presale Hits $200,000 – Only Five Days To Profit From 42% Price Increase | 16/01/23

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)’s new play-2-earn gaming platform has already raised over $200,000 from early investors in the first few days. Only about four days after the start of the presale, the online gaming guild was able to attract increased attention from investors. Those in charge are pursuing the mission of developing a mobile-centric ecosystem for play-2-earn games that would like to claim increasing market shares in the future with a high entertainment factor.

Interest in cryptogaming remains strong thanks to the inherent benefits of decentralized blockchain technology. Decentralized design perfectly suits forward-thinking players who want to maintain ownership of in-game assets and earn rewards transparently. At the same time, the gaming guild Meta Masters Guild also offers opportunities for the other side. Because game developers can place their own games in the guild focusing on the blockchain world and thus support the native ERC-20 token MEMAG.

To the Meta Masters Guild

Analysts are already seeing 10x potential for the 2023 MEMAG coin at this early stage.

Buy MEMAG now and get 42% book profit in phase 2

The MEMAG coin is currently in the first pre-sale phase. Overall, the pre-sale will be carried out in seven consecutive phases. You can currently buy the MEMAG token for $0.007 before the price increases significantly at the end of the first phase with a total capital of $490,000. The new MEMAG price – $0.01. This results in a price increase of 42.8% compared to the current phase 1. Early investors can reward themselves with high book profits, which amount to over 220% at the end of the Meta Masters Guild presale.

With the current momentum, the Meta Masters Guild Presale may reach the second presale phase this week, so interested investors should be quick.

Meta Masters Guild is an ambitious and forward-looking game project with a focus on a high-growth market. They want to unite independent developer studios in the gaming community and offer an advanced platform that includes eventful mobile games.

Known partner: Gamearound develops the first MEMAG game

Three different games are already in development. Meta Kart is considered the P2E game whose development is particularly advanced, so the launch may take place in the near future. With Gamearound, the people behind the Meta Masters Guild have already won a well-known game developer for their own mission. Previously, they have already developed a game for the e-commerce company Boohoo, which has a turnover of over 1 billion.

Meta Masters Guild

Racing games are very popular and can also be played brilliantly on the mobile smartphone, which has become a constant companion in everyday life. Therefore, the Meta Masters Guild would especially like to reach this target group and will shortly be launching the qualitative P2E game. Players then simply select their favorite drivers and karts to engage in a driving battle with the other players.

As a free-to-play game, there are actually no barriers to entry. At the same time, players can choose whether they want to perfect their skills in arcade mode solo or are already ready for a PVP (player vs. player) game. Upgrades can be made quickly with the native MEMAG tokens or gems (a kind of reward currency). The strong utility of MEMAG tokens is already evident here – because they will form the basis of every P2E game from the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild focuses on growth and sustainability: Better than Axie Infinity

With the profitable and popular gaming market, Meta Masters Guild has chosen an exciting segment to create growth in the future. This applies all the more when you consider the focus on mobile gaming, as this segment is expected to grow even faster than the gaming market. Nevertheless, one wants to do better than existing crypto games, which often generate a brief hype, but then struggle with declining interest.

Meta Masters Guild uses a much more sustainable approach to launch games that offer a high entertainment factor. Therefore, players should invest in MEMAG because they are convinced of the games – you don’t want to put “earn” above “game” like the competitors, but rather implement an equally weighted design, with a tendency to focus on “game”. After all, that’s what drives players to a particular game – the entertainment.

According to a report by Dapp Radar, blockchain gaming remains one of the most exciting market segments. Last year, gaming accounted for nearly half of all blockchain activity across 50 different networks. It still seems attractive for early investors to position themselves in the P2E segment with new, promising coins.

Anyone who would like to participate in the sustainable growth of the Meta Masters Guild can join now. With a crypto wallet and ETH/USDT, you can exchange your own cryptos for MEMAG within a few minutes and make a book profit of over 220% by the end of the presale.

Now for the Meta Masters Guild Presale

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