ADA Möbelwerke: Triple award at the German Design Award

Three pieces of upholstered furniture from the Anger-based company ADA Möbelwerke (NOVARA, VERONA & INA) were impressive at the German Design Award 2023 and received awards.

ANGER. Two sofas and a dining table from ADA Möbelwerke from Anger cleared the category “Special Mention” away. An award given for notable design achievements. International The “German Design Award” is one of the cross-industry most respected in the design world.

develop innovations

The development process before an upholstered piece of furniture goes into series production is very extensive. Some of the ideas for new products come from within the company or are passed on to the furniture manufacturer by salespeople and retailers. that close cooperation between all interest groups is the team around Thomas Probst, Design Manager, very important:

“External partners know the market and the target groups’ wishes very well. We also analyze the current trends, develop them further and thus create new products. If we find gaps in the range, we close them with new models.”
Thomas Probst, head of design

After an idea has been introduced, the first drafts are made on a digital drawing board.

“They are originally emotional sketches that indicate or set a direction”,

told prob.

VERONA - sit where you want

the feasibility of a design

Already during the design phase, the close collaboration and the Exchange between all interfaces important because the most beautiful design is of no use if it cannot be implemented.

Robert Fox, Head of development beds, reports:

“We use the bases and feet, for example, to check to what extent an initial idea can be implemented. Here the focus is on technology, manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. Mattresses and slatted bases are also included in the design of the bed.”

INA – are you still sitting or are you already moving?

master challenges

A particularly big challenge is to develop a product that Unique selling point offers it in accordance with function, construction and feel stands.

“Sustainability, design, ergonomics, comfort and function must fit together in a piece of furniture”,

explained Michael Toth, Head of Development Seating.

NOVARA - from home office to relaxation mode

The first prototype

Once the production plans are complete, it will first prototype.

“In some cases, we try to make the digital world tangible with augmented reality and virtual reality. In most cases, however, the haptic experience of a physical prototype is essential.”

reported Thomas Probst. The data collected during the simulations is constantly checked and the product is improved until nothing stands in the way of production. The pricing completes the development process. Michael Toth concludes:

“We never see our furniture 100 percent finished, because we are constantly trying to optimize and further develop it.”

Left to right: Head of Development Seating Michael Toth, Head of Development Beds Robert Fuchs and Head of Design Thomas Probst

The ADA Development Team

Michael Toth takes care of the product development of the seating furniture as well as the contract business and, as head of development, holds the staff position of head of development. After high school and the subsequent final exams in the subjects carpentry, upholsterer and decorator, he has been with ADA since 2010. He went through almost all areas of product development and received a diploma from a business school. Thanks to this far-reaching knowledge, many products and processes now bear his signature.

Robert Fox
leads the design and product development team at ADA in the area of ​​beds and has already filed several (own) inventions as patents. He carried out HTLBLuVA Mödling in the wood technology department and has been building the product development team since 2001. With his many years of experience, his creativity and his cost consciousness, he has already brought countless designs to successful series production.

Thomas Probst is one of the creative minds behind the designs of the upholstered furniture manufacturer ADA. He studied industrial design and product management in Salzburg and has worked for ADA since 2008. As Head of Design, he is responsible for the design and creation of high quality pieces. Many successful collections of the own brands ADA AUSTRIA premium and ADA trendline bear his signature – here especially seating furniture.

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