These headphones with ANC and great sound cost only 100 euros

Anyone interested in a new pair of headphones should know JBL, Sony, Bose, Sennheiser or Teufel. But there are also manufacturers that many do not know. This must also include 1More. By its own admission, the audio brand made it its mission many years ago to offer consumers high-end headphones with studio-quality sound, sophisticated design and excellent craftsmanship. Everyone should be able to enjoy music for little money. With the first SonoFlow over-ear headphones, you are now entering a completely different market than with the previous in-ear models.

Design and control of the headphones

Is it a coincidence that the 1More headphones look like the more than three times more expensive Sony WH-1000XM5? Possible. But Sennheiser’s top model, the Momentum 4, also hit almost the same mark in terms of design. You can see this as design for the masses – which is definitely not a negative thing. On the contrary. 1More SonoFlow not only look smart, they are also well made.

The headphones are controlled via four buttons – there is no touch control. So you don’t risk triggering actions if you accidentally press it. You can feel the buttons blindly and after a while you will find out which button is responsible for what. Louder, quieter, play and pause, and switch from ANC to transparency mode where ambient noise is amplified: all this is easily possible with 1More SonoFlow.

High wearing comfort and long battery life: 1More SonoFlow convinces all the way.

Wearing comfort of 1More SonoFlow

Not only the design and operation made a positive impression on us in the test. The wearing comfort is also extremely high. The soft cushions sit against the head and completely surround the ears. The headphones’ headband is designed in such a way that, on the one hand, it keeps the contact pressure so low that the 1More SonoFlow does not sit on the head like a screw clamp. On the other hand, it does not press down on the head from above. This means that the headphones are comfortable to wear for several hours.

The design of the headphones is impressive.
The design of the headphones is impressive.

Sound and ANC of the headphones

But design and wearing comfort aren’t everything when it comes to headphones. If the sound is bad, it doesn’t help if the headphones are comfortable to wear. But 1More SonoFlow does not disappoint here either. To be honest, before the test, we didn’t expect headphones from a relatively unknown brand to deliver such good sound for so little money.

→ Brilliant trick: the sound of your headphones will be significantly better

In comparison with, for example, the Sennheiser Momentum 4 (here in the test), fewer details can be perceived and the sound is a bit tighter, more compressed and the fine dynamics are sometimes missing. But to stay with the analogy, it provides a wider and deeper stage. It therefore appears a little more open and individual instruments can be placed in different areas. The atmosphere is quite temperamental, the sound is lively and the bass is well presented. Listening to music with headphones is fun. And if that’s not enough, you can move the equalizer sliders back and forth in the 1More Music app to tease out a little more bass, midrange and treble.

In the 1More app, the sound can be adjusted using an equalizer, among other things.
In the 1More app, the sound can be adjusted using an equalizer, among other things.

Active noise reduction can be switched on if you want to suppress ambient noise. It is not at the level of the Momentum 4 or the Sony WH-1000XM5 (here in the test), which play at the top. Nevertheless, aircraft noise, a vacuum cleaner or the chatter of colleagues in the office are well isolated.

Battery: driving and charging time

The manufacturer promises a battery life of up to 70 hours. But with ANC off. But even if you turn on the noise reduction, you can still listen to 7 to 8 hours of music every day for a whole week at work without having to charge the headphones. And if the battery is empty, 5 minutes on the charging cable is enough to be able to listen to music for another 5 hours.

The headphones are delivered in a robust case.
The headphones are delivered in a robust case.

1More SonoFlow in the test: the conclusion

1More SonoFlow in the test

Should you spend 200 or 300 euros for good over-ear headphones? The answer is: no. 1More SonoFlow costs only 100 euros (available here on Amazon) and delivers good to very good results in all categories. Whether sound, comfort or battery life: There is almost nothing to complain about. And ANC is pretty effective too.

If you look for the hair in the soup, you will always find it. So there are no frills with the headphones. This way, the music doesn’t stop when you stop it. And there is no touch control either. But all these – often unnecessary things – would have driven the price up. And with two devices in parallel, the headphones can still be connected.

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