KuCoin Forecast 2023: Or Are There Better Alternatives? | 15/01/23

According to the Chinese trading platform based in Hong Kong, one in four crypto owners worldwide use KuCoin’s services. The company was founded by Johnny Lee in 2017 and is currently unregulated. Nevertheless, the crypto exchange is very popular and, according to the company, supports over 20 million investors worldwide. Its own token, KuCoin Shares (KSC), is currently trading at €7.18, up 5.30% from the previous day.

  • Excellent support for beginners and novices
  • ERC-20 based native token KuCoin
  • In the long run, KCS is key to the entire ecosystem
  • Utility token for payment of trading fees with discounts up to 80%

What is KuCoin Exchange?

The trading platform offers a very wide range of currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. Compared to many other trading platforms, the selection of over 300 coins is very impressive. Traders can not only fall back on well-known cryptocurrencies, but also on lesser-known coins such as Bumo, Electroneum or OmiseGo.

Key facts about KuCoin Exchange

  • Trade around the clock
  • Available in more than 200 countries
  • More than 20 million investors worldwide
  • 24-hour trading volume more than 5.89 billion USD
  • Over 700 cryptocurrencies available
  • Payment by credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay
  • Among the 3 best exchanges worldwide
  • Fees below 0.10%
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Community support in more than 20 languages
  • Trade possible from 1 USD
  • Over 1,100 trading pairs
  • Social trading opportunity

What is the KCS coin?

Token holders benefit from discounts on trading fees on the platform of up to 80%. KCS also includes participation in the token sale on KuCoin Spotlight as well as LockDrop and BurningDrop on the Pool-X platform. Anyone who chooses the coin also has the option to become a VIP.

Traders no longer need to have a particularly large BTC trading volume for this. With this decision from the developers, it is easier than before for VIPs to access the reduced producer and taker fees.

The circulation volume of the KCS is limited to 200 million pieces, and every 3 months there is a burning in which the team creates a buys a certain amount of tokens back from the market and burns. This amount always depends on KuCoin Exchange’s quarterly trading volume. The procedure aims to reduce the circulating supply of KSC to 100 million.

How does KuCoin Earn work?

Several products such as flexible savings, staking, polkadot and ETH 2.0 can be found on the exchange under the KuCoin Earn category. These products are available with both flexible and fixed terms. With a flexible term Users can redeem their credit at any time. For products with time limited the funds are only automatically deposited into the customer account when they are due. Customers achieve better returns with products with a fixed term.

KuCoin Earn’s staking platform allows users to stake a Tron-based ERC-20 token. Other services offered are for example KuCoin Wealth, KCS Bonus and KuCoin Pool as well as Cloud Mining. With cloud mining, customers currently get access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. KuCoin Wealth includes the services of the company behind the exchange. The products offered can be found in the range of options, also known as structured financial instruments.

Trade KuCoin Shares KCS or Trust $MEMAG?

These two products could not be more different, even though they both come from the cryptocurrency space. While KCS is a native token of a decentralized exchange, Meta Masters Guild’s USD stablecoin-based utility token is used to access the platform. There is direct added value for the users behind both forms, but KuCoin is specifically aimed at the exchange’s customers, while $MEMAG is suitable for fans of multiplayer games and racing action.

Alternative exchanges are LBank and eToro, and if you want to know more about the different providers, take a look at the crypto exchange comparison.

With KCS, traders get discounts on transaction fees on the KuCoin Exchange. With MEMAG, investors benefit from the early stage of an upcoming crypto project based on the concept of Web 3.0 in combination with Metaverse and a new P2E approach have dedicated. With the first coin, investors are counting on the further growth of the crypto trading platform. On the other hand, private investors see great opportunities in new trends in the gaming market.

What is special about the Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild combines Metaverse with the features of a decentralized and freer internet by using blockchain as the basis of the token. The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain and is linked to the Tether stablecoin USDT, which ensures a certain trajectory stability. The multiplayer online racing game appeals primarily to enthusiastic players and users of karts and racetracks.

The elaborate graphics in Meta Masters Guild are superbly designed and take players, individually or in groups, on action-packed, varied routes. On these can players challenge each other and measure their performance. Who sets the best time with their kart, who can drive the fastest lap? Fun is guaranteed in this blockchain game and the best drivers will receive big rewards in the form of NFT.

How and where to buy $MEMAG?

The pre-sale is divided into two time-limited phases. During the first phase of the presale, which lasts 6 days, the utility token $MEMAG is available for only 0.007 USDT. In the second phase, the price per token rises to 0.016 USDT. Once all tokens have been sold and the presale has ended, holders can request their tokens. The transfer was secured in advance by connecting the wallet to the project’s website.

Once this process is complete, the project goes to the first Initial Exchange Offering, IEO. The price of the MEMAG token is 0.023 USDT on the first day of trading. This means that anyone who is an early investor now will automatically see an increase in value in their portfolio. This approach is unique in the market and shows that the developers know exactly what they are doing. Never otherwise would they set the price for the first listing so high, or even set it in advance.

The Meta Masters Guild team is poised to become the largest mobile gaming portal for the Web 3.0 for the foreseeable future. If you want to get started and want to take advantage of playable NFT and a community-driven gaming platform, you can do it for 0.007 USDT per token do. All you have to do for this is:

  1. Download MetaMask for desktop or Trust Wallet for mobile
  2. Top up a customer account at Fiat
  3. Buy Ethereum or USDT
  4. Connect wallet
  5. Request tokens at the end of the presale
  6. Click here for pre-sale of $MEMAG

Conclusion: Two very different coins that have one thing in common: Real added value for the owner. Among other things, those looking to trade on the KuCoin Krypto exchange will benefit from lower transaction fees, which makes holding the KCS token seem sensible. Anyone who wants to invest in a young company and is interested in blockchain-based racing games can be the ideal trader for the Meta Masters Guild crypto presale.

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About the author: Stefanie Herrnberger works as a freelance lecturer and editor. Her many years of professional experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT give her the perfect background to report on current news and developments in decentralized and centralized financial markets. Stefanie has invested in cryptocurrencies herself for several years and therefore understands the challenges and opportunities for crypto traders.

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