Iconic design and brilliant sound

The Acton II is one of Marshall’s most compact home speakers. Nevertheless, it promises powerful sound that can convince in any room. Furthermore, thanks to its iconic compact design, the speaker should be able to squeeze into even the smallest of spaces. We tested for you whether the Acton II can keep these promises.

Marshall Acton II: Specifications

  • Connections: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm plug
  • Size (width x height x depth): 260 x 160 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 2.85 kg
  • Power: 1x 30 watt class D amplifier, 2x 15 watt class D amplifier
  • Frequency range: between 50 Hz and 20 kHz
  • Codec: SBC
  • Battery: no
  • Stereo mode: Yes
  • Colors: 3
  • Associated app: Yes
  • Features: Customizable sound

Rich and versatile sound

The sound of the Marshall Acton II is convincing in the test. It’s full and comfortable, and it can also be adjusted to different music genres via the dedicated app. But if you are not satisfied with this, you can also modify the sound yourself using the equalizer. In addition, there are adjustment wheels for bass and treble on the speaker itself, which can be adjusted individually. The volume can also be adjusted directly on the speaker or via the connected mobile phone. The sound profiles were convincing in the test and matched the specified music style very well.

The management of Marshall Acton II.

In fact, the Acton II can be placed almost anywhere in the room and still offer excellent sound. However, this is best when the speaker is placed with its back against a wall. Here the sound sounds even fuller than when the speaker is open in the room. However, this is not normally the case with the Acton II, as the speaker must always be plugged into a socket. The sound is clear and pleasant at both high and low volumes. The Acton II is therefore ideal for relaxed listening in the evening as well as for parties with friends.

design and housing

The Marshall Acton II is a real eye-catcher. The iconic design fits perfectly into any room and exudes a special flair. Since the speaker is available in three different colors, everyone will find a suitable version here. Otherwise, the cabinet gives an impression of very high quality and is compact and not too heavy for a home speaker. It fits on almost all shelves and does not take up too much space. The Acton II does not have a battery, so the speaker must always be connected. However, the cable can be easily hidden and has a comfortable length.

The speaker must always be connected with a cable.
The speaker must always be connected with a cable.

Not only can sound profiles be selected via the associated app, but the built-in LEDs can also be dimmed or brightened. This is especially good for those who use the box in the bedroom and leave it there. If the box is on and not playing any music, it does not make noise, so it is not absolutely necessary to turn it off. When switched on, the box can always be played via Bluetooth without any problems. Several devices can also be connected to the Acton II at the same time. In this way, several people can access the box without having to constantly reconnect.

Conclusion on Marshall Acton II

The Marshall Acton II is an ideal home speaker for anyone looking for great sound in a compact package. The only thing to consider is that the speaker cannot be carried around arbitrarily due to its cable and must always be connected. So it is best to find a fixed place for the speaker that serves the whole room. If this is possible, the Marshall Acton II can convince in every respect and captivate with its iconic design.


  • Iconic design
  • Great sound that can be customized
  • Intuitive controls


  • No battery
  • Proximity to power outlet required

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