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Despite the enormous potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the market is largely limited to flimsy monetization, shoddy games, and pretentious artwork. It is teeming with junk tokens whose value is only supported by hype.

2022 has opened our eyes to the dangers of the trend. As the crypto market enters a mature phase, we need projects backed by real utility and assets. This explains the great reception of the METRO presale, which is already in its eighth phase and has reached 66% of its minimum goal, i.e. $330,000.

What is Metropoly and why is it trending?

At its core, Metropoly is a Web3 ecosystem that aims to decentralize the real estate market by lowering the barriers to entry. This ambitious goal is achieved through blockchain technology. How? Metropoly tokenizes properties and sells them as fractional NFTs on its real estate marketplace for as little as $100.

Properties from all over the world are offered on the platform. Because they are tokenized into NFTs, you can buy them regardless of your geographic location, financial background, and credit rating. If you’re wondering if blockchain integration will limit the scope of assets, the answer is a resounding no. Metro assets give you all the benefits of ownership. This includes monthly passive income from rent and long-term returns from appreciation of the underlying property.

We all want to use our savings wisely, but our portfolios are largely limited to stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The middle class does not have the start-up capital or technical knowledge to break into the real estate market, which is considered one of the best long-term investments. Because everyone needs a roof over their head and resources such as land are scarce, real estate will always increase in value over the years, despite the ebb and flow of the market.

In addition, they throw away rental income at regular intervals. And what else? They are a good hedge against inflation. The volatility associated with real estate investments is significantly lower compared to stock, crypto and commodity investments. However, real estate investments are opaque and illiquid, which deters retail investors.

The Metropoly team believes that the benefits of investing in real estate should be available to everyone. Everyone should be able to grow their wealth using the same approach as the world’s richest 1%. Real estate assets should be an integral part of everyone’s portfolio. According to the leading crypto publications, Metropoly is one of the best crypto presale projects in 2023.

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How does Metropoly compare to traditional real estate values?
Metropoly leverages the trusted, transparent nature of NFTs to power a next-generation real estate marketplace. Here’s how the blockchain foundation gives the platform an edge:

  • Instant Trade: In the traditional market, it can take months to years to close a real estate deal. At Metropoly, transactions can be completed in minutes as properties are split into NFTs and transmitted via blockchain. The process of signing up and trading is quick and easy. To get started, all you have to do is connect your wallet to the site, create an account and select a premium property you want to stake.
  • No intermediaries: The long line of middlemen is pioneering for most industries. They drive the price of assets beyond their intrinsic value and delay sales by blocking communication between seller and buyer. Smart contracts eliminate the role of intermediaries in blockchain transactions. With this approach, middlemen, their commissions and unnecessary delays are removed from the equation.
  • Low capital: You don’t need to pledge any assets to invest in real estate. You can do this for as little as $100 by buying Metropoly fractional real estate NFTs.
  • Monthly passive income: Don’t miss out on regular rental income just because you invest in the property indirectly through NFTs. Metropoly holiday homes, condominiums, luxury villas and penthouses are located in some of the world’s leading cities and tourist hotspots.
  • Hassle-free investment: The regulatory requirements and paperwork involved in buying and selling real estate is a headache. Not to mention the cost and time involved in regular maintenance. But nothing beats the pressure to find tenants. This has severely limited the market for years. But at Metropoly you don’t have to worry about any of that because everything is taken care of by dedicated teams.
  • Early access: Metropoly has a launch pad where you can invest in exciting new real estate NFTs before they are available on the secondary market.

Metropoly has a multidisciplinary team based in London, Dubai and Ontario with many years of experience managing successful international companies.

The fact that many of the team members have worked for institutional real estate and blockchain companies focused on scaling innovative startups underlines the credibility of the project. Metropoly NFT Marketplace Beta is now live.

The best time to invest in Metropoly is now

It’s no surprise that the METRO presale sells out quickly. Thanks to the creative use of blockchain, the project has high market relevance and great growth potential.

METRO is the initial cryptocurrency of the Metropoly ecosystem, which will serve a wide range of functions. The most important of these would be to facilitate payment and reward methods on the platform. As the token can easily yield up to 10x returns at launch and 50x returns by the end of the year, both crypto and traditional investors are rushing into the presale. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

At the time of writing this article, the pre-sale is in its eighth phase. The minimum investment is $100, with each METRO costing $0.05/token. It is important to know that the price of the pre-sale increases gradually with each step. The original presale price was $0.033.

To publicize the pre-sale, the project has also launched an attractive giveaway of $1 million for a Burj Khalifa apartment. In order to enter the draw, users must have at least $100 METRO in their wallet in addition to completing the listed tasks.


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