Exciting start to the new year: new wavelengths, new package types, new functions and a new company design

TOPTICA EAGLEYARD starts the year 2023 with several exciting innovations, all of which will be presented to the public at SPIE BIOS and PHOTONICS WEST: In addition to the extension of the wavelengths of the recently introduced new products, there are also innovations in the design of the butterfly package. A completely new corporate design including a new website also underlines the innovative strength of the Berlin-based company.

Wavelength extension, package update and evaluation board

The two focus products miniTA and miniECL, which were launched with great success on the market last year, will be available in additional wavelengths from February. Both highly integrated laser diodes are available in a butterfly package – this robustness makes them real game changers in the end application.

The miniECL as a single frequency laser diode has a very narrow linewidth of typically only 100 kHz, enabling applications in spectroscopy, quantum technology, metrology and atomic clocks. A stable performance is made possible by the integrated cavity. The laser diode is available as standard with 80 mW in 770 nm (K D1 line), 780 nm (Rb D2 line), 852 nm (Cs D2 line) and 895 nm (Cs D1 line) – wavelengths in the range 650 – 1100 nm but can also manufactured individually.

that miniTOE has a fiber-coupled input and a collimated output beam like a conical amplifier and will be available from February in an optimized butterfly package with 14 thicker legs. This hermetically sealed housing offers a particularly great advantage for industrial applications, while the thicker pins guarantee an ideal power supply. Beam shaping and thermal control are of course integrated. The user is happy with the simple “plug and play” with the fiber connector of the seed laser. that miniTOE is available in the following configurations as of February 2023: 1.5 W @ 765 nm (covering 767 and 770 nm), 3 W @ 780 nm, 2 W @ 795 nm, 2 W @ 852 nm. It will be suitable for faster testing of product for an assessment board from February, so that commissioning will be even easier.

The new assessment committee is also in favor µMOPA available, last year’s innovation that was even nominated for the SPIE Prism Award. Here, for the first time, a DBR laser has been monolithically integrated on the same chip as the tapered amplifier. With hermetically sealed new butterfly housing with 14 thicker pins, it has the same application advantages as miniTOE. The narrow line width of typically 15.00, the integrated beam shaping and the integrated thermal control have inspired users from interferometry and Raman spectroscopy in particular since the product was launched. that µMOPA available with 2 W @ 1064 nm.

New company design

TOPTICA EAGLEYARD continues its innovation course in 2023 and together with its customers wants to change the world little by little. With four product launches in the past year, the company has already clearly demonstrated this innovative strength. Wavelength extensions and improved housing types are in focus in early 2023 to put the company’s vision into practice: “We shape the future with our unique laser diodes: Together with our customers, we achieve the previously unattainable.”

The employees at TOPTICA EAGLEYARD are visionary and at the same time work with a “hands-on mentality”, an ideal mix to support customers in achieving their personal visions. This is also reflected in the company’s new claim – “THINKING BEYOND” – something that every employee on the company and customer side does in order to create ground-breaking changes in the future.

In line with this identity, TOPTICA EAGLEYARD will present for the first time the new corporate design at SPIE BIOS/PHOTONICS WEST: The dark color scheme has given way to a modern, clean blue-white-grey color scheme based on the new logo. The focus is not only on the company itself, but always also on the customers, who are represented by various applications. Two worlds that work ideally together to achieve great things and to live up to the claim “THINKING BEYOND”. With changing motifs, the viewer gains valuable insight into the productive manufacturing that TOPTICA EAGLEYARD represents.

With the launch of the new website in the last week of January, the company delivered even more impressions. The highlight of the new page is the interactive “Product Finder”, with which the entire product portfolio can be searched for freely selectable criteria to find the right laser diode even faster.

Visitors to SPIE BIOS / PHOTONICS WEST in San Francisco can find out about the new products and additional features at the booth (BIOS #8209/PW #3209) and have their own visions drawn: An artist will create a work of art live on site that not only shows TOPTICA EAGLEYARD’s vision, but also that of customers and fair visitors.

You will find further product information on the new website www.toptica-eagleyard.com from the end of January


TOPTICA EAGLEYARD is based in Berlin and is a leading supplier of high-performance laser diodes in the wavelength range from 630 nm to 1120 nm. The products used worldwide combine maximum performance, the longest service life and excellent beam quality and are therefore particularly suitable for industrial, medical, scientific and aeronautical applications. TOPTICA EAGLEYARD originated in 2002 as a spin-off from the famous Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH), and today plays a leading role with its GaAs-based laser diode portfolio. With their competence, experience and know-how, market-ready products are developed based on research results, which are sold worldwide directly or through partners. TOPTICA EAGLEYARD has been part of the TOPTICA Group since 2013. More information can be found at https://www.toptica-eagleyard.com.

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