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Play-2-earn games are a historically lucrative market segment in the digital currency market. In the past, there have already been a huge number of P2E games whose native tokens have been hyped – for example, Axie Infinity as one of the most well-known crypto games or the meme-branded P2E game Tamadoge, which is still in the early stages of development. Now, in 2023, there may be a new gaming token that will change the gaming world. The native MEMAG token, which acts as a native cryptocurrency for various games, could provide early investors with an attractive return – this is all the more true when you already take into account the fixed book profit of the pre-sale, which amounts to around 230%.

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Strong start to the crypto sale: Investors from the beginning especially benefit from it

The start of the pre-sale was successful at the Meta Masters Guild. In the first few minutes you could already collect around $30,000. Apparently, investors find the innovative concept attractive even without viral awareness. Imagine MEMAG now spreading virally to generate massive demand. Due to the pre-sale being staggered in different pre-sale phases, an early registration is especially worthwhile as the game token is available here for $0.007. When the price rises to $0.010, the capital gains are already over 40% after the end of the first stage, where $490,000 has been collected. Up to the final pre-sale price of $0.023, investors have made over 230% book profit from the very beginning.

Mobile, decentralized gaming as a megatrend: Meta Masters Guild wants to change the gaming world

Meta Masters Guild’s new gaming ecosystem targets the mobile, decentralized gaming market. You don’t even want to try to compete with the well-funded companies that develop AAA games. After all, the development of a game here sometimes costs over $60 million. Rather, they want to reach the market for casual gamers – because digital natives have grown up with smartphones and are increasingly turning to mobile games. Data from Statista reveals significant growth potential here – mobile gaming is likely to claim an above-average number of market shares for itself in the next few years.

Those responsible want to change the existing gaming world and establish a lucrative play-2-earn approach. With a relatively small hard cap of $4,970,000 accumulated at the end of presales, there should still be enough potential after the ICO – the vision is based on the mobile-first approach. A lively Web3 gaming guild is emerging here.

Focus on players and community: Fun play-2-earn concept

Instead of Play-2-Earn, there should be Play-AND-Earn at Meta Masters Guild. Because you want to solve the existing challenges in the current gaming industry. Many crypto games put their interests above the interests of the community. This makes sustainable player growth almost impossible – on the contrary, many players think about quick rewards and then turn to the next P2E game. With a truly decentralized approach, they want to put the community first and implement rewards in a fun way. Sustained player engagement is the primary goal to drive adoption into the mass market.

Three groundbreaking P2E games in the pipeline

At an early stage of development shortly after the start of presales, Meta Masters Guild already has three P2E games in the pipeline. Meta Kart Racers Game is currently under development. To do this, simply select your favorite drivers and karts, and then you can participate in exciting races against other players. The MEMAG token can be used to advertise karts and upgrades – Meta Master Guild wants to establish the game as the world’s number 1 mobile racing game with P2E mechanism.

Meta Kart game

Meta Masters World is a new P2E game where players can build, explore and conquer an innovative world. For this you buy land or avatars on the NFT marketplace.

Last but not least, the MEMAG team also announced the Raid NFT Game. More information on this will follow soon.

How to buy MEMAG tokens in the presale now?

The native game token MEMAG will be sold with a 35% stake in the presale. There is no lock-in period for any ERC-20 tokens purchased in advance. These can be traded immediately after the ICO. As an ERC-20 token, you can participate in the presale particularly intuitively if the crypto wallet is activated with ETH or USDT. Alternatively, you can also buy ETH via credit card and then exchange it for MEMAG.

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