Meta Masters Guild Launches Presale for World’s First Web3 Mobile Gaming Platform

Meta Masters Guild is developing the world’s first Web3 mobile gaming platform and has now launched the first phase of their crypto pre-sale.

While other Web3 games have tried and failed to create large, over-ambitious AAA-level metaverses, Meta Masters Guild has focused on fun, replayable and sustainable mobile games that take less time and cost to develop.

The earliest investors can also grab the Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) token at the lowest price. In the first phase of the presale, the price is as low as $0.007. In 7 rounds the price increases gradually.

The Meta Masters Guild prioritizes entertainment over rewards

In its white paper, the Meta Masters Guild makes it clear that the project is building a platform that prioritizes quality and multiple playability over tokenization and rewards.

Many games in the play-to-earn space have risen sharply and then fallen sharply as players cashed out their winnings and dropped games that weren’t fun.

Meta Masters Guild wants to turn this model on its head and describes itself as a play-and-earn platform instead of a play-to-earn platform.

Mobile games are simple, replayable games that players enjoy for a long time. The development of such does not require so much time and money.

The project also stands out from the crowd with its MEMAG token, as it is not used for rewards or as a currency, it is simply used on the platform to finance development.

Players earn another token, Gems, which exist off-chain and have no value outside of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. However, on the platform, this can be used to purchase and upgrade game items and improve the overall gaming experience.

The Meta Masters Guild also uses NFTs in various ways. Players fully own them and can trade them on a custom marketplace.

Players can also convert these to MEMAG.

Three games in development

The first three games on the Meta Masters Guild platform are already in development: Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT and Meta Masters World.

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The most advanced yet, Meta Kart Racers is a PvP racing game where players must compete in the Meta Kart Championship and escape from evil Meta Overlords. The game is scheduled for release in late 2023.

Raid NFT is a fantasy fighting game where players must choose a warrior class and then complete challenges to earn rewards. There is a single player story mode here and also a multiplayer mode.

Meta Masters World is the metaverse of the platform and is an open-world game with little structure that players can explore independently.

Players can collect resources, participate in competitions and have endless possibilities. Each item in the game is an NFT, and the project plans a marketplace where players can explore and exchange items.

In addition to developing its own games, the Meta Masters Guild also welcomes other studios and developers into its ecosystem. There they can develop games on the platform.

Meta Masters Guild presale and tokenomy

As already mentioned, the Meta Masters Guild has started the 1st phase of its presale. The ERC-20 token MEMAG is available at a price of $0.007.

For seven presale rounds, the price of MEMAG will rise to $0.023. This means that those who buy it now have an asset that has risen 228 percent before listing on stock exchanges.

MEMAG has limited the supply to only 1 billion tokens. 350 million of these tokens are for presale. There is no holding period for presale tokens and a cap of $4.97 million. A further 15 percent of the offering is earmarked for quotations and liquidity.

The remaining 500 million tokens will be split between end-to-end ecosystem development (15 percent of maximum supply), marketplace (15 percent), reserve (10 percent), and team (10 percent). These tokens have a holding period and will be released on a linear basis between 36 and 48 months.

The identity of the Meta Masters Guild team has been verified by CoinSniper and SolidProof has verified the MEMAG token.

Purchase of MEMAG in advance

MEMAG tokens are now available and can be purchased on the pre-sale platform.

Step 1: Download Wallet:

You need a crypto wallet to buy MEMAG. For this you can use MetaMask and Trust Wallet for free and safely.

Step 2: Buy ETH

You need Ether (ETH) in your wallet, which you then convert to MEMAG. These can be bought on an exchange and sent to the wallet. You can also buy them directly in the wallet itself.

Alternatively, you can link to the Meta Masters Guild website and buy directly from there with a credit card.

MEMAG can also be bought with Tether (USDT), but you still need ETH to pay the gas fee.

Step 3: Convert ETH to MEMAG

Once you have ETH in your wallet, connect to the pre-sales website and select the option.

Then enter the number of tokens you want to buy and press “Convert”. Another window will now appear to confirm the transaction and pay the gas fee.

Step 4: Receive the MEMAG token

MEMAG tokens will be held at the Meta Masters Guild until the presale ends. When the time comes, investors can collect their tokens.


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