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The crypto winter is lasting longer than expected. Perhaps a whole year will come from the cold season when cryptocurrency prices cannot stop the downward trend. As deep and cold as crypto winter is, the first rays of sunlight are on the horizon, and they are in the form of Crypto pre-sales with innovative technologies and clear added value for the token holders. Time for a crystal clear overview of the market!

Each project definitely claims to have a good cryptoide and to be able to score as an innovative technology. However, there are some features that distinguish the projects presented here from their competitors, and we would like to elaborate on them in more detail. Interestingly, the market for large trades and orders seems to be losing momentum right now. There are no big investments, rather it is the small investors and private investors who conquer the market.

The most important thing in the summary

  • Meta Masters Guild conquers the gaming market
  • C+Charge is aimed at drivers of e-vehicles
  • Fight Out is revolutionizing the fitness market
  • All coins are available cheaply in pre-sale

Crypto ideas with real added value

What excites investors about new ideas in the financial sector? Of course, it is also about high returns, after all the investment serves to build assets or provide for a pension. Every investor wants to get more out of the money they invest. But in addition to the high profit, it is also about choosing a project where the concept is coherent and the strategy behind it is realizable.

Added value for the end customer is part of a good corporate strategy and every new product development. This applies not only to the financial market, but to any business decision. If the customer has no real advantage, if he sees no real added value in the purchase, then the project is not interesting to him. It is the same with cryptocurrencies and new blockchain projects. Each pre-sale must therefore be checked carefully, to finally select the projects that combine the important factors in one protocol.

Meta Master Guild: Multiplayer Online Racing Arena (MORA)

Many players should already be familiar with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short. Meta Master Guild goes a step further from games where the user competes against other players and places the concept in the realm of racing, more precisely in kart racing.

The developers of the fascinating project use blockchain as the basis of their visions and complement the exciting gameplay with fun, action and great competitions.

What are multiplayer games?

Online games where hundreds or even thousands of players meet at the same time and compete against each other are referred to as multiplayer games. Play Station, video consoles or smartphones are ways to play these games, with the mobile-first approach also catching on in this industry.

What is the Meta Master Guild?

Meta Master Guild’s multiplayer takes users into the world of karting. However, this is just the beginning of a number of innovative games that will run on the platform. In the first part of kart racing, Meta Master Guild takes you on a series of exciting race tracks along futuristic landscapes in a metaverse. Along the track, there are fantastic graphics and a variety of racing modes.

By participating in select multiplayer events, MetaKarts users will earn coins that can be spent on new karts or other in-game items. that Exclusive in-game items are unlocked by the developers when, for example, a certain level is reached or the best time is beaten again. All levels and environment designs in Meta Master Guild are designed to create even more excitement and thrill.

The game belongs to the Massive Multiplayer Online Games sector, also known as MMOG, which is showing incredible growth. MetaKart is developed by the company Gamearound from the UK, one of the leading game developers on the market with many years of experience and the best references. Its USP lies in the vision of a fully decentralized Blockchain for gamingwhere the focus is not only on fun, but also on rewarding players fairly.

How does the Meta Master Guild work?

Members of the Meta Masters guild are holders of NFT issued by the platform. This qualifies you to receive regular rewards for your activities in the games. The P2E game with adventure mode and competition mode features different karts competing against each other on different tracks.

There is a utility token available in pre-sales that is priced as low as 0.007 USDT in phase 1. An in-app currency will also be available, Gems. The MEMAG token is pegged to USDT, i.e. pegged to the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1, which minimizes fluctuations due to the high volatility and gives investors more security.

To get gems, it is enough to be active in the game. The gems obtained can then be exchanged for MEMAG tokens. NFTs can either be purchased in the store or distributed to users as prizes. MEMAG can be used in staking, the NFTs in yield breeding. In addition to pure gaming activity in the game, there is also the possibility of Participate in competitions, receive prizes and receive limited prizes in the form of NFT.

What is MetaKart?

The first of several games available with the token on the platform is dedicated to karting. To Multiplayer online racing game want to build a community and focus on Metaverse, NFT, in-game elements and building a real-time gaming ecosystem.

The target group for MetakKrt is 18 to 34 years old and suitable for both occasional players and professional kart drivers. Each player represents a nation and must lead it through various tasks. Leaderboards show the current winners and their followers who will be rewarded with prizes in the form of gems, other rewards and NFT. In the general platform, Global Hub, competitions are available, which can also be played by each player alone. There are also communal games and Finally, the winner of the contest receives the participants’ previously calculated fees.

In the game Player vs. Player (PvP) In addition to the Global Hub, there is also the Personal Hub, where players can develop their own campaigns and design their own personal karts. They get additional features when they upgrade their karts. The personal hub is open to any player.

Meta Master Guild: Blockchain Games and Web 3.0 Grow Together. Come in now!

C+Charge expands the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles

The pre-sale of C+Charge is a complete success, as more than USD 256,716 was raised after a short time. First phase of the project that is dedicated to future e-mobility and rewards e-car drivers for charging, is in full swing. C+Charge is specifically aimed at owners and drivers of electric cars.

The blockchain-based protocol offers a uniform payment system for charging at charging stations and charging points. With points awarded to drivers for each toll, they can receive emissions credits. Until now, these have only been reserved for manufacturers of e-cars and providers of charging infrastructure. C+Charge now allows private and smaller companies to also benefit from the prescribed compensation premiums in the form of CO2 credits.

The C+Charge project feeds a portion of the transaction fees received into the cycle in which promotes the urgently needed expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany. On March 31, the utility token $CCHG will go to the first centralized exchange. Until then, investors can benefit from the particularly low pre-sale prices.

Sign up for C+Charge if you drive an electric car or plan to buy one.

Fight Out offers fitness in the Metaverse

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have an expensive training contract. When moving or changing employer this is often redundant and cannot however be terminated or sold. The motivation in the new year also disappeared quickly, but the contract still entails monthly costs. But that’s exactly what should be over by now when it comes to the developers of Fight Out.

The fitness app is in the metaverse with the custom NFT avatar and records all the movements of the real users. The avatar is rewarded for these sports activities and receives prizes in the form of NFT or new coins in the cryptocurrency. Training is possible anywhere and anytime. In addition, the core competence of the Fight Out project is within fitness boxing.

fight out

Several training courses are available to users via video coaching, in which MMA fighters and other project ambassadors offer personal training. In contests and for additional achievements, users receive additional prizes. Fight Out enables Metaverse to function as a virtual gym with a focus on community.

that Utility token $FGHT is pegged to USDT stablecoin, which provides security and reduces the risk of high volatility. The token is available particularly cheaply in pre-sales and offers an ideal investment opportunity in a completely new industry.

Get fit and flexible with Fight Out: now in pre-sales!

Conclusion: Crypto week brought a lot of new things and the success of these three crypto ideas proves that the market is far from dead. Instead, it is evolving innovative concepts with real added value for users. Sustainability is also gaining more importance in the crypto sector. Gaming is also evolving from pure video games to multiverse platforms with unique user experiences and amazing race tracks and competitors.

Technologies are developing rapidly, Bitcoin has made the beginning as a digital currency. But blockchain has so many more uses that are gradually being revealed through current and future crypto pre-sales. Watch the market and stay updated. If you want to start trading without investing large sums, the pre-sales phases of the new blockchain projects could be worthwhile for them.

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