This new play-2-earn game is set for market leadership and could explode 12x by 2023

A new crypto pre-sale has started. In the next few weeks, the Meta Masters Guild would like to raise $4,970,000 and thus promote the development of a promising online gaming guild – always with a focus on the fast-growing mobile game. The MEMAG pre-sale started on January 11, 2023 – from now on, investors will have the opportunity in seven phases to buy the native ERC-20 tokens for play-2-earn games at low prices and already achieve massive book profits.

Play-2-Earn: Crypto segment with above-average growth potential

On-chain data revealed above-average growth in the gaming segment of the digital currency market over the past few years. With the innovative Play-2-Earn concept where players can earn lucrative rewards, cryptos should finally reach mass adoption. There were undoubtedly successful P2E games – but it wasn’t enough for the big hit. The games often focused only on rewards and neglected the entertainment factor.

But for a profitable distribution of the rewards, constant player growth is required, which can only be achieved with a high fun factor. The Meta Masters Guild wants to take advantage of the above-average growth of crypto games and focuses primarily on the mass market – therefore, those responsible have decided to focus on mobile.

Meta Masters Guild: Online Gaming Guild for entertainment and rewards

The MEMAG team wants to give power back to society and positions itself as a strong advocate of decentralized concepts. With regular community engagement, you’ll build a passionate community that will shape the gaming community.

As a guild, you will implement various game projects with leading blockchain developers and rely on a single token for accessibility – MEMAG.

Since the mass adoption of many P2E games has so far failed due to the addictive factor and entertainment value, Meta Masters Guild chooses a different path: instead of play-to-earn, they rely on play-AND-earn, so the rewards are a good addition to the innovative gaming experience.

MEMAG Presale in seven phases: Book profit of 230% possible before ICO

MEMAG Presale is divided into seven phases. This makes early entry particularly attractive. Because currently, you can buy the ERC-20 token, which will be the focus of the online gaming guild, for $0.007. Since the final price before the ICO will be $0.023, book profit of over 225% is already possible in the pre-sale. How the Meta Masters Guild Presale Works:

pre-sale phase symbolic price number of tokens to raise capital
1 $0.00700 70,000,000 $490,000
2 $0.01000 63,000,000 $630,000
3 $0.01300 56,000,000 $728,000
4 $0.01600 49,000,000 $784,000
5 $0.01900 42,000,000 $798,000
6 $0.02100 35,000,000 $735,000
7 $0.02300 35,000,000 $805,000

This is why the Meta Masters Guild Token could explode

But why could the Meta Masters Guild Token, as of now, be trusted to perform above average? These five reasons make MEMAG a new coin that you should definitely take a look at in the coming weeks.

1. Focus on high-growth mobile games

According to Statista data, the penetration rate of mobile games is currently around 20.3% and will be 23.2% in 2027. The market volume is expected to increase to $4.5 billion in 2027, achieving an annual sales growth of over 5%. Mobile games seem to continue to grow beyond expectations – Meta Masters Guild is focusing on this segment.

growth in play

2. Earn rewards with games, it is possible to bet from MEMAG

Through the Meta Masters Guild gaming ecosystem, players can earn rewards and build a lucrative sideline. The various P2E games can be controlled according to personal preferences. As an ERC-20 token, it will also be possible to stake MEMAG in the future.

MEMAG staking

3. Own NFT marketplace

At the same time, the Meta Masters Guild integrates its own NFT marketplace where the assets in the game can be traded. All assets are stored immutably and permanently on the Ethereum blockchain. The proprietary NFT marketplace enables intuitive trading and purchase of items for the various P2E games in the online gaming guild.

4. High entertainment factor: Play AND earn

The traditional problems from the play-AND-earn segment must be tackled purposefully by bringing the fun factor more to the fore in the online gaming guild. The MEMAG team considers this approach to be the best possible to prevent players from migrating quickly if they are only aiming for lucrative rewards. First of all, you can find entertaining P2E games at the Meta Masters Guild, which has integrated rewards as a nice extra.

5. Coinsniper Verification and Contract Audit

At an early stage, those in charge at Meta Masters Guild performed a KYC verification with Coinsniper and also had the contract code audited by SolidProof.

How to buy MEMAG tokens now?

Anyone who wants to buy MEMAG tokens now can simply visit the official website of the Meta Masters Guild. Here you can find all information about the crypto sale, the white paper and much more. After an independent analysis, MEMAG tokens can be purchased directly via the website. Since it is an ERC-20 token, one can buy ETH/USDT in advance, connect the crypto wallet and then simply exchange the coins to MEMAG. Alternatively, it is possible to buy MEMAG tokens directly via the website using a credit card.

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