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Last year’s massive bear market is probably still fresh in the minds of most investors. A positive price trend at the start of the new calendar year cannot hide that. Because macroeconomic stressors and an inherent uncertainty in the digital currency market have not disappeared overnight. On the contrary, in 2023 – as always – there will be opportunities and risks when investing in digital coins.

Before any investment, a well-reasoned due diligence should be carried out, which includes pros and cons. Should you invest in crypto in 2023? Three reasons to buy the digital assets and three reasons why 2023 might not be the best time.

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Invest in crypto in 2023: It speaks for itself

1. Bull run follows the bear market, as is clear historically

With historical evidence, bear markets present excellent buying opportunities when looking to gain countercyclical exposure to the digital currency market. For example, since 2011, Bitcoin has always had three years of rising Bitcoin prices after a bearish year. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and cyclical. Those who boldly invest in the bear market and take advantage of favorable purchase prices can maximize returns in a targeted manner.

2. Macroeconomic confidence, especially for the second half of the year

The last bear market started with a difficult macro economy. As inflation exploded, central banks responded by raising interest rates, which increasingly weighed on risky asset classes. Recession fears are spreading – many economies are expected to contract in 2023. Nevertheless, the latest data already suggest that inflation is falling significantly, a soft landing of the US economy seems possible and interest rates may fall again faster than currently expected.

3. Market shakeout in the digital currency market provides opportunities

In a bear market, developers can concentrate on establishing their business models and concepts fundamentally, far away from speculative capital. A market shake-up in the digital currency market can provide long-term opportunities if questionable providers disappear, bad coins are no longer traded, and the familiar wheat is separated from the chaff.

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Invest in crypto in 2023: It speaks against it

1. Negative sentiment weighs on cryptos; FUD as far as the eye can see

The negative sentiment will also weigh on cryptocurrencies in 2023. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index remains in the extreme fear zone. At the same time, there is R&D around every corner when it comes to the long-term utility of certain coins. Binance was hit particularly hard recently – an initial bank run led to a massive capital flight. Uncertainty is likely to continue to dominate in the coming weeks, limiting upside potential, at least in the medium term.

2. US Federal Reserve: No rate cuts in 2023

Macroeconomic confidence is one thing, central bank policy is another. Because the Fed insists it does not want to cut rates in 2023. Rates could not fall again until 2024, giving risky asset classes an advantage. Anyone who believes these statements may remain hesitant for now and view minor recoveries as bear market surges.

3. Terra, FTX and Co. still affects cryptocurrencies

The spectacular collapses of Terra Network and crypto exchange FTX resulted in massive losses, especially among retail investors who lost most of their deposits. Trust is still broken. There are always liquidity problems due to networks between the insolvent crypto service providers and other companies.

Crypto Tips: These three crypto pre-sales offer a chance for a 10x performance

Since the market segment of crypto presales in particular correlates rather little with the broader market in the bear market, it could be worth taking a look at new investable coins at an early stage of development. Can these 3 crypto pre-sales explode by 10x?

Meta Masters Guild

With the Meta Masters Guild, a new crypto pre-sale started in January 2023, which is aimed at the lucrative market segment of play-2-earn games. An online gaming guild will be created here, which will focus on mobile games – a particularly fast-growing area. The focus is on the native ERC-20 token MEMAG, which serves as the basis for all games. Due to the price fluctuations in the pre-sale, fixed book profits of around 230% are already possible from the first stage to the ICO.

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fight out

fight out

The new Move-2-Earn cryptocurrency Fight Out had a brilliant start to the pre-sale. Almost $3 million in pre-sales have now been taken. Fight Out is dependent on a further development of the innovative Move2Earn concept, which in the future will be characterized by a real fitness chain and a Web3 application. The focus will be on the virtual avatar, which beautifully depicts the real training process. With a bonus offer, early investors can theoretically get up to 50% more FGHT tokens in the presale. Successful professional athletes have already been tapped as brand ambassadors to spread the Fight Out concept.

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C+ batch

c+fee in pre-sale

C+Charge is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency that aims to increase the adoption of e-mobility. There is a particular focus on the charging station network, which in future will be operated by the company itself and by business partners. The centralized Web3 application will help make the charging process for electric cars even more transparent and accessible. With the BEP-20 token CCHG, vehicle owners can pay for their charging process in the future and receive CO2 credits as a reward.

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