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There is always the best here Offer and share for it all Magic software with Discount and Coupon code At first glance.

Also apart from special offers and the best offers of the week, for Easter, Pentecost, summer, Black Week, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, New Year etc. with particularly high discounts, with and without campaign codes, coupons or discount codes are here the best offers on all Magix products all year round up to 95% Discount like luxury pictures, music, themes, photo editing, video and audio deals for Microsoft Windows that can save you a lot of money. There is also one practically every month exclusive coupon code available on everything from MAGIX, which can always be found here. So here we offer first and best point of contactfor everything from MAGIX, all year round to cheapest price and keep up to date with all the latest news.

All Magix products with the best offers all year round


From January 2023 onwards, all offered Magix products will be listed here with a large price reduction for savings. The best deals on all brands or exclusive plug-ins, high-quality equipment and programs for video, music and design with unique discounts of up to 95% Here you can find savings all year round and year after year. Discounted subscriptions are also always listed here. If you stay updated here, you will always find the latest and best deals on photo software, design software, video software and music software including brands from the Deluxe series and can save many hundreds and even thousands of euros, which means that some applications are almost free .

The product finder to quickly find the desired MAGIX software

The Magix product finder is ideal for quickly finding the MAGIX software you want for your private PC, home office or for the studio and everyday life. Here you can search specifically for categories such as video editing, music editing and image editing as well as for tasks, experience level and operating system. Many offer sites and programs can be found with a discount offer and for anything that cannot be obtained through a discount campaign, the voucher code provided here can always be used, with which there is usually a 20 percent discount. There are also very cheap programs such as the tuning tool PC Check & Tuning or Game Control, save your video cassettes!, 3D Maker, MP3 deluxe, wizardFX Suite and more.

Click here for the product finder at Magix

All deals, offers and discount codes for MAGIX software and hardware

The offers, offers and discount codes mentioned here are valid from January 2023 and are updated with each new discount campaign. The product finder is particularly suitable for using the voucher codes, as it also shows products that are not already discounted through an ongoing campaign.

* The coupon codes are always valid once per person for everything at Magix. The coupon codes are only not valid for encoders and products from third-party suppliers and for products already available at a lower price through the ongoing promotions listed below and for items with a value of less than 5 euros. The discount codes can simply be copied here and pasted into the respective order form, which immediately reduces the price.

Discount and coupon for January 2023

magix-go-create campaign

Click here for the GO CREATE offer for January 2023

The GO CREATE discount offer includes, among other things, the following products:

  • MAGIX Video deluxe 2023 for €29.99 instead of €69.99
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 2023 Plus for €49.99 instead of €99.99
  • MAGIX Video deluxe 2023 Premium for €59.99 instead of €129
  • MAGIX Save your video tapes! for €29.99 instead of €59.99
  • MAGIX Save your video tapes! Deluxe for €49.99 instead of €99.99
  • Video Pro X14 for €129 instead of €299
  • MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2023 for €29.99 instead of €69.99
  • PC Check & Tuning for €24.99 instead of €39.99
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 PLUS for €29.99 instead of €59.99
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Studio for €199 instead of €299
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 PREMIUM for €39.99 instead of €129
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Control for €99 instead of €199
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Performer for €129 instead of €199
  • MUSIC MAKER 2023 Beatbox for €99 instead of €199
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 16 for €149 instead of €399
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 16 Suite for €199 instead of €599
  • Samplitude Pro X7 for €199 instead of €399
  • Samplitude Pro X7 Suite for €299 instead of €599
  • Samplitude Music Studio 2023 incl. MAGIX Independence Pro Standard for €79.99 instead of €188.99
  • ACID Pro 11 including Brainworx Producer Bundle + MAGIX essentialFX Suite for €99 instead of €2149
  • ACID Pro 11 Suite including Brainworx Ultimate Bundle + colorFX Suite for €169 instead of €3434.99

magix-coupon-code-january-2023Here the exclusive Coupon code for January 2023.

The promo code is:


* With the discount code 20% Everything at MAGIX is discounted.

The discount code is valid until and including 31 January 2023.

Hardware and software for Windows for all requirements

Whether it’s a video editor, photo editor or music editor, Magix has a lot of top software for digital editing of images, movies and audio, for beginners and families as well as professionals. For video editing, software from Video easy to Video Pro X or Fastcut for video editing is available for all needs. There is also a suitable selection for design, graphic design, photos, image management and image processing, such as Photostory deluxe, Photo Manager Deluxe, Web Designer Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer, Page & Layout Designer or Xara Designer Pro X.

Beginners, hobby musicians and professional producers will also find suitable software for producing music and for creative sound editing. From composition and production of complete songs to mastering and sound design with ACID Pro, everything is included. Among other things, the different editions of Music Maker offer high-quality effect packs and even a touch-sensitive keyboard. Samplitude Pro has proven to be the ideal studio solution for recording, mixing and mastering. SOUND FORGE Pro is ideal for surgical precision with a powerful sound engine. Many of the products and software solutions from Magix can also be greatly extended and expanded upon request with plug-ins, accessories, apps and additional programs, which are often available through discount campaigns.

The benefits of buying direct from Magix

magix logoGreat deals on photos, videos, music and much more are particularly cheap and offer great savings potential when you buy them directly from the Magix store and not via a detour from Amazon & Co. It is also worth visiting Magix directly because of the precise, comprehensive and illustrated description of all applications, for which there are usually very good videos, workshops and tutorials. Anyone who buys the products directly from Magix not only saves but also benefits from other benefits. If you have any questions, experts will answer you quickly and free of charge via e-mail. Direct customers also receive special offers on upgrades and other Magix products. Purchased software can be directly downloaded and reused for a lifetime, and free trials can be tried before purchase.

Delivery times, shipping costs and payment methods

In addition to download versions, box versions can usually also be purchased, which are then sent by post within a few days. Delivery worldwide. Delivery time within Germany is 1 to 3 working days, with a shipping cost of €3.99 and within Austria or Switzerland, 2 to 4 working days, with a shipping cost of €4.99 or CHF 10. There are no shipping costs when purchasing digital versions.

The credit cards Visa, Mastercard and in Germany and Austria American Express can also be chosen as a payment method. Other options are PayPal, SEPA direct debit or direct debit, as well as purchases on account for amounts up to 200 EUR and if the content is not digital. SSL encryption is used for secure online payments and there is buyer protection of up to 20,000 euros. If you don’t like the software, you can return it within 14 days. The payment amount will of course be refunded afterwards. More detailed information as well as general terms and conditions etc. are always available on the MAGIX website.

You can definitely use the overview found here to find the best one Offers, discount campaigns and share for it all Magic software with Discount and Coupon code save a lot of money. It is worth holding on to.

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