Get money back from Investing Haven ( crypto scam

Concerned calls to the broker Investing Haven ( reach me. There are problems with payment of invested amounts. The refund is not made despite repeated requests.

Once you have deposited your money with Investing Haven (, you should be vigilant.

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It is crucial that you stop investing. Your critical view of Investing Haven ( is probably justified.

Social media is an advertising platform for scammers

Fraudulent online brokers use every advertising opportunity to target customers. This applies especially to social media. Advertisements on Instagram or Facebook aim to draw attention to what the online providers have to offer.

The broker’s website is professionally made and well designed. Investing Haven ( also works with professionally designed websites to approach investors. From the perpetrators’ point of view, it is important to make personal contact quickly. This is the best way to convince customers.

In the first conversation on the phone, the employee of the broker Investing Haven ( skilfully explores when you will be ready to make an initial investment. The contact person at Investing Haven ( has only one goal, to get an initial sum of money as an investment.

Are my contacts real?

The broker’s contacts have fanciful names, but none of them are real. I know that from various police investigations. In such investigations, the first attempt is to locate the perpetrators based on the names provided.

Results are rarely achieved in police investigations because the contacts travel with false or stolen identities. Sometimes the names are just made up.

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Even an ID card sent to you by email is not proof of real identity. Some of the identity cards are stolen or processed using computer programs before being sent to customers.

Perpetrators can rarely be identified using ID cards, addresses or telephone numbers. Additional investigative measures by the police are necessary to clear cases of fraud.

Received contract and documents from broker Investing Haven (

If you want to open an account in a German bank or want to open a custody account, you have to sign various documents and declarations. Comprehensive general terms and conditions (GTC) of the payment service provider also become part of the contract.

The conclusion of a contract with fraudulent companies is different. Contract documents are not signed or handed over, and general terms and conditions play no role in the contractual relationship. In some cases, general terms and conditions are not published on the website.

In my experience, no express written contract is ever signed in cases of fraud. So if you have not received any contract documents from Investing Haven (, this indicates a questionable provider.

AnyDesk used

The commercial transactions are often not carried out by the investors themselves. The broker and his contacts can access the investor’s and the customer’s computer either via Teamviewer or AnyDesk and then complete the trade transactions via this AnyDesk access.

Unfortunately, this is not a good starting point from a legal point of view. In case of doubt, it will be difficult to prove that the respective customers did not execute the orders themselves, but that the brokers themselves were active on the trading accounts.

If remote access software such as Teamviewer or AnyDesk was used, this software should definitely be deleted. This prevents further unauthorized access to the victim’s PC. This is especially important if online banking also takes place via the PC.

An IT company should check the computer to see if the broker has installed malware and/or a computer virus on the computer via AnyDesk. This is the only way you can rule out the risk of unauthorized access to your online bank subsequently or at another time and further losses occurring.

Lawyer helps you against Investing Haven (

You now have important information about Investing Haven ( Now you have to decide whether you want to comply with the demands of the broker Investing Haven ( for additional payments or rather spend all your energy on recovering the deposited funds.

I will be happy to help you with my experience in intervening with Investing Haven (

Contact me at and briefly describe your case. A description in keywords is sufficient.

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