These are the UX trends of 2023

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These are the UX trends of 2023

Source: Creative Navy

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Digitization is more important than ever and the demands on UX design are increasing. Thinking UX design is therefore indispensable.

Authenticity comes first in UX design 2023. Individualism is a top priority and different characters and identities are welcomed by users.

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Berlin UX design agency Creative Navy has identified four industry trends for 2023. According to a statement, UX design based on research as well as transparency and realism will become more relevant this year.

Therefore, people tended to become more impatient. Incomplete systems would no longer be accepted. Since the focus must still be on the user in UX design, the industry must be prepared for the target group’s demands for value to increase. “When developing or choosing digital technologies, companies must therefore become even better and pay close attention to what their users really need,” says the company Creative Navy.

Strategic research processes for success

Here, scientific UX design based on research and data would make the decisive difference. So far, few companies would benefit from this, but Creative Navy expects that to change by 2023. “Ultimately, it is important for companies to understand that strategic research processes are essential to design success and, moreover, represent the only way to create the perfect user interface on,” it continues.

In addition, in 2023, according to the Berlin agency, products should move more towards transparency and reality. Users want more authenticity and transparency to come together in digital structures. In addition, Creative Navy expects that there will be retro designs as well as futuristic and postmodern creations this year. “Individualism is valued and diverse characters and identities are welcomed,” the company said.


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