Tamadog arcade game delights the crypto community with immersive gameplay

To long awaited release of the arcade game platform one of the most notable mem coins, has now been completed. Tamadog is waiting with you 3 games on, which will soon be supplemented with more before it AR app with the virtual pets released later this year will. What exactly is commanded and as the first Community reactions was, this article aims to shed some light on them.

Release of Tamadoge arcade game

that useful meme coin Tamadoge has his this week Arcade game arcade released in the beta phase and was able to inspire the community with it. The game must be one entertaining and lucrative symbiosis of the fun of Tamagotchis with the benefits of blockchain technology represent.

Belongs in the beginning 3 different games for the Tamadoge Arcade offer. These include “To the Moon”, “Rocket Doge” and “Super Doge”. But soon two more games follow.

Unlike the other meme cryptocurrencies that are developed as fun coins, Tamadoge offers a real value and benefit. Thus the coin could even have another greater potential than many of its competitors result.

So it’s not surprising that Tamadoge already stepped in last year in October daily turnover of over DKK 57 million and at the top even 113.74 million dollars reached. In this context, TAMA was also reached on 4 October 2023 All-time high at $0.173.

The probability of new records increases as more features are released that increase the utility of TAMA tokens. Because the acceptance of the project can also be improved through the continuous development steps.

At a rapid pace, the community has signed on to Tamadoge’s new arcade platform. The players are already in the beta test within the first 15 hours for a total playtime of 150 hours came. with over 6,000 retries Arcade games have proven to be addictive. The most popular game so far has proven to be Super Doge.

Outstanding feedback from the community

Outstanding feedback from the community

The community comments seem to compelling gaming experience shut down. Below are some of their opinions:

“I’m testing it too. It was a lot of fun and really convinced me with the first draft. Can’t wait for the further development” – EfKay

“I tested the beta and the graphics are amazing, the music in the game is a cool retro sound that brings back childhood memories. The game is very fun and really addictive” – GTA Online Com

“After today’s first test, I am convinced to buy more Tamadoge Coins. This is going to grow into something big.” – the Joker

“I just spent a few hours trying out the beta and it has a lot of potential” There are a few minor bugs, but other than that the graphics are nice, the soundtrack is cool, and it’s just fun. I can get addicted to Rocket Doge though! Good work – RobHodg40946706

“Good job Tamadoge. Nice to see solid projects.” – Radoslaw200

Tamadoge offers play-to-earns with a fun factor

In the time of beta phase is The P2E feature is currently not enabled. However, players will be given the opportunity to learn about Bug Bounty Program from Tamadoge rewards for it Find bugs, errors and security holes to serve. The remuneration for these is as follows:

  • Game bugs are rewarded with $1,000 TAMA
  • Changing bugs and cheats will receive $10,000 TAMA as a reward

Currently the beta phase is one Trial period of 5 days planned. But depending on community feedback, there is one too Possibility of extension.

In order for users to be able to participate in the beta test, they initially receive 10,000 Tamadoge Arcade Creditswith which you can test the games in detail.

The Tamadoge NFTs can also be used in the arcade gameswhich is divided into categories common, rare and very rare subdivide. However, they are not obliged to participate.

Still, the team recommends using them while playing. They should lead themselves affect the game mechanics and provide different abilities in the games. These depend on the NFT used.

Tamadoge wants to conquer the mass market of casual games

Tamadoge wants to conquer the mass market of casual games

In the full version of the Tamadoge ecosystem, players will receive Doge points for moving up the leaderboards, which in turn give TAMA as a reward.

In addition, the pet dealer should as well Food and clothes for the TAMAs can be bought. All purchases will receive a share of 5% of the transaction amount burnedwhy the coin is a deflationary cryptocurrency actions.

The pet store is intended to be a source of revenue for the rewards players earn, as well as to drive product development and marketing.

For the coming time in the first Quarter 2023 is an expansion of partnerships with other Metaverse projects planned. in During the year is Augmented Reality app must be published. With their help, users can then take their Tamadoge with them everywhere as a pet while being compared to Tamagotchis must be like Pokemon Go can be experienced.

With the new app, users must too development of livestock or who can track pets. This may change from puppy to adulthood develop. For this, however, the players must give him the necessary care and proper training.

Tamadoge a meme coin with utility and listed on 15 CEXs

Tamadoge is a meme coin which attracted special attention. So far he is up 15 central and 1 decentralized crypto exchanges listed. These include one of the top 10 exchanges with the name OKX. Added to this Gate.io, LBank, MEXC, BitMart and BKEX. In addition, Tamadoge also has a listing on the largest crypto exchange Binance requested.

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