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Microsoft started in 2018 and more than four years ago brought a so-called Availability Controllers on the market. The Xbox Adaptive Controller worked as Building kit for players with limited useto make it easier for them to experience their favorite hobby, but above all to make it possible. Individually adapted to the user’s needs, various gadgets could be strapped onto the controller to get one step closer to absolute accessibility.

Sony now wants to take this step along Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5 go create your own “highly customizable Accessibility Controller Set” Before. These adjustments come in the extensive fine-tuning of the control layouts, where, for example, the distance between the analog sticks and the gamepad or the force to be applied when pressing the triggers can be adjusted. Next to this hardware adjustments there should also be a number of software tweaks. For example, every button on the Project Leonardo controller occupied at will and anytime in between control profiles changeable – the layout can be adapted to the area of ​​application with up to three profiles.

To offer even more variety, Project Leonardo controllers paired with other Sony controllers. The application area can also be expanded as desired, regardless of whether, for example, a DualSense is to be used together with a Project Leonardo controller, or two Project Leonardos in one usage profile. There should be no limits to the scope of application.



According to the designer of the Accessibility Controller, So Morimoto no more players are excluded. Instead, all PlayStation fans should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fictional worlds of the company’s products. He says:

Quote from So Morimoto

Project Leonardo is part of the PS5 family of products and is based on the same design concept. We were inspired by the idea that all players can enjoy the PlayStation world together. Our team tested more than a dozen designs with accessibility experts, looking for approaches that can solve the main challenges of using controllers effectively. We finally settled on a split controller design, where left and right thumbsticks can be positioned almost freely without having to hold them, and where button and stick caps can be changed out very flexibly.

Because players can customize Project Leonardo to suit their needs, there is no one “right” form factor. We want to allow them to create their own configurations. The controller can also flexibly accommodate combinations of accessibility accessories to create a unique aesthetic. I’m glad that the design is being finalized in collaboration with the players, rather than giving them a single form factor.

Sony has not announced the price or release date. The Project Leonardo controller is located currently under development and will continue to incorporate feedback from the community. Accessibility experts from the video game industry share their thoughts on Project Leonardo and the importance of bringing the medium of video games to everyone. Take a look at the following Video on:

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Among other things, Sony works closely with the organization offspring together, which aims to break down all barriers in video games. What do you think of Project Leonardo?

Credit: PlayStation

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