Beta version of Tamadoge arcade game excites the community: fun, entertainment and highly addictive | news

Meme-branding utility Tamadoge launched its game arcade in beta this week – and the initial feedback from the community is more than convincing.

The new play-2-earn platform with metaverse elements wants to combine the fun of the iconic Tamagotchis with the disruptive blockchain technology in an intelligent way. Three games are currently available on the gaming platform: To the Moon, Rocket Doge and Super Doge. Two more games will follow soon.

Tamadog arcade game

With the first product releases, Tamadoge is preparing to challenge competing meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu or the new cryptocurrency Bonk. The vision – you want to combine a real benefit with the hype potential of meme coins.

To Tamadog

Last October, Tamadoge became one of the top three meme coins with a daily trading volume of over $57 million.

The TAMA token reached an all-time high on October 4, 2022 at $0.173. Chances are, this token price will continue to rise as product development and real-world implementation progresses.

Those responsible have started testing at a furious pace judging by the number of registrations in the crypto community. In the first 15 hours of the beta test alone, the testers and players spent over 150 hours with the Tamadoge game.

Overall, the beta version of the arcade games recorded over 6000 replays – the addiction factor is obviously high. Right now the game Super Doge is particularly popular.

Great Doge

Strong feedback from the crypto community: This is what gamers and investors are saying

A small excerpt from the comments of players and beta testers reveals the potential of Play-2-Earn-Games.

“I’m testing it too. It was a lot of fun and really convinced me with the first draft. Can’t wait for the further development” EfKay

“I tested the beta and the graphics are amazing, the music in the game is a cool retro sound that brings back childhood memories. The game is super fun, really addictive” GTA Online Com

“After today’s first test, I am convinced to buy more Tamadoge coins. It’s going to be a blast” the Joker

“I just spent a few hours trying out the beta and it has a lot of potential! There are a few minor bugs, but other than that the graphics are nice, the soundtrack is great, and it’s just fun. I can get addicted though by Rocket Doge! Good job.” RobHodg40946706

“Good job Tamadoge. Nice to see solid projects” Radoslaw200

Tamadog revolutionizes Play-2-Earn: High entertainment factor guaranteed

Testers are rewarded for finding bugs and errors in these games. Anyone who reports a security hole receives TAMA tokens. Game errors are rewarded with $1000 TAMA. Anyone who finds changing bugs or cheats themselves can get $10,000 TAMA. The beta test should last at least five days to perfect the gameplay. Depending on feedback from the community, those responsible reserve the right to extend the test.

In total, each beta tester receives 10,000 Tamadoge Arcade credits with which to test the games. Although the various Tamadoge NFTs are not mandatory, players are encouraged to already use them. Because the Tamadoge NFTs have a direct effect on the game mechanics as the players can gain different skills by using the NFT.

Tamadoge NFT

Tamadoge is still at the beginning of a long journey: P2E games should reach the mass market

After a successful presale and strong ICO, Tamadoge is still at the beginning of development. With the full version of Tamadoge, players can earn Dogepoints and climb the leaderboards and earn TAMA as a reward.

At the same time, gamers can buy food and clothes in the so-called Tamadoge Pet Store. All purchases are subject to a 5% burn fee, so the TAMA token has deflationary tokenomics.

Tamadoge Pet Store can be understood as a reward revenue stream that distributes revenue to players and to product development and marketing.

In the first quarter of 2023, the team intends to complete additional Metaverse partnerships. At the same time, they want to release their own augmented reality app in 2023. This will allow players to interact with Tamadoge Pet in the real world. At the same time, the AR app offers the feature of closely following the progress of the NFT pets. This begins in puppyhood and continues into adulthood – loosely based on the Tamagotchi principle, always with the caring help of the owner (NFT-Holder).

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Tamadoge as a new kind of meme coin with real benefits: 15 CEX listings already

The TAMA token has now been listed on 15 centralized crypto exchanges (CEX). In addition, it is listed on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. For example, you can quickly buy TAMA tokens through the top 10 exchange OKX. Other leading trading venues are, MEXC, BitMart or BKEX.

Meanwhile, the team has also applied for a listing on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Buy TAMA tokens at OKX now

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