These are the decorating trends for 2023

In the new year, the focus for accessories is clearly on the design language. However, sustainability and naturalness continue to play a fundamental role in interior design. And it must also be comfortable. What decoration trends will beautify our living spaces in 2023?

Decorative objects know how to tastefully highlight a living space, which is why they are absolutely indispensable in 2023. And precisely because this market is constantly reinventing itself, the decoration trends for 2023 will also bring a lot of freshness, but above all unusual shapes, to the interior. But always in view: the subject of comfort. myHOMEBOOK reveals which decorative innovations await us.

Decoration trend 1: Eccentric idiom

Accessories in a sculptural design will skillfully conquer all homes in 2023Photo: iStock/brizmaker

Sculptural shapes have been around for a while, but 2023 is when this decorating trend really takes off. Inspired by Mother Nature, candles, lights or ceramic vases are displayed with lots of soft, flowing curves. Some of these strongly resemble the popular shape of a rainbow. At the same time, the new organic-looking decorative elements do not lose themselves in too many details and are extremely minimalistic in design. In this way, the picturesque decoration 2023 increasingly becomes a stylish art object in the room. Without a bouquet of flowers or a warm candle flame, the individual objects function as aesthetic soloists, skilfully making statements.

Deco trend 2: grooved structure and line work

Candle with grooved structure
Grooves represent a special form of three-dimensional design and will often be seen in accessories in 2023Photo: Getty Images

Grooves are in! The simple and yet so beautiful relief pattern 2023 will often be seen especially on candles, glass or ceramic vases. This furnishing trend is no coincidence: this year, kitchen fronts are also equipped with a harmonious, vertical slatted structure. Likewise, grooves appear more and more frequently in wall art. Posters and paintings are currently full of graphic details, such as stripes or diagonal lines – preferably in bulk.

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Decoration trend 3: Not without (coloured) glass

From a decorative point of view, the year 2023 will by no means be without glass. It has not only found its way back into the living room (again) as a display window, it is also impressively making history this year as a decorative trend. Fairs and trend shows clearly show that the delicate, transparent material from ceiling to floor knows how to upgrade any room. Whether it’s a spherical pendant, Étagère for fruit and vegetables or an iconic shaped floor vase – but not without glass! A range of styles in smoked, clear, tinted or frosted glass ensures variety in appearance.

Decoration trend 4: The world of lighting, more diverse than ever

Modern floor lamp in the living room
Bye bye arc lamp: In 2023, floor lamps with a rather rigid design will rule the living roomPhoto: iStock/asbe

The portfolio of lights in 2023 is likely to be more diverse than ever before. Especially in terms of materials, you can choose from a wide range of natural designs such as rattan, hemp fibers or paper. Metal lanterns in silver, brass and black are still extremely popular. There are also no outside glass models this year. However, a few improvements are emerging: Strikingly large, sophisticated ceiling lamps such as chandeliers or sophisticated lighting systems with an infrastructure of cables are conquering the market. Unusual floor and wall lamps, which are quite rigid in their shape but have long lamp arms, bring a lot of design character into the room. As a result, the vast majority of lights exhibit an impressive effect even during the day when they are turned off.

Deco trend 5: Natural stone no longer just on the floor

Natural stone has been experiencing a wave of enthusiasm for some time. Marble, travertine and co. are more popular than they have been for a long time – and not just for floors or furniture. Because the natural qualities have also become more and more popular with accessories and now convince as candlesticks, soap dishes, serving dishes or lamp bases. The special thing about natural materials like these is their uniqueness. Each piece is unique and therefore of great value. And the Terrazzo pattern, popular again today, is back and looks more beautiful than ever as a tray, toothbrush mug or clock.

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Individual design and tailor-made models are not only available for furniture, but also in the future accessories will be more adapted to the needs of customers. So this decoration trend for 2023 is hardly surprising: metal candlesticks with a plug-in system. Both the candle and tealight holders can be connected as desired using a magnet or simply by inserting them into each other. Depending on the manufacturer, the system may be three-dimensional. Some people replace the typical Christmas wreath made of fir branches with a metal candle holder. With other providers, the individual plug-in elements can even grow in height. With this decoration trend 2023, corporate language once again has free rein.

Decoration trend 7: Nature as a perennial favourite

Of course, the subject of sustainability remains highly relevant, also when it comes to interior design. So if you use all kinds of natural materials for decoration in 2023, you will still be completely trendy. Meanwhile, the range of materials and motifs has grown enormously and is not exhausted so quickly when it comes to interior design. You simply cannot go wrong with sisal, wool, jute, wood, rattan, greenery and dried flowers. Here and there we will meet small inhabitants of the forest as decorative objects. Birds and mushrooms in particular are already considered to be promising decorative trends for 2023. The fact is: With nature as a source of inspiration, your home can regularly get a little refreshment in no time at all.

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