only 14% available / does the KuCoin wallet deal indicate a future listing?

The new crypto card game Calvaria has already raised $2.6 million. Now, just under USD 440,000 is needed to complete the pre-sale. Investors who want to invest in the project early should not wait too long. The pre-sale may end in the coming weeks.

The developers are concentrating on the future IPOs as close to completion. The team announced a few days ago that KuCoin Wallet also becomes a partner of Calvaria. In it announcement You write:

The next step in our partnership with the KuCoin team is the @KuWallet integration! $RIA will be available there at launch and KuWallet is now supported on our ICO page: where kuwallet users can buy $RIA directly from the wallet!

KuCoin also issued an announcement about a collaboration. Users can now connect the KuCoin wallet to the Calvaria website. In a Telegram message, the Calvaria team writes about the partnership:

To further cement our good relationship with KuCoin, $RIA will be supported at KuWallet launch and now KuWallet users can use it to participate in the pre-sale!

An IPO on KuCoin is currently not confirmed. However, due to the latest announcements, it can be expected that the token will also find a place there. KuCoin is the fourth largest platform in the world by 24-hour trading volume.

RIA Token receives additional listings

Well-known crypto exchange LBank also announced on December 23 via Twitter announced that the RIA token will soon be listed there. Calvaria rejected an exchange offer from the centralized BKex exchange. Nevertheless, the coin will also be able to be traded here.

The RIA token presale is currently in the fifth and final phase. Retailers can currently get it for $0.0325. Only 14% of the coins remain. The sale is expected to close when the funding target has been reached. If not, it ends on January 31st.

Early investors who bought tokens in the first phase got them for $0.0100 each. Depending on the start of the trade, they could get returns as high as 225%.

Calvaria combines Free to Play and 3D cards into a crypto game

Games are being used more and more frequently within the crypto scene. The developers of Calvaria would like to expand the format to the Web2 level. Even users who do not own cryptocurrencies should have access to Calvaria. They should have no cost.

The fantasy game is based on a deck of cards. Users must build a strategically smart set of cards. The NFT cards have unique abilities that warriors must use in battle against other players or NPCs.

Calvaria NFTs

Players will already be able to collect some of the cards in single-player mode. You can buy multiple grades on the NFT market. If the tickets are no longer needed, they can be sold again.

With the integration of the Web2 world, Calvaria differs significantly from other projects. The developers make it possible to make completely new forecasts for the project. The RIA course can also benefit significantly from this in the future. If inexperienced users find their way into the crypto world through Calvaria, then they should Buy RIA Coinsprobably the first.

On December 9, the team responded on a YouTube Video some questions about the game. More details to follow soon.

The Calvaria developers received support from Polygon

The crypto game should also be available as a mobile version in the future. Players must be able to use the game in an app on mobile devices.

In addition, additional features such as a DAO management system and an in-game asset market must be integrated.

In the multichain project, the transactions must be processed via the Polygon Layer 2 protocols. This is to ensure efficient and smooth gaming for gamers. The Layer 2 protocol runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is considered particularly cheap and fast.

100 thousand USD giveaway campaign

In line with the presale, the RIA team is giving away $100,000 worth of tokens. on Giveaway campaign the community has the ability to receive tickets through several functions.

With a like, a retweet or a link, the participants each get their own lottery ticket. In order to participate in the draw, users must already have coins keep $100 worth in their wallet.


30 million tokens were available in five phases for the Calvaria presale. In each step, the price of the coins has increased. Currently, traders can get these for $0.0325. If all the coins are sold, the project will raise over $3 million.

Cavaria P2E

The game has very good features because of the features used Calvaria prognosis. Games to earn Games have proven to be very popular in the past. If this is well received by the players, it may affect demand and the RIA process. By connecting to the Web2 level, the project gets additional factors that indicate that the price may increase in the future.

The partnerships with the well-known crypto exchanges can lead to a successful start of trading. The listings give the coins a wider reach, which usually leads to more purchases. However, it is currently difficult to assess how high the RIA price can actually rise in the future.

However, with an analytics platform, traders could better evaluate the token. Dash 2 Trade analysts focus on pre-sales like Calvaria.

Accurate analysis of ongoing ICOs – on the Dash 2 Trade platform

With Dash 2 Trade website it may soon be possible to accurately value the RIA token and other emerging cryptocurrencies. The analysts will evaluate current and upcoming coins based on various characteristics. This creates a clear website for the traders with which they could make their trading easier and more profitable in the future.

Dash 2 trading platform

The Dash 2 Trade presale will also end soon. It will be finished early in two days. Because the founders have been able to look forward to great demand in the past few weeks. Focusing on ICOs the project has an important unique selling point. Until now, no analytics site has focused on presales.

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