TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony & Co. with a discount

Buy Samsung TV from Amazon at winter prices

If you are looking for a new television, you can rejoice, because many bestsellers are still heavily reduced between years! How to easily find top offers for strong brands: Whether Samsung, Sony or LG – TV sets are currently available at really cheap prices.

Our tip: Take a look at the heavily reduced 50-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV with Quantum processor.

But there are even more Samsung TVs on offer: Among other things, the Samsung QLED 4K Q60A TV with 55 inches is heavily reduced.

Samsung QLED 4K Q70A TV Winter sale

At Amazon there is Samsung QLED 4K Q70A TV 55 inches now greatly reduced for 849 euros. A real bestseller where you can now save a lot! The TV convinces with Quantum HDR resolution and a strong sound.

Design favourite: Samsung “The Frame” TV

Amazon also currently has the designer TV “The Frame” from Samsung in stock at a lower price – now you can really save!

Sony and LG – Great deals

Also Sony and LG fans jump for joy. Amazon also offers top TVs from these popular brands. Take a look at the 50-inch Sony BRAVIA 4K TV with Google TV with nice Discount.

LG Electronics 65UP75009LF

Of LG Electronics 65UP75009LF is an absolute customer favorite at Amazon and replaces many top ratings. The 65-inch television is currently only available from third-party providers.


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Which manufacturers offer the best televisions?

It is a difficult question that cannot be answered in this way. Many manufacturers offer products in different price and size segments, which are not always of the same quality, even if they are supplied by the same manufacturer. Stiftung Warentest however, proved that televisions from the brands LG, Samsung, Sony and Philips top of their test this year stand.

What TV options are there?

But now we are spoiled for choice: What kind of television should it be? There are many options here depending on your budget, needs and space. Because it is so beautiful 65 inch TV can be in the living room, it won’t make you happy if you can’t sit the perfect distance from it. So before you buy, take a closer look at the place where your TV will later stand or hang, and carefully consider which size suits your viewing experience.

There are also big differences in the technology of the devices. A current one OLED televisions are hyped: The units deliver excellent color volume and ultra-realistic black levels, especially when compared to conventional plasma or liquid crystal TVs. However, the OLED TVs are still quite a bit more expensive than the ‘standard televisions’. You can find more information about this technique here:

Buy Samsung TV reduced at Amazon. Technology

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Smart TV are also popular. The term stands for television with Internet access, with which you can show special features (such as live football via pay TV or streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) directly on the television in addition to the regular TV program. As a result, you get the programs you want not only directly on the big screen, but also in fantastic resolution and quality.

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