Srixon renews the blade range – The new ZX Mk II series

Srixon introduces their new generation of ZX Mk II woods for the 2023 golf season. The latest models of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have been equipped with new technologies and rounded off with a new design. Srixon wants to appeal to every level of play with the many varieties of blades.

The rebound frame technology in the Srixon ZX Mk II blades

With the latest series of ZX blades, Srixon developed a special technique for more distance from the tee. The rebound frame technology uses two layers in and behind the hitting face to ensure optimal power transfer when hitting the golf ball. To do this, they developed a two-zone principle, where the impact surface (zone 1) deforms inwards at the moment of impact, and the second zone – inside the racket – deforms outwards, resulting in a significantly higher power transfer. Golfers can test this trampoline effect in all three types of clubs. “The Rebound Frame is a unique ball speed system that delivers clean energy transfer to the golf ball at impact,” said Joe Miller, product specialist at Srixon Sports Europe.

The new Srixon ZX drivers

Srixon launches the ZX Mk II driver in three different models. The spectrum ranges from the entry-level model to the expert and professional version.
The beginner and the advanced version of the ZX driver are equipped with the special titanium head, supported by a specially developed structure inside the racket to guarantee a particularly thin shell and thus a light racket head. In the ZX5 driver, a weight is attached to the rear part of the sole and thus provides more stability in the turn. With eight grams in the standard version, it helps the driver with straighter and higher drives. In addition, the racket’s larger base together with the flat shape ensures a higher swing speed. The ZX5 LS driver is primarily aimed at golfers who want to optimize their distance and aim for less spin on the tee. With the weight placed at the front of also eight grams, the driver helps with additional shots from the tee.
Designed for the professional player and advanced amateur golfer, the ZX7 driver comes with two adjustable weights. The variability of the settings with the different weights is significantly higher than in previous models of the brand. In the standard version of the ZX7, eight grams are delivered in the “heel” of the racket, i.e. on the shaft. Four grams are mounted in the tip of the racket in the standard model. The attachment of the additional weights to the rear, lower part of the driver enables a higher swing speed and thus an additional ball flight.
The Srixon ZX drivers cost 599 euros and will be available from 03/01/2023.

Srixon ZX fairway woods

Unlike the driver, fairway woods are equipped with lighter carbon club heads. The club heads, especially on the 5 and 7 wood, are also larger than in the previous generation and should therefore help with a more consistent impact. Together with the swinging weight inside the club heads (Cannon Sole) and the improved design of the sole, Srixon lays the foundation for good shots from the ground. The sole is designed for the lowest possible resistance and with the optimally placed grooves ensures a good glide on and off the fairway, which makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users. The wide range of available lofts (from 13.5° to 21°) guarantees a suitable club for your golf bag.
The Srixon ZX fairway woods cost 329 euros and will be available from 03/01/2023.

Srixon ZX Hybrids

The new generation of ZX hybrids is again a perfect complement for golfers who push their limits on long iron shots. The low irons in particular are difficult to master, but hybrids are an ideal replacement in the golf bag. Srixon’s ZX models feature a lightweight carbon racket head and Rebound Frame technology, enabling a lightweight racket head design. With the new design of the hybrids, Srixon has also managed to place more weight deep in the club head to allow for a higher launch angle and therefore more shots. Beginners and experienced players can look forward to a good distance from the fairway with this racquet.
The newly designed face promises more constant spin with the entire face radius, even when hitting outside the “sweet spot” and thus a reliable distance from the tee and on the fairway. With the equally wide selection of selectable ceilings, Srixon has created an “all-rounder” for the middle distances. From 17° there are five Molle up to the ceiling of 28°. The design of the racquets returns to a simple exterior with a matte surface in black.
The Srixon ZX hybrids cost 279 euros and will be available from 03/01/2023.

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