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Industrialization and global commercialization have been depleting our natural resources for decades, and we witness the dire consequences of this unforgivable behavior almost daily. The use of fossil fuels has led to an exponential increase in carbon emissions, which are extremely harmful to the environment. The emergence of electric vehicles is one of the essential measures to counteract the effects of climate damage. C+Charge uses lucrative CO₂ emission certificates and NFT technology to create standards for the world’s public e-charging stations, rewarding users for charging their e-cars with NFTs and new coins.

  • There is currently no uniform charging infrastructure
  • There is no universal payment system when loading
  • C+Charge democratizes trading in CO₂ certificates
  • Drivers are rewarded when they charge their electric car
  • Join the most exciting crypto project in 2023 now

CO₂ certificates are also referred to as emission credits. They allow the owner to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the environment. A carbon credit corresponds to the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas, which also includes methane or sulfur hexafluoride. Large companies are driven to reduce their CO2 emissionsbut have to spend extra money on them if they exceed a certain limit.

There is a trading market for the CO₂ certificates, where the certificates that the companies do not need can be sold to other market participants. Typically, these are very large companies, such as manufacturers of electric cars, which in the 1st quarter of the financial year 2022 alone generated sales of 679 million dollars. There is now one so-called carbon credit industry, where private investors can also trade in emission credits. Experts expect this sector to grow to more than $2.4 trillion by 2027.

The foundations for these markets have already been laid 1992 with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol laid, where more than 170 countries have chosen a tradable certificate system.

C+Charge is a peer-to-peer payment system based on blockchain. It is installed at EV charging stations when users with individually allocated wallets pay for the electricity they need when charging. Each charge is paid with the C+Charge Utility token $CCGH. Every time a customer uses the token to pay for charging, he receives CO2 credits, stored in the C+Charge app.

So far, these CO₂ certificates have only been reserved for large companies, but this sector has been revolutionized with C+Charge and cryptocurrencies. C+ charge is the first platform to reward drivers with CO2 credits. The goal is a uniform standard for payment, which will ultimately create transparency in the industry. The C+Charge platform has the potential to become the standard solution for everything related to electric car charging infrastructure.

The aim of C+Charge is to improve the transaction flow at charging stations, which means that more efficient charging stations can be created. These efficient charging stations allow for an increase in capacity and thus support the growth of the electric car sector. Besides wishes C+Charge promotes the user experience and a stronger adaptation of the providers to the needs of the target group reach.

In addition, C+Charge aims to further reduce carbon pollution and achieve a clean record for environmental protection to leave a clean planet for generations to come. With C+Charge, municipalities can, for example, manage their fleets better and expand public charging stations. At the same time, the CO₂ emission credits act as an incentive program for drivers of electric cars, which should further increase their acceptance.

Until now, owners of electric cars have received tax benefits, but they have not had the opportunity to receive CO₂ certificates for their purchase. Compared to internal combustion engines, e-cars are more expensive to purchase, which has so far prevented widespread acceptance among the masses. So far, electric car charging follows a deregulated systemwhere drivers can subscribe to and choose any charging station, regardless of location.

If you do not have a subscription with an electricity provider of your choice, you must use local charging points that are not only frequently occupied, p.but also significantly more expensive than those of the contractually bound providers. The range of services varies and there is no universal subscription solution yet. C+Charge’s blockchain-based solution aims to create a complete charging ecosystem for electric vehicles.

Within the framework of an optimized and transparent price and payment system, the owners of the e-cars have the opportunity to, Earn money and receive CO₂ credits. The C+Charge app and the $CCHG utility token can be used for a variety of applications. In order to be able to offer users these solutions, C+Charge has entered into a collaboration with Flowcarbon.

Flowcarbon provides the tokenized CO₂ credits through the Goodness Nature Token $GNT. After users use the C+Charge app to Pay for charging e-cars at partner charging stations spent, they will receive $GNT tokens generated by the additional transaction fees. Token holders also get carbon credits through the proportional percentage of transaction fees.

The C+Charge network utility token comes into play at a critical time when the market is looking for a solution to to accelerate the expansion of the charging infrastructure. C+Charge aims to increase trust and transparency while offering rewards to drivers and utility token holders. The real advantage of the project is one of the main advantages of C+Charge.

The project can improve the environment and protect the climate in the long term. The network of C+Charge is able to reduce the reduction of carbon emissions and its negative impact on the environment. With a stable and sustainable charging infrastructure everyone can have access to clean electrical energy. Drivers and token holders will receive rewards previously only available to large companies and corporations.

C+Charge aims to achieve sustainable electric mobility by making the processes associated with charging electric cars easy and rewarding. This is the only way to put the sector on a sustainable course for growth. Payments with the C+Charge token are hashed and the network uses a distributed ledger to perform its transactions. For this, C+Charge uses Secured Hashing Algorithm SHA-256 for all transactions.

When the user pays for their vehicle to be charged, the transaction information is stored on the blockchain after the miners validate it. The data is distributed across the nodes of the decentralized network, making it tamper-proof. C+Charge uses smart contracts for the charging processeswhich releases the means of payment under certain conditions (in this case a successful charging of the electric vehicle).

The charging stations operated by C+Charge are equipped with load switches, meters, regulators and clear information about the nodes in network equipped. The utility token $CCGH powers the C+Charge ecosystem and is used to pay at the charging stations managed by C+Charge and partner stations. The mobile app allows users to keep track of their expenses and others at all times Payment information and your CO₂ balance.

C+Charge is an innovation driver and pioneer within an entire industry and promotes a constant and reliable network of charging stations with its commitment. It is scheduled over NFT to provide users with additional value and benefits, which is connected to the electric vehicle. Special limited editions such as NFT are also planned, which can also generate passive income for the owner if he offers them for trading on special marketplaces.

You can buy C+Charge’s utility token in pre-sale for only 0.0166 USDT!

Conclusion: C+Charge is a very interesting project and ideal for climate activists, electric car owners, companies and individuals. But also for people who are interested in crypto trading and are looking for a good opportunity to get started. The platform of C+Charge is considered the new green coin 2023since it is one Sustainable investment according to ESG standards in the EU actions. Investors are not only looking for quick profits, they also want to make a long-term and above all sustainable difference with their money. C+Charge gives you the opportunity to do the right thing.

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