Identity Misuse by Unknowns – New Crypto Scam?

The law firm plan C, which specializes in investment fraud and online trading fraud, is repeatedly contacted by investors who, among other things, have been contacted by alleged employees of the now insolvent cryptocurrency exchange Nuri, which offers lucrative trading in crypto-assets and other financial instruments.

The fraudsters use fake email addresses and deceptive-looking documents that purport to come from cryptocurrency provider Nuri or Nuribank.

The real Nuri GmbH had to file for insolvency on 9 August 2022 and is represented by the insolvency administrator Jesko Stark. The reasons for the once successful fintech company’s insolvency were the difficult market development and the consequences for the financial markets and Nuri’s business. Nuri GmbH has been closed since December 18, 2022, and the entire service has been shut down. Now all accounts and all additional contracts are also terminated.

Now, unknown perpetrators are trying to defraud investors by allegedly trading cryptocurrencies using identity fraud from Nuri GmbH.

Real testimonials from our customers

Our customers tell us that they have learned from alleged Nuri employees who claim to be “Team Nuri” or “Nuribank” using the email address “” trading cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. To be able to generate profits, be contacted.

Bitcoin Scam by Nuri? – Simulating cryptocurrency exchange

Attorney Tanja Nauschütz from the law firm Plan C, which specializes in investment fraud and online trading fraud, explains: “The identity theft of a reputable cryptocurrency exchange has meanwhile become a new scam be. The scammers use fake email addresses and deceptive-looking documents that purport to come from a reputable cryptocurrency provider. In truth, it is an identity fraud that is very difficult for lay people to detect. BaFin and the Federal Criminal Police Office have already warned about this scam involving identity theft of known cryptocurrency exchanges by unknown perpetrators.”

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Always check the documents and email addresses you receive for authenticity

With the email addresses, it is often noticeable that this is not the original email from the cryptocurrency exchange, but similar sounding fake email addresses are used. Freemail addresses are also often used. Of course, the real genuine cryptocurrency exchanges do not use free email addresses. All these indicators can point to trading scams and impersonation of the real cryptocurrency exchange. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at such documents.

Under no circumstances should you invest and contact a trade fraud attorney immediately! If you have already paid, under no circumstances should you make any further payments for alleged fees, taxes, etc.

Now BaFin is also warning about Nuri-Identity misuse by strangers

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) clarified on December 20, 2022, in accordance with § 37 (4) of the German Banking Act (KWG), that unknown perpetrators who identified themselves as “Team Nuri” or “Nuribank” using the email address ” ‘ appears and consumers offering transactions in cryptoassets do not have a license under the KWG or the Securities Institutes Act (WpIG) to provide financial services.

According to BaFin, the corresponding e-mails and calls cannot be attributed to Nuri GmbH, Berlin. Providers of banking transactions or financial services in Germany require a license under the KWG or WpIG. However, some companies act without the necessary permission. This could be a dead giveaway of trade scams or scams.

Before investing in a trading platform, it is therefore best to inquire directly with BaFin or on the BaFin company database via the trading platform, so that you do not become a victim of a fraudulent broker (see: BaFin company search).

BaFin, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the State Criminal Police Offices advise consumers to be extremely careful when investing online and to do thorough research in advance to identify attempted fraud in good time.

With the right plan for success

If you have been contacted by alleged employees of “Nuribank” or another allegedly reputable cryptocurrency exchange as described above, we recommend that you contact an investment fraud attorney immediately. You have allegedly been the victim of a trading scam. Do not pay under any circumstances, you will only add to the damage already caused by the trading scam.

If, like our customers, you previously gave the fraudulent broker access to your computer via remote maintenance software such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer, you must secure your computer against access, immediately change your passwords and take legal measures to prevent the risk of identity theft (Read also: Caution! Victims of Crypto Trading Scams Risk Further Damage from Identity Theft)

If you have been the victim of a fraudulent broker (current cases of online trading fraud Plan C), the renowned law firm Plan C is at your side with sound and competent advice and enforcement of your claims.

We analyze your situation and clarify it in one go no-obligation free initial consultation about what steps are now necessary and promising so that you get back your invested trading money. In this connection, we also assess the risk of identity misuse for you and take the necessary measures on the cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms.

We report investment fraud to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other authorities for you, investigate your compensation claims and the possibilities of recovering your funds and initiate criminal proceedings. In order to enforce your claims as effectively as possible, we work closely with the responsible authorities and prosecutors as well as IT specialists. Through our targeted forensic efforts and our experience, particularly with cryptocurrency fraud, we have often been able to track down the perpetrators.

If you are an affected investor in the insolvent Nuri GmbH, we are also at your disposal with a legal assessment of your current situation and the assertion of your claims.

For a free initial assessment of your online commerce fraud problem, contact us:

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Tanja Nauschütz, a lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law and investment fraud, has been very successful in representing aggrieved investors for 22 years.

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