excites the metaverse with VR erotic game fusion

Click here to see the best crypto presale that could increase 10X this year! excites the Metaverse with its fusion of VR games for adults! The market leader in crypto online erotic branch has already heralded the second phase of the DOLZ token sale, as 750,000 US dollars have already been collected.

Anyone who thinks the metaverse is a children’s playground is probably wrong. Because there are also more and more projects from the adult entertainment industry that open up the Metaverse with adult content. With, the topic of eroticism is now exploding on Web3, as the project has paved the way for a completely new virtual gaming experience.


Silk is currently combining its world-leading adult trading cards with its VR game, opening up a whole new world of adult entertainment. With this, the French Metaverse project opens the doors to a new dimension of virtual eroticism that most of today’s Metaverse users may not have seen before.

With the power of Web3 technology, is building a brand new online environment where players can interact with each other in exciting ways while trading their rarest and most exciting virtual collectibles.

This combination of state-of-the-art technology, captivating and exciting content and exciting gameplay makes probably the best place for adults looking for erotic experiences in the metaverse.

The DOLZ ecosystem is based on the combination of two services:

  • First, this is (basically a Sorare for adults), a digital erotic card app for collectors, which already has 300,000 active users with more than 5 million cards sold per year. Each card unlocks a full +40 min erotic show.
  • The second merged service is called VR Paradise, a virtual reality game that is regularly used by 150,000 players and has been a real bestseller on Steam VR for 4 years in a row.

Virtual DOLZ trading cards

By bringing these two products together, allows users to exchange, trade and enjoy the tingling eroticism of their collectibles in the immersive atmosphere of the 3D metaverse.

The entire ecosystem is managed by Totem Media, a company founded in 1999 with a team of 26 people. By 2021, Totem Media generated over $8.2 million in revenue.

While many other projects are struggling to find their target market, DOLZ already has a large established customer base and is enjoying continued growth in demand. With a potential user base in the hundreds of thousands, the entire DOLZ ecosystem will likely revolve around its token, $DOLZ, before long. Because the DOLZ presale on the Ethereum network started on November 23rd and has already brought in more than USD 763,000.

More about DOLZ

The French project was launched during the crypto crisis and still shows very promising results. The company’s applications are already being used by a large and loyal fan base in many different countries.

According to the developers, 60% of their customers are from North America. However, due to regulatory reasons, this majority of users cannot participate in the ICO, which means that European investors have a great chance to be among the first to jump into this futuristic project.

As soon as the token is likely to be listed on Uniswap and QuickSwap, US users will also be able to access it. And customers from many other countries who were not allowed to participate in the presale can finally buy their tokens to use them throughout the DOLZ ecosystem. This means that immediately after the DOLZ ICO, i.e. after the new coin has been listed on the crypto exchanges for the first time, there should be a strong buying pressure, which can lead to a real price explosion.

What does the DOLZ ecosystem offer?

In the DOLZ ecosystem, users can collect cards, unlock shows, buy and manage strip clubs and shows, exhibit their own collection, and even create personal characters. As soon as the pre-sale ends in a few days, the first drops of the NFT trading cards will start.

Stake pools can then also be used to earn $DOLZ and exclusive NFTs, as well as unlock a play-to-earn and watch-to-earn system for the VRParadise game and iStripper app. All these game mechanics are based on NFTs and $DOLZ tokens. So it is good to know that the smart contract ($DOLZ) has been fully verified by SolidProof.

Overall, DOLZ tries to establish the perfect blend of NFTs, VR games and trading cards for adults. The combination of these components aims to create a unique Metaverse where users can both have fun and make money.

DOLZ Pre-sale

DOLZ features at a glance:

  • DOLZ X iStripper Trading Card: The iStripper concept is based on the collection of cards that contain erotic shows.
  • NFTs Agriculture: By staking DOLZ you can earn DOLZ and BabyDolz and get daily rewards.
  • Play and watch to earn: Users are also rewarded for watching iStripper shows or playing adult Metaverse games.
  • Exclusive benefits: Discounts, unique extras, previews and exclusive NFT collections will be released.
  • Fan Token: With Dolz Fan Tokens, users can express their opinions and influence the adult metaverse.
  • NFT Creations: Users can create their own NFTs and then get rewarded for their creation as well as use them for all games and apps in the DOLZ ecosystem.
  • VR Museum: Here, users can present their NFTs, interact with other users and admire the most valuable NFTs in their own VR showroom.

Tip: Use the 2nd pre-sale round now!

You can still participate in the 2nd presale round and buy $DOLZ at a special price:

Moreover: Investors will also receive 2 exclusive Epic Edition NFTs in this round: namely an iStripper NFT trading card and a 3D VRparadise NFT. So if you jump in now, you could become the owner of an epic collection of digitally erotic assets!

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Last updated on January 3, 2023

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